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5 Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas You Might Love

Simdreamhomes.com – Christmas is coming soon! Who is looking forward to that day? Christmas is synonymous with praying and spending time with family. However, due to conditions like these, the presence of Covid-19 makes it impossible for us to go out and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere like in previous years. But you do not need to worry because your house can be transformed into a comfortable place to gather with your family.

The living room is the most appropriate room for gathering with family on Christmas day. Therefore, to create a pleasant Christmas atmosphere, you must decorate the living room as well and as comfortably as possible.

And here, we have provided 5 Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas You Might Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Vintage Christmas Living Room

If usually on Christmas day the living room will be decorated as best and as luxurious as possible, but there is nothing wrong if you want to give a different atmosphere this Christmas. Bringing the impression of antiquity into the room is an interesting idea.

Vintage style is the first of the 5 Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas You Might Love. An old look that looks great is great for making a living room look different on Christmas day.

vintage christmas living room
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There are several decorations that can be applied to emphasize the vintage look in the living room:

  • Old-Look Cupboard

Not only in the bedroom, but a cupboard can also be used to decorate the living room. Sometimes there will be some small items that can make the living room cluttered and unattractive. You can put these items on the cupboard so that the living room looks tidier. Besides that, there will also be a comfortable room for movement.

You can also put some blankets that can be used by your family when they gather together in the living room. That way, the living room will feel very comfortable.

  • Table Cabinet with Beautiful Vintage Carvings

vintage christmas decor
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It is common to decorate living rooms with table cabinets. Table cabinets are used to put several displays, such as photos, table lamps, and so on. To emphasize the vintage look of the living room, you can choose a table cabinet with beautiful vintage carvings. You can also choose pastel colors for table cabinets so that the living room looks soft and more colorful. Do not forget to decorate your table cabinets with Christmas ornaments.

2. Minimalist Christmas Living Room

The minimalist concept is indeed familiar. The simple decoration but prioritizing the beauty and comfort of the room makes the minimalist concept popular with many people. Applying a minimalist style to the living room in welcoming Christmas is a good idea.

The minimalist view looks more simple. However, a room with a minimalist concept will look much more calm and soft. The atmosphere of the room will also feel soothing, so it is perfect for enjoying family time on Christmas day.

minimalist christmas living room
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Decorating the room sufficiently is one way to apply the minimalist concept to the room. The following are the right decorations that can beautify the minimalist Christmas living room.

  • Sofa without Motifs

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The point of attention of the living room is the main item, namely the sofa. In applying the minimalist concept to the living room, try to be careful in choosing a sofa. Try to use an ivory white sofa without a motif. This color will make the living room look so calm so that the atmosphere will feel soothing. You can also add a blanket to make the sofa feel warm on Christmas day. And do not forget to decorate the sofa with several pillows with an attractive simple motif.

  • Textured Walls

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Because there are not many decorations used in the living room, it is necessary to provide other decorations so that the living room looks attractive. Walls can be used as an option. You can make a wall stand out by giving the wall a texture. Try to apply an exposed brick wall and paint it white to make the living room look bright. However, of course, this will cost quite a lot.

There is another way that is more practical but still makes the minimalist living room look attractive, namely by using a white foam brick 3D wallpaper.

  • Little Christmas Tree

Cc: Pinterest

It feels incomplete if you don’t use a Christmas tree. No need to use a large Christmas tree, a small Christmas tree is no less interesting. Place two small Christmas trees on the sides of the fireplace to make this Christmas tree more visible.

  • Candles

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Additional lighting is needed to help the minimalist concept look attractive. Adding a few candles to the floating wall shelf is the perfect decoration. Candlelight will also present a warm feel that is so comfortable in the minimalist living room.

3. Modern Christmas Living Room

Maybe some people are of the opinion that modern concepts are more contemporary. In fact, modern concepts are not like that. The modern concept is a concept that prioritizes comfort and free space in the room so that the room will feel comfortable. Not only that, but modern concepts also pay attention to the colors and placement of items so that the room can look attractive.

modern christmas living room
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A modern Christmas living room is an interesting idea. The modern concept will make the room feel more spacious because there is more space to move into the living room. Not only that, the soft and firm sides are also balanced so the room won’t feel bored. The living room will also feel comfortable because it prioritizes natural light as a source of room lighting.

Here are some decorations from the Modern Christmas Living Room:

  • Black As The Center of Attention

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The focal point of the room is usually the front of the room itself. And usually, this is where the fireplace is applied. The walls with fireplace can be painted black to make them look more striking and give a bold effect to the living room. Without realizing it, people will pay more attention to the fireplace in the living room. The fire burning in the fireplace will make us feel calm.

  • Make Use of The Wall

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Instead of using cupboards or table cabinets, modern concepts will prefer to maximize the use of walls. Using the walls is one way to make room for more movement in the living room.

Use a floating wall shelf and arrange some displays such as action figures, photos, or some interesting Christmas ornaments neatly.

  • Minimizing The Use of Colors

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To create a modern concept in the living room, try to minimize the use of colors. The goal is that the living room will not feel crowded and cramped.

In modern concepts, the colors used tend to be neutral colors such as white, black, and beige.

4. Elegant Christmas Living Room

The living room is the first room we will encounter when we enter the house. Therefore, living rooms are often used as a benchmark for whether our homes are attractive and comfortable or not. The living room is indeed a place to gather with guests and families, so this room must be made as good and comfortable as possible. However, that was not all. Some people will judge the owner of the house from the appearance of the living room.

So, if you are the type of person who is elegant and likes things that look luxurious, the elegant Christmas living room is the right idea that can be applied.

elegant christmas living room
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And here are decorations that can be applied to make the living room look elegant and luxurious:

  • Gold Christmas Ornament

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The Christmas tree is more synonymous with green. However, there is nothing wrong with making a golden Christmas tree. Use golden Christmas ornaments and hang them on the Christmas tree neatly. The gold ornaments that fill the Christmas tree will make the Christmas tree look more dominant in the living room.

  • Crystal Chandelier

crystal chandelier for elegant christmas living room
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Lights are indeed a source of light at night. However, because currently there are so many types of lamps, the function of the lights is not only to illuminate the room but also to decorate the room.

To bring an elegant look to the living room, choose a crystal chandelier and then hang it in the middle of the room.

5. Coastal Christmas Living Room

Coastal style can also be said with the concept of the sea. This is because the coastal style adopts the atmosphere of the coast and also the sea. So, the colors used in the coastal style tend to be blue so that the atmosphere of the room will feel fresh, pleasant, and calm.

Cc: Pinterest

The coastal Christmas living room is an interesting decoration idea. A fresh, pleasant, and calm coastal design atmosphere will be mixed with a warm and family atmosphere.

Because the appearance of the room is already bright enough by applying white to the walls and some large furniture in the living room and making natural light as a source of room lighting, you no longer need to add additional light so that the living room looks bright and attractive. Just focus on the Christmas ornaments to decorate the room.

Cc: Pinterest

If usually the socks that are hung on Christmas Day are white and red, specifically for the coastal design you can use white and blue socks. It will look matched with your living room design. However, the Christmas vibe can also be felt from the garland and Christmas tree decorations.


The living room is not only a room to welcome guests but is also used as a room for family gatherings. Because Christmas is coming, try to decorate the living room as well and comfortably as possible. On Christmas day, families will get together and spend time exchanging gifts, telling stories, playing games, eating cakes, and much more.

We know that many people are confused about how they decorate their living room for Christmas. This is due to the lack of references that are obtained. Therefore, in this article, we have provided 5 Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas You Might Love. Choose one of the Christmas living room ideas that you like and match your character. That way, you will feel comfortable when in the living room. And the most important thing is to decorate the living room with love.



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