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Narrow Open Kitchen Design Inspiration for Your Family to Be Cheerful and Happy

1. Overview small open kitchen

A small kitchen often makes you feel uncomfortable. The hot and complete air keeps you trapped in the room. So that makes your movement space is limited. To overcome this, of course, you are looking for a solution and considering implementing a small open kitchen design. As we know, the design of a small open kitchen has an airy impression because the air flows into it more smoothly. Therefore, it the use for space-saving because it can combine with a home garden. If you are interested in this design, of course, you can apply it to your home. In addition, the room in the house also does not smell of cooking smoke, especially if you cook seafood. Of course, it makes you feel uncomfortable at home. But for this small open kitchen design, you have to design it well so that your home looks more attractive and fun. For that, let’s look at the types of open kitchen design that many people use and are family favorites.

2. Choosing the beautiful design

If you want to make the aesthetic narrow kitchen in your home, the role of design is necessary. For that, you have to get the best inspiration so that your kitchen design looks more attractive and neat. Currently, the kitchen design always used is minimalist. Because this design looks simple but elegant and the use of kitchen equipment that is not excessive, bright colors, and clean is the hallmark of a minimalist design. Therefore, to make this kitchen design, you should look for ideas through our articles and home decor magazines and use a home decor company to complete it. In this way, the results will be satisfactory according to your wishes. But to decide to make a small open kitchen, you need to consider if not your home is not unattractive. If you have limited land or a small house, of course, you can make it. But if you have enough land behind the house or next to the house, you should make it in this place. In this way, you will have more privacy to cook and not be disturbed from outside your house. For that, we will explain some of the appearance of a small open kitchen for your home.

3. Some examples of the small open kitchen

People say you don’t know you don’t love. For that, in this article, we want to show you some examples of attractive small kitchens for your home. We know, This small open kitchen is always made in front of the house and next house to make the exterior of your home feel comfortable. As we know, it can be made with several models. Then, adjust to the model of your home. In addition, security for kitchen equipment must consider so that it is not lost. That way, we provide several examples of kitchens ranging from simple designs to the most luxurious designs. We hope you can choose one of these designs as your additional inspiration. Hopefully, the pictures we provide can make the appearance of your home more fun and awesome. Happy following!

Narrow open kitchen with ornamental plant

You can see the appearance of this kitchen looks beautiful. The design of the kitchen set and the color of the walls look harmonious. Then to complete the kitchen to make it look more relaxed, the kitchen has including with a bar table, round chairs whose height is adjusted to the bar table, a bright color refrigerator, and spotlights that can illuminate the kitchen at night.

Then, to display a green atmosphere, the kitchen is decorated with an ornamental plant that can neutralize toxins in the air and provide oxygen for our health. Then, there are no puddles of water, the open kitchen is planted with grass and decorated with white coral. With this design, the air entering the kitchen is smooth, and the small kitchen arrangement looks beautiful and neat. If you have land behind a narrow house, of course, you can use this image as an inspiration for the kitchen that you are going to renovate.

Open narrow kitchen with a bright design

You can see the appearance of the kitchen looks attractive with bright colors. This small kitchen design is next to the house, but its design makes you happy to relax in this place. This kitchen arrangement looks bright and clean. You can see the kitchen floor has been installed with ceramic motifs, then shades of bright, clean, and kitchen equipment that are not excessive, of course, make the kitchen increasingly show a minimalist character. Then, the arrangement of the kitchen set, kitchen table, and refrigerator are designed so harmoniously and make the kitchen more attractive.

To make the small kitchen more comfortable. Its equipped with a dining table and neutral-colored wooden benches. Then to make the kitchen look more natural, it has decorated with ornamental plants placed on the wall. If you have a side of the house like this, you can make this design for your kitchen inspiration.

Narrow open kitchen simple design

Having a minimalist house with a narrow backyard doesn’t make you confused. Moreover, you do not have enough money to make a luxurious kitchen. For that, you don’t need to worry because you can make a kitchen with a simple design behind your house. The most important thing is that you can arrange it neatly so that your kitchen looks more attractive.

You can see this kitchen has designed is simple but feels comfortable. The design of the kitchen set is made mini, then the kitchen table is made simple and added with an ordinary gas stove. To add to the beauty of the kitchen, of course, you can decorate with small flower pots placed on a wooden wall shelf. Then to make the kitchen is not flooded, the kitchen is planted with grass and decorated with paths and coral. In this way, the kitchen design does not cost a lot, but your kitchen looks natural. If you like an open and bright atmosphere, you can take this design for your inspiration.

Open narrow kitchen with kitchen set decoration

You can see the open kitchen at the back of the house looks quite attractive. The decoration that stands out in this kitchen is a kitchen set with glossy wood color. Then, to look more harmonious, the kitchen table is made to match the wall color and the black color combination. You can see dining tables, and chairs, decorative iron lamps. Then, the appearance of this kitchen looks simple with a shiny wood color kitchen set, but the kitchen still looks more attractive. A kitchen like this will feel more comfortable because the cooking smoke does not enter the living room. Then, you don’t need to install a fan to expel the smoke out of the room and dissipate the heat in the room. We hope that this design, although simple, can make you happy with your family. Hopefully, this design can add your inspiration.

Narrow open kitchen with brick design

Well, you can see this open kitchen design emphasizes a natural impression. Then, the kitchen wall design is made of bricks, but the kitchen set looks luxurious with bright white color, and the kitchen table has designed in a light color, then combined with black.

To make the kitchen look more attractive, we can equip the kitchen with a dining table and wooden benches for a place to relax and chat. The beauty of the kitchen can be seen through the kitchen floor is a combination of ceramic motifs and wooden floors. To not look monotonous, we can plant grass and trees next to the kitchen. That way, the water that falls in the kitchen will be absorbed so that there are no puddles. If you have landed behind a house like this, we hope this image can be your inspiration to design a comfortable kitchen.

Beautiful narrow kitchen in front of the house

This minimalist kitchen makes us want to imitate it. Kitchen with a beautiful design and decorated with natural stone. You see the appearance of the kitchen set on the wall with a kitchen table, kitchen wall, and hanging decorative lights. The combination of these designs looks very harmonious. To add to the beauty of the kitchen, we can put a beautiful dining table with attractive dining chairs. Then the flower decoration on the kitchen wall makes us fascinated. Then the kitchen floor design with wood motifs looks so fun. With this design, this open kitchen will look beautiful and elegant so you can use this kitchen for a meeting place with your friends and a family gathering place. If you have land in front of your house, you can use this image as your inspiration.

Artistic kitchen in front of the house

We are happy to see this kitchen design. The design of natural stone motifs gives an artistic and natural impression. You can see the layout of the open kitchen table to put the gas stove set, and kitchen accessories have been designed so attractively and look harmonious.

The most attractive this kitchen is that the walls have been designed with natural stone, and then the kitchen set is designed with wooden wall shelves. Then, to add to the beauty of the kitchen, it is arranged with antique round chairs and an antique table and then makes this kitchen seem like a minibar. Then, playing with natural stone designs makes this kitchen look antique and unique. Of course, If you are happy with this design, you can make it in front of your house. In this way, your guests will feel happier and more relaxed. Then, you can bring your family to have fun in this place while chatting. Hopefully, this design can be your best inspiration.

Open narrow kitchen exposed brick design

This kitchen design looks beautiful and neat. The exposed brick and glass has designed on the walls. Then, making the kitchen feel more natural. This open kitchen design does not use a kitchen set, but the kitchen table has been arranged with several drawers. So you can put kitchen utensils in a drawer. We see that this minimalist kitchen looks neat and clean, especially with a dining table and chairs, making the kitchen look more attractive. In addition, the kitchen roof has been designed with wood painted in bright colors. So this design makes the kitchen thicker with a minimalist design. But, if you want to renovate the kitchen, don’t forget that the kitchen floor should install with bright ceramic tiles. Then, If you have space in front of the house, you can take this picture as additional inspiration. Happy decorating!

Open narrow kitchen with attractive colors

You can see the kitchen in front of this house, then, if you don’t organize it properly, your front of the house will be a mess. For that, there are many ways to make the front of the house look beautiful and charming. Therefore, please arrange kitchen equipment with attractive and fun colors. Of course, the color combination for a kitchen design like this can make your family more cheerful. Then the front yard of the house will look more attractive.

In This picture, you can see the color combination of the kitchen set, kitchen table, dining table, and chairs, Making this minimalist narrow kitchen atmosphere look more comfortable. Moreover, the decoration of glass and white iron trellis on the kitchen wall makes this design look artistic. To add to the atmosphere in front of the house is not monotonous, you can plant trees to make it shady.
The most important thing is not to let your activities in the kitchen can be seen from outside the house. If you are interested in this design, of course, you can use this design as your inspiration.

Open narrow kitchen with the ceramic motif design

The design of an open or closed kitchen basically must be designed to be anti-dirty. You can see that the walls of this tiny open kitchen are all designed with bright ceramic motifs. So if there are splashes of oil, water, and dust, it is easy to clean. Then you can see the color combination of the kitchen table is so harmonious and equipped with a gas stove set, especially with the design of the bar table and bar stools, making this open kitchen look more beautiful and charming.

Then, to make a clean and bright kitchen, this kitchen does not use a kitchen set because the kitchen table has provided drawers for storing kitchen and eating utensils. Is not to look excessive in design, the wooden shelves are installed on the kitchen walls to place tableware such as plates and glasses. Then, With bright ceramic colors and fittings that are not excessive, this open kitchen is thick with a minimalist design. If you want to make your kitchen look more attractive, you can make this design inspiration for your kitchen. Happy renovating!

Open narrow kitchen with the wooden motif design

You can also make a small open kitchen design with wood in front of the house. The condition is that this kitchen must be on the house terrace or backyard. But you should make this beautiful wooden design in front of the house to look more attractive. For that, you can use combinations so that the kitchen interior looks more harmonious. In the picture, you can see that this wooden kitchen design has made like a stage, then the kitchen table is designed in bright white and gray. Then, to add to the beauty of the kitchen, it is equipped with a long wooden dining table and long chair. The advantage of this open kitchen is we can easy to move according to your wishes. If you are happy with moving kitchens, this design is better for your inspiration.

Narrow open kitchen with garden design

A beautiful open kitchen design is indeed the most appropriate for the garden. With a design like this, you will get a relaxing place to chat with your business friends while drinking coffee without leaving the house. But design in this picture is only limited to the design of a kitchen table and a gas stove. Then the uniqueness of this design can be seen from the combination of wood colors designed on the kitchen table, then the bar stool as a complement to the kitchen table. That way, the kitchen looks like an open bar. Then, decorative lights hanging on the kitchen table, small flower pots, and ornamental plants vines on the wooden walls make the kitchen more attractive and unique. As we know, if any rains come, you can not use this open kitchen. If you are happy with this design, you should cover the top of the kitchen with a transparent roof so that sunlight can still enter the kitchen. The advantage of this open kitchen is that the food will be carried away by the wind and not enter the house. If you are happy with the garden kitchen, you can use this design as your inspiration.

4. Conclusion

We know that you want to make your narrow minimalist kitchen feel comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, we present some of the best minimalist kitchen designs. Then to make it, you should choose the best picture in this picture to look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, Aesthetic, and not cramped.

In this article, we give the best pictures to add your inspiration. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the kitchen set maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your kitchen look beautiful. Happy decorating!




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