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Six Ways to Arrange the Interior and Exterior of an Old House Into a Scandinavian Design

1. Heritage house

Most of them have an old house which is part of the inheritance from their parents. Old houses generally have classic designs, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, front and back terraces. But we, as the next generation of our parents, of course, should not be silent. We have to get inspiration and ideas to make the old house of the deceased into an attractive design.

Well, the design that is trending among homeowners is the Scandinavian design. This design features bright colors with wooden fixtures. Of course, following the old house that must be decorated with the best design so old house looks more attractive. Many old houses have wooden furniture. But the color may have faded. For that, we decorate with bright Scandinavian designs. Of course, If you have inherited it, let’s design this house like in this picture.

2. About Scandinavian design

As our plan, we talk about the interior and exterior of the home. Then we will discuss the design of the old house with Scandinavian design. But before we start to design it, we must know what Scandinavian design is.

Scandinavian design has several main elements that characterize or also known as Scandinavian is a design style that applies a simple yet elegant concept. This design is inspired by the nature and climate of Northern Europe or what is known as the Nordic. Then, this design is the most popular and widely used.

3. Organize into a Scandinavian design for old house

After we arrived at the old house left by our parents, it looks the old house was unkempt. Then, the building is also old and dirty. But the wood and the walls of the building are still good. Maybe because this building is a classic building of the past, the building materials are still good and strong so that the exterior and interior of the house still look good.

When we arrived in front of the house, we saw that the house terrace had not been maintained for a long time and was falling apart. We also have the idea to fix the terrace with a Scandinavian design. Then, we entered the house and found the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen room not maintained and need repair.

We had the idea to repair and design this all in a Scandinavian design so that the house looks bright and clean. For this reason, we began to arrange the design of the terrace and the rooms as shown below. Well, welcome to the story in this article!

4. The best material design

If you want to make a beautiful old house room with a Scandinavian design, you should choose the best materials so that the results are satisfactory. For that, you must choose materials such as natural stone, ceramic motifs, and marble, which are beautiful decoration materials. However, to make all that, you must have inspiration and ideas and have the money to make an old house beautiful and fun. Then, you can decorate it with the best materials and furniture according to the design you chose to make the interior and exterior of your old house more attractive.

Then, if you want to design an old house left by your parents, of course, you will be able to spend money to make the house look good again. For that, you must be happy and enjoy the work because it can relieve your stress too. Then, for those of you who like the art, of course, you can decorate the garden on your home terrace with the artistic value you have. For example, you can decorate with duck statues, chicken statues, fish statues, and other accessories.

5. Some examples pictures of Scandinavian designs

After we chose the best material for the design of our old house, then we looked at some pictures of the room with a Scandinavian design. We also discussed ways to design the old house so that our old house looks good again.

Six ways we do redesign the old house to be a beautiful home. In this article, we will explain some example rooms with Scandinavian designs. With this design, we hope that this old house will become an idol house for your family and can always make you happy when you enter this house. For that, let’s discuss the design for the Terrace house, Living room, bedroom, kitchen room, and bathroom in the picture below. Happy following!

Scandinavian terrace design

The first time, we decided is to fix the front of the terrace of the house that not maintained. We agreed to arrange it as in this picture. By giving a natural rustic touch to the Scandinavian terrace design, of course, the rustic feel can be realized. Then, using woven bamboo wall decor on the side of the wall, you can apply it to the terrace.

The existence of plants in the terrace area can further strengthen the natural impression of being cool. Then, with supported by the use of ceramic floors on the terrace. If you want a slightly different look for your old terrace house, you can try using bricks on the walls. Of course, it can look more artistic. With the exterior design of our old house, it becomes more attractive and pleasing to the eye. The advantage of this terrace is decorated with exposed brick, flower pots, and ceramic floors and this design makes your terrace of the house look live against.

Scandinavian living room design

After completing the Scandinavian terrace design, we finished the living room design with a Scandinavian design. The appearance of the design of this room is identical to the bright colors and the help of natural gradation of lighting from the window so that it arranges the living room to look slicker.

To give a minimalist Scandinavian concept, we combined a soft-colored sofa with a natural wood table and wall decorations in matching colors. This concept focuses on natural colored furniture so that the bright design on the interior walls and the sun do not make the room look pale.

Scandinavian minimalist bedroom design

Then next we entered the house and started to design the front bedroom. Because there are two rooms in this old house, the front, and the back. By deciding on the first Scandinavian-style minimalist bedroom design, it can be used as a reference for adjusting furniture made of wood as bedroom equipment. As we know, the Scandinavian concept is very close to beige or brown ornaments that can present a bright and comfortable room atmosphere. Not only on the bed and wardrobe. However, similar colors can also use the floor and walls of the bedroom.

The advantage of the Scandinavian design in the living room like in this picture, The interior of the living room looks bright, and sunlight enters the room. So it can save electricity during the day.

Luxurious Scandinavian bedroom design

Then we entered the master bedroom which at first looked unkempt and messy. For that, we decided to design this Scandinavian design bedroom with bright and luxurious colors. We make every effort to make this master bedroom an idol bedroom and a gathering place for children. This last room we designed looks like it’s on the beach.

Then, you can see in this picture, the atmosphere in the bedroom that we designed appears for several reasons, such as the photo on the wall, the beautiful colorful pillows, and the small plants on the bedside. Then, for the walls themselves, use muted cream-colored paint. Of course, we are happier with the design of this master bedroom.
If you are looking for a bedroom design for your home, apartment, you can design it like this.

Scandinavian bright kitchen design

After arranging a room with a Scandinavian design, the next step is to design a luxury home kitchen with a Scandinavian design like in this picture. This Scandinavian minimalist design with a strong element of warmth has dominated by white which is a key element of the Scandinavian design look. Therefore, we apply this look to the kitchen of an old house so that the kitchen interior was originally unkempt and messy to be a beautiful and comfortable kitchen for cooking.

By equipping the kitchen with brightly colored furniture, it is as if we are turning the interior of the kitchen room into a beautiful Scandinavian kitchen. With this design, the kitchen looks very pleasant.

The advantage of this Scandinavian kitchen room is that the interior of your house becomes more attractive. So we can make this kitchen room a place to relieve our stress, and we can bring the family to relax while chatting at the dining table.

Scandinavian bright bathroom design

After finishing the design for the kitchen with a Scandinavian design, for the last time, we arranged the bathroom of an old house which must be dirty and messy. For that, we look at home decoration magazine references, especially for Scandinavian bathroom designs.

Arranging a modern bathroom with a Scandinavian design with gray color is impossible to miss because this style is very close to light colors and is neutral. Then, it can combine with other colors. In addition, we also used soft colors that can be alternatives, namely light blue, light brown, and neutral pastel colors, so that this bathroom is more comfortable.

We apply white color because this color makes bathroom walls more favorite. Then, we also use wall stickers or choose patterned ceramics. For this tiny bathroom to look spacious, we put the mirror in the right area according to the room. In addition, it uses drawers to store various necessities and items efficiently. The advantage of this Bathroom Scandinavian design, that makes you are comfortable and enjoy yourself in the bathroom. Then, After arranging the six rooms in this old house, we relaxed while unwinding.

6. Conclusion

If you want to make a beautiful interior of your old house, we present the best design. To make a beautiful old house, you should choose the beautiful design to look the interior of your home more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and Aesthetic.

In this article, we explained some of the Scandinavian picture designs. Then to make a beautiful old house, of course, you will have to spend the money to make it. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the house design maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your home look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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