– Currently, minimalist homes are the most chosen and in demand by many people. How come? This is because a minimalist house is the right house to live in for those of you who are still alone or those of you who have a small family.

In a minimalist home, it is much easier to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. And this is also one of the reasons why so many people are interested in minimalist homes.

However, besides these advantages, a minimalist house certainly has disadvantages, such as the rooms in the house are limited and tend to be small. If we are wrong in decorating these rooms, then a minimalist house will be unsightly and uncomfortable.

As the front room, of course the living room is a room that represents the other rooms. Therefore, it is important to make this room look attractive. One way to make a small living room look attractive is to make this room feel and look bigger. And here are Tips You Can Follow to Make The Small Living Room Feel Bigger and Comfortable. So, let’s check it out!

1. Presenting The Natural Lighting by Using The Big Window

Before starting to decorate a room, you must first know what the room needs. As in small living rooms that require excess lighting. So automatically the living room really needs a large window. In this way, the ceiling to floor window and the large wall window are the types of windows that you can use.

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Why is natural lighting so important for small living rooms? This is because a small living room will easily feel cramped and stuffy so that it can become an uncomfortable room. Bringing natural lighting into the living room is an alternative way to get rid of the cramped and stuffy feeling that exists in small living rooms.

2. Use White As A Base Color of The Room

Color selection is also very important. And for small rooms, it would be nice if you left your intentions to use quirky colors, especially dark colors. Mistakes in choosing colors can have fatal consequences for the appearance of a small living room.

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To make the living room feel and look wider, the most appropriate color to use is white. You can make white the base color for a small living room. The dominant white color can make the living room look brighter so that the living room will feel more comfortable.

With the help of natural light, the white color will look brighter and make the small living room feel wider. This is because the light that enters the room will hit the white surface and will reflect again on the room so that the room will look brighter and feel more spacious.

3. Add Soft Colors to The Small Living Room

White is indeed the right color to use in small living rooms. However, the application of white as a whole is not very good because the living room will look stiff and unattractive. If the appearance of the living room is no longer attractive, the living room will be far from comfortable.

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Then how do you make the small living room look not stiff? Of course, we need to present other colors. And the colors used are not quirky colors or dark colors, but soft colors that can still look bright.

Here are the soft colors that can be applied to the small living room:

  • Grey

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Gray is the first color that can be used for small living rooms. The combination of grays and whites can create a look that is both mature and a little cooler. With this, a small living room will be far from feeling cramped and stuffy.

Usually, in living rooms, gray is applied to items made of fabric, such as sofas.

  • Beige

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To bring a warm and comfortable sensation, beige is the color that is most suitable to use. The combination of beige and white is indeed the perfect combination. In this way, the small living room not only looks bright and feels wider but also feels warmer and more comfortable.

4. Using A Short-Legged Sofa

Because the room is small, we automatically can’t use the things we want. The items used in the small living room certainly have to adjust the size of this room.

As the main item in the living room, the sofa has a big impact on the appearance of the living room. Therefore, the selection of a sofa is very important.

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For a small living room, the most suitable sofa is a short leg sofa. A short-legged sofa will look much smaller so it will fit into a small living room. In this way, the small living room will look bigger and feel more comfortable.

5. Add A Coffee Table to The Living Room

It is not possible to use a large table in a small living room. If you insist on using a large table, the small living room will feel cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, we must be smart in choosing the right items.

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The coffee table is the most appropriate item to use in small living rooms. The use of a coffee table will not take up a lot of space so that the small living room will not feel cramped. Besides that, the coffee table is also much more practical. When you want to relax on the carpet, you can slide the coffee table to the end of the room. In this way, the small living room will feel wider.

6. Add A Carpet into The Room

The carpet is indeed an additional item where you can use it or not is not a problem. The use of carpets is also not mandatory. However, this does not mean that the carpet does not have a function in a room.

Using a carpet for the room can bring a warm atmosphere where the room will feel more comfortable. In addition, carpets can also be used as a room sweetener so that the room doesn’t look stiff, especially a room with a simple decoration and appearance.

small living room ideas
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And the function of carpets for small living rooms is very important. By adding a carpet into the room, the carpet will give the illusion of space to a small living room. In this way, the small living room will look and feel more spacious.

Try to choose a carpet that is not too big. The selection of a large carpet will actually narrow the living room and make it uncomfortable. So, there is nothing to lose if you use a carpet right? And do not forget to choose the carpet with bright colors and simple motifs.


As the front room, the living room is a very important room. In this way, the living room is required to look neat and attractive. And it is indeed much easier to decorate or arrange a large living room. However, what about the small living room? Indeed, decorating a small living room requires knowledge so that the living room feels comfortable. Because decorating errors can make this small room unsightly. However, you don’t need to worry. By applying the tips above, you can make a small living room feel bigger and comfortable. So, happy trying!


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