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Wanna Have a Bright Bedroom? Here Are Some Tips You Can Follow

Simdreamhomes.com – As a private room and a place to rest, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Making the bedroom feel comfortable is the main thing to do. The bedroom must be designed as well as possible so that you can have a good mood when you wake up in the morning.

Making the bedroom look bright is an interesting idea so that the bedroom feels comfortable. A bright bedroom will give you a fresh and happy impression.

So, for those of you who Wanna Have a Bright Bedroom? Here Are Some Tips You Can Follow. Let’s check it out!

Make White As A Base Color of The Bedroom

To create the appearance of the room that you want, try to pay attention to the basic colors of the room. The basic color of the room greatly affects the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Therefore, when decorating a room, try to be careful in choosing the basic color that will be used for the room.

bright bedroom decor
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To create a bright bedroom look, white is an alternative color that can be used. White color not only makes the bedroom look bright but also gives a natural effect to the bedroom so that the bedroom will look naturally bright. The application of white as the basic color of the room is indeed a very good tip.

When choosing white as the base color for a room it means that you have decided to use a generous amount of white. No need to apply to the entire bedroom because this will only make the bedroom look stiff and unattractive. Try to choose several spots that are the focal points such as:

  • Wall

The wall is the main spot that greatly affects the appearance of a room. When you decide to make your bedroom appear bright, try painting the entire bedroom wall white.

  • Bed

As the main item, the bed is also a focal point in the bedroom. Therefore, choosing a white bed is the best way to make the bedroom look naturally bright. You can choose white bed frames, white bedsheets, blankets, pillowcases, and so on.

  • Desk

Some people bring work space in their bedroom by adding a desk and bench to the bedroom. Due to its large size, the desk is one of the pieces of furniture that can be used to make the bedroom look bright. Try to choose a white desk. For benches, you can choose other colors such as black which can make a bedroom with a monochrome concept.

  • Cupboard

Not everyone has a wardrobe room, so they prefer to use a cupboard in their bedrooms. Choosing a white cupboard is the right way to make the bedroom look natural bright because seeing the size of this furniture is quite large.

Try to Give Another Bright Color to The Bedroom

Choosing white and applying it to the bedroom is indeed the right way so that the bedroom can look beautiful and naturally bright. However, applying white completely without being given other color decorations can actually be a boomerang on you. A bedroom with only white will look stiff and unattractive. Therefore, to make the bedroom look bright and attractive, try to give another color to the bedroom.

white bedroom
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Here are other colors that can be applied to the bedroom to make it look bright and attractive:

  • Beige

soft bright bedroom look
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The first color that fits perfectly with white is beige. The combination of white and beige will create a bright, soft, and calm look. The bedroom atmosphere will also feel softer and soothing.

  • Grey

mature bedroom look
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In contrast to beige, a mix of whites and grays will create a slightly cooler and more mature look. However, the combination of these two colors will create a calmer atmosphere. The gray color is very appropriate to be applied to items made of fabric, such as cushions, pillows, blankets, small sofas, and so on.

  • Pink

bright pink bedroom
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Pink is often the color most avoided because it can make the room look quirky. However, with the right decoration, pink can make a white bedroom look so pretty and aesthetic. As seen in the picture above, the pink rug with bohemian motifs makes the bedroom look very attractive. Plus some pink pillows that are neatly arranged on the white bed.

  • Black

monochrome bedroom
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Black is not a category of bright colors. However, black is the right color to be combined with white. Giving black decoration to a white bedroom can create a monochrome bedroom concept. No need to worry, by applying black to the bedroom properly, the bedroom will not look dark.

Apply black on several spots separately. As in the photos frame, pillows, table lamps, and rugs. Because the combination of white and black is quite stiff, try to present simple motifs so that the bedroom can feel comfortable and look aesthetically pleasing.

Apply Bright Wooden Floor to The Bedroom

Not only the walls and furniture, but the bedroom floor also needs attention. To create a bright bedroom, you can apply a wooden floor to the bedroom.

There are two types of wood that can be used for flooring: dark wood and light-colored wood. And of course, you have to choose wood with bright colors.

wooden floor for bedroom
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The application of a bright wooden floor not only makes the bedroom look bright but also makes the bedroom look softer and calmer. The bedroom atmosphere will feel warmer and more calming because wood is one of nature’s elements. It is indeed the right way to make a bedroom feel comfortable by bringing natural elements into it.

There are several advantages of using wooden floors, such as:

  1. Easy to clean. Wooden floors only need to be swept or vacuumed. If the wooden floor already looks dull, you can wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth. Try not to use anti-bacterial fluids commonly used for floors as this can damage the wood surface.
  2. Good for your health. Wooden floors cannot be a den of dust like carpet use so it is perfect for those of you who are allergic to dust.
  3. Make the room look more aesthetic. Different from granite or ceramic floors which can make a room look cold and stiff. Wooden floors are actually very good and can make the room look soft.
  4. Make the room feel comfortable. Hardwood floors can make a room feel warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. In addition, wooden floors will also make the room feel more soothing. This is also one of the reasons why wooden floors are one of the characteristics of Japanese design.

Maximizing Natural Lighting

Now turn to bedroom lighting. To make the bedroom look bright, of course, you have to bring lighting to the bedroom.

There are two types of lighting that can be used: natural lighting and artificial lighting. Both of these lights must be used in the bedroom. Natural lighting is used to illuminate the bedroom from morning to evening. Meanwhile, artificial lighting is used to illuminate the bedroom at night.

bright bedroom with natural lighting
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Make the bedroom look bright, try to maximize natural lighting. There are several options that you can choose and apply to your bedroom:

  • Use Large Window

The larger the window used, the more natural light will enter the room. By using a large window, your bedroom will certainly look bright throughout.

  • Use Skylight Window

A skylight window is one of the most appropriate window types to maximize the natural light that enters the room. The natural light that comes from above will directly enter the bedroom freely.

  • Use Glass Door

This one can be used if there is a garden or balcony next to your bedroom. The beautiful garden view is also a bonus to make the bedroom look fresh and beautiful.

  • Do Not Cover The Window or Glass Door

Usually, to make a bedroom look attractive, a window or glass door is one of the spots that are given decorations. Like using thick curtains or covering with paper. To make the bedroom look bright, try not to provide any decorations that can block the natural light that enters the bedroom.

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Maximizing the natural light that enters the bedroom is a great tip because there are many advantages that you can get from using natural lighting to illuminate your bedroom.

  1. Make the small room feel more spacious.
  2. Make the room feel more alive. The natural light that enters the room can affect the colors in the room. These colors will look more vibrant when exposed to natural light, making the room feel more alive.
  3. Can eliminate the impression of cramped. A room that lacks light will become humid and stuffy so that bringing natural lighting into the room can make the room feel cramped no longer and the room will feel comfortable.
  4. Save on monthly budget. To turn on the lights, you certainty need electricity. However, by utilizing natural light as a source of room lighting, you no longer need lights to illuminate the room.
  5. Can boost your mood. Research reveals that there is a link between one’s happiness and natural light. By bringing natural light into the bedroom, you can start your day in a good mood.

Add Full-Length Mirror

It feels incomplete if the bedroom is not provided with a mirror. Usually, people will need a mirror to help them make up and see the outfit they will use. So, it can be said that the mirror is a must-have item in the bedroom.

It feels incomplete if the bedroom is not provided with a mirror. Usually, people will need a mirror to help them make up and see the outfit they will use. So, it can be said that the mirror is a must-have item in the bedroom.

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From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the function of the mirror is to help your activities and to make the bedroom look more attractive. However, not only that, the mirror is also an item that can help the bedroom look brighter.

How can?

The mirror is a medium that can reflect light. So, when sunlight enters the bedroom and hits the mirror surface, the light will reflect back into the room and make the room look brighter. Therefore, the full-length mirror is the most appropriate mirror type to use.

Besides that, a full-length mirror can also make a small room look bigger.


A bright bedroom will indeed feel more pleasant. Besides that, the bedroom will also not feel cramped and stuffy so the bedroom can be a comfortable place to relax and unwind. However, to make the room look bright and aesthetically pleasing, more knowledge is needed in decorating the bedroom. So, in this article, we have provided some tips you can follow to have a bright bedroom. Happy trying all!



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