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Choosing an Elegant and Aesthetic Type 36 Minimalist Home Balcony Model

1. Balcony overview

Almost everyone wants an elegant and aesthetic balcony model for their level home. However, what is always a constraint is the cost of making a balcony which costs a lot of money. Therefore, in this article, we want to share ideas for designing balcony models ranging from simple to luxurious.

We know that decorative accents with unique concepts are the hallmark of a beautiful minimalist home balcony for a type 36 house, even though the land is limited. Don’t let the limited land make you lose your idea. Even you have to design it beautifully. So you can use it for your enjoyment and relaxation. By creating an attractive design in front of your house. You will get additional space that suits your needs. Don’t forget to make a concept that blends with other rooms so that your home looks fun. Therefore, we provide some examples of balconies that you can use as your inspiration. For that, we discuss the design for an attractive as below.

2. The best and easy design

Before you design a home balcony, you must determine what design is best for your type of home. As far as we know there are different types of designs, such as minimalist, Scandinavian, Vintage, Traditional, and classic. Each design has its characteristics, and each displays its features.

But if you don’t want to bother and save money. You can choose a minimalist design for your house balcony design because the minimalist design has the privilege of being simple, bright, and does not require excessive furniture. In addition, the creation of the design does not cost a lot of money, and the process is faster. For this reason, we provide some examples of aesthetic and beautiful minimalist designs below.

3. Some examples of minimalist house balcony 

In this article, we introduce some aesthetic and beautiful minimalist home balconies for your homes. As far as we know, many minimalist house balconies are made in housing because the model is simple and modern and can be used for various purposes. If you want to design your level house, you can make it more attractive. For that, you can make the design with a minimalist design. For that, let’s discuss them one by one below.

Industrial style touch

The industrial concept is much used in terraced houses and factories. Therefore, we want to inspire your minimalist home balcony with an industrial design. With this design, you can decorate it according to your taste. The rustic concept with the roster seems to blend with the corner of the house, so it has elements that are pleasing to the eye.

In addition, the freshness of the room is increasingly felt comfortable with the selection of beautiful green plants. To look more attractive, you can decorate the balcony walls with metal decorations, exposed brick floors, and iron frame guest chairs which are characteristic of industrial design. Don’t forget to decorate it with white pebbles to look more beautiful and artificial grass. That way, your balcony design becomes pleasant. If you are happy with the appearance of iron, you can imitate this design.

A touch of green with an open-concept

Next, we show a balcony model with a touch of green with an open concept. This concept makes your home look beautiful and charming. For that, we refer to a minimalist home balcony for a type 36 house for you to design with this white textured open concept.

The choice of white color with a combination of green produces a minimalist and aesthetic atmosphere in front of your home. To look more beautiful you can decorate green plants on the side of the balcony and in this place you can channel your hobby plants by using pots. Then put some lounge chairs and a table for you to relax with your family while enjoying hot coffee. If you are happy with a design like this, you can use it for your new inspiration.

Garden atmosphere with ceramic motifs

Having a balcony with garden style and ceramic motifs is very pleasant because the garden has made on the ground of the house. Then, ceramics have been used for decoration in the home. Therefore, if you want a home balcony is a place to relax, you can decorate it with various ornamental plants. For that, this design is suitable for your inspiration.

In this picture, the decorative green concept seems to blend with the balcony area, so it doesn’t look boring. For you to relax, you can add lounge chairs and tables to the balcony area. Then design the balcony floor with ceramic motifs that match the garden design. That way, the balcony area of ​​your house will feel pleasant. If you are happy with the garden design, you can take this design for your home inspiration.

Dominant green design

Green is known as a leaf color. If organic elements can use for the balcony, it can make you are pleasant. With a design like this picture, you will feel comfortable and calm spending your relaxing time. Green elements with artificial grass and ornamental plants look refreshing in front of your home. In this place, you can place a foam seat on the floor while enjoying coffee and fresh air from outside.

Then, to look more beautiful, you can decorate the balcony wall with wooden shelves. Then place the flowers as ornamental plants on the balcony. Then, please decorate part of the balcony floor with white coral to make it look not monotonous and place some attractive accessories such as a wooden fruit holder. That way, your family will feel at home and happy to be in this place. If you like the garden atmosphere on the second floor of your house, you can use this design as an additional for your idea and inspiration.

Green and relaxed atmosphere

If you are a person who likes a relaxed atmosphere. Instead of you looking for a place outside the house and spending a lot of money. You can make a balcony on the floor of your home and design it to be a place for you to relax with your family.

Wooden floors with lounge chairs on the balcony area can be the best place to make a place of meditation to relaxation. In addition, you can also use the balcony of this house as an open space for your various activities, such as discussing with your business partners and friends. Then decorate the balcony area with wooden benches, sofa cushions, wooden accessories on the walls, hanging flower pots and beautiful flower plants, and decorative lights to make you feel at home and out. Then, install a balcony cover so that the equipment in the balcony area does not get wet when it rains. Hopefully, this design can be an additional idea and inspiration for you.

Minimalist design in a narrow room

The next is a minimalist balcony design in a narrow space. You can make this design with limited land. But you have to arrange it properly so that you can move freely. Then, the most important thing. You must install a high fence for the safety of your family.

As we can see, the balcony in this narrow space has been equipped with a touch of white pebbles, wooden floors, and beautiful flower pots placed in the corner of the balcony. Then, to relax, you can put on a lounge chair. Of course, you can enjoy the view below the house and breathe the free air outside the home. In addition, in the afternoon you can use this place for sunbathing. If you have a balcony with limited space, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Cactus plant concept

If you like cactus plants in your home, you can decorate your balcony with this ornamental plant because the cactus plant is a strong plant with all-weather and easier maintenance. Besides that, cactus plants can use as attractive front plants.

Decorative elements with a green open atmosphere will make the house feel refreshing. Not only adding a cactus plant, but you can also decorate your balcony with a variety of beautiful flower plants. Then, to make you relax, you can put wooden chairs and tables in this place. That way, you will enjoy your relaxing time while drinking coffee and breathing fresh air. Don’t forget to design the balcony floor with wood tiles and decorate the walls with bright and brown colors. For your family’s safety, you must install a high iron fence on the side of the balcony. With this design, it will become a pleasant place. Hopefully, this design can add to your ideas and inspiration.

Cool atmosphere in the countryside

The fresh and clean nature, makes everyone love it. But if you want to get it, you have to choose a place that has not much air pollution, to make your life healthier. Therefore, freshness is an attractive inspiration on the balcony of a minimalist house type 36 with a rustic style.

The cool atmosphere with classic nuances deserves to be applied to make you feel more comfortable when you are at home. Then design a house with wood elements with natural textures to create an atmosphere like in the countryside. To enjoy a relaxed atmosphere on the balcony area while enjoying coffee and views outside the house, you can put wooden rattan chairs, round tables, and floor carpets. Then decorate your balcony area with flower pots and ornamental plants. Don’t forget to design your balcony floor with wood motif tiles. That way, the atmosphere of your balcony will feel natural. If you like the rustic atmosphere, you can take this design for your inspiration.

Decorative lamp design

This balcony design looks unique and artistic. This balcony features more decorative lighting. The bright white color on the balcony area makes the balcony thicker with a minimalist design. Then, the bright tiled floors, bright wooden fences, and wooden accessories mounted on the walls make the balcony design look unique and artistic.

To make the balcony area more attractive, you can decorate the balcony with a beautiful sofa set, wooden table, and accessories. Then, add ornamental plants and small trees to feel shady. That way, this balcony design will make your family more cheerful. If you like a unique and artistic atmosphere, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere in the bright room

This one balcony is displays minimalist characteristics. Balcony floor design using wood, white striped carpet, balcony railings, bright color balcony walls, and white iron railings make the balcony look spacious. To make you relax while drinking coffee and enjoying the view outside the house, you can put lounge chairs and round tables. Then decorate the balcony wall with hanging flower pots so that it doesn’t look monotonous. If you are happy with a bright atmosphere with wood elements, you can make this design an additional idea and inspiration for you.

Beautiful wooden balcony

A beautiful balcony can make your rest quality. This minimalist balcony looks very beautiful and elegant with wood material. That way, you can relax and release your stress. In addition, you can also sit with family and friends while chatting. Therefore, you have to provide a wooden chair complete with a foam seat and a table. Then, to look beautiful, decorate your chair with beautiful sofa cushions. That way, the atmosphere in your balcony area will feel more comfortable. If you are happy with wood designs, you can make this design inspiration for your home.

4. Conclusion

If you want to get the best inspiration for a beautiful balcony. You can see some sample images in home decor magazines. Then, to design it to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing, you have to look for inspiration to determine your balcony decoration. Therefore, you must arrange the balcony of your minimalist home as comfortably as possible to make your family cheerful.

In this article, we provide some pictures of minimalist balconies. Of course, if you want to make it. You will have to spend a lot of money if your house balcony has to be decorated by a furniture company. But if you do not have enough money, you can choose according to the drawings we described and give them to the balcony maker. Hopefully, this article can use for you. Happy decorating!



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