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Some Narrow Back Terrace Design Inspiration for Your Minimalist Home

1. Overview back terrace

If you want to find inspiration to build a beautiful and comfortable garden behind a minimalist house, we are ready to provide some of the best ideas. The minimalist backyard garden model doesn’t have to be big and luxurious. For that, you can design it according to your ideas or look at the home decor pictures in this article. Then you have to do the right arrangement in the garden after the garden has finished. That way, it looks more homey and comfortable and is suitable for gathering with your family. In addition, the layout of the garden must arrange neatly. So that it makes the appearance of your home look more attractive. Then avoid using excessive furniture so that the back porch of your minimalist house does not become cramped. For that, we want to share with you to provide a garden design for the back of your minimalist home. Hopefully, this article can give inspiration. Then you create a garden behind the house to gather and relax with your family.

2. Choosing the best design

To make the garden behind your minimalist home look more attractive and fun. You have to choose one of the designs or combine the existing designs. Now many people have used minimalist designs and Scandinavian because this design can give bright, then furniture that is not excessive and simple. That way you don’t spend a lot of money to make it. In this article, we want to provide some designs like your wishes. For that, you can consider carefully so that the results do not make you disappointed.

3. Some guidelines for creating a beautiful backyard

In this article, we will give you some pictures. Hopefully, you can design your backyard garden and make your garden beautiful and comfortable. With the best design, we hope that you and your family will enjoy your day on the back porch of your minimalist home. Of course, to organize it, you have to decide which design is more appropriate for your backyard garden. We hope this guide is useful for you and your family and makes your family happy. For that, let us discuss one by one the guide below. Happy following!

Give grass in the garden behind the house


Grass can make a minimalist backyard garden model feel comfortable and beautiful. We know the application of natural grass is often a mainstay in a minimalist backyard garden design. Then you can arrange the grass according to the desired concept. Then combine it with wood and stone as a garden surface to make it more natural and fresh. To choose a minimalist backyard garden model, the most important thing you think about is comfort. Make your back garden a place to relax and be able to release the burden of your mind. Design the garden behind the house as comfortably as possible so it can be used for your needs and desires.

Synthetic grass for an indoor backyard

Currently, there are more and more fans of minimalist homes. Then, we looking for many minimalist home enthusiasts. Therefore, synthetic grass is the mainstay for a minimalist indoor garden. Then they will use behind the narrow house. For that, you can install artificial grass in the back garden in a minimalist house.

Then to make them comfortable, you can add a bean bag or chair, table to complete on the back house garden. In this place, you can also bring children’s games and some pots of ornamental plants to give the impression of greenery that can make you and your family comfortable. But for a minimalist home design, of course, you can’t put excessive furniture because it can make the back porch narrower and unattractive. Then, the layout of flowerpots must be neat to look beautiful. If you want to bring children’s games, complete them with games that do not make your room cramped so that your child is freer to move. Then place it on the artificial grass. So as not to harm them while playing. Hopefully, this design can use as inspiration for your minimalist backyard garden.

Add the shower

Showers in the garden area behind a minimalist house tend always forget it. Although, it can create a feeling of calm when you relax in the backyard. In this place, you can make a simple fish pond or other decoration like your wishes. Then if you have a water shower in the backyard, you should always check its cleanliness so it doesn’t become a mosquito nest. With the presence of a fishpond, there are no mosquito larvae because they become fish food. The advantage of the fishpond, you can play with your favorite fish while feeding it. Well, it’s quite interesting to have a shower at the back of your house. We hope you can take this idea as inspiration for your backyard garden. Add the shower

Making vertical garden

One way to make greenery in a narrow minimalist home is to apply vertical plants. Many modern minimalist homes present a vertical garden attached to the wall. So that it can save space in your back house. Vertical gardens can be applied in a minimalist home page or indoors. In addition to providing a beautiful appearance, it is also low maintenance. This plant is suitable if you are busy and don’t have much time to care for plants. To look more attractive, you can combine a vertical garden with white coral so it can sweeten the back house garden. So that at night it looks beautiful, complete a vertical garden with LED lights if you want to create a modern minimalist home concept. We hope you can take advantage of the designs we describe as additional inspiration for you and make your family happier.

Cactus plants can be used as decorations

Do you know, the minimalist millennial model house is currently widely used by cactus plants, both inside the house and in the garden behind their minimalist home. As we know, cactus plants can be beautiful decorative plants when planted in a row like a fence on the wall of the garden area behind your house. To make it look more attractive, you can make a seat that blends into the wall and then with cactus plants without thorns around it. Then you can add warm LED lights to create warmth and comfort. Now you can assess what kind of back house model you like so that even your family can enjoy the design you made. But you still consider arranging this plant properly to make it look beautiful and fun. Hopefully, this review can add to your inspiration to design a beautiful and fun backyard garden.

The playground can be used for decoration

The garden behind the house is not only be designed with plants or flowers. If you want your child not to play outside, you can decorate your backyard with their playground. This way you can keep an eye on your children at all times, then you can play with them too. That way, your stress will be gone. But to make a backyard like this you have to prepare enough money. Then ask the home decorator to design it. To give beauty to their house, you can hang flower pots to make their playground more attractive. Hopefully, you can take inspiration from this design. Then you give happiness to your child.

Relaxing place behind the house

Having a backyard garden is a blessing because you can arrange it as a place for you to relax with your family. In this place, you can put iron guest tables and iron chairs. So that they are not damaged if exposed to rain. Then around the tables and chairs, you can decorate with flowers and attractive white coral. To make it more interesting, you can hang flower pots on the back wall of the house. With the arrangement you made, the simple garden behind the minimalist house is not rigid and looks more attractive. If you want to arrange a simple garden behind the house, you can take this design as an additional inspiration for you. Then you can make this design yourself without having to call a home decor company. Happy decorating.

Fish pond as a minimalist backyard garden decoration

Water can give us peace and comfort. The sound of splashing water can make us happy and happy and can even relieve stress after being active all day. Especially if the water is treated in a fish pond, of course, it can add happiness to you and your family. In this picture, the fish pond has made with a beautiful design behind the house. The wooden bridge, coral stone, and fish pond make the garden behind the house look more alive. To make an attractive fishpond area is planted with flowers and small trees. Of course, This design makes you happy because you can play with your favorite fish while feeding them. Hopefully, this design can add your inspiration for those of you who want to decorate the back garden with a fish pond.

4. Conclusion

If you want to get the best inspiration for a beautiful minimalist back home terrace. You can look at some sample pictures in home decor magazines. Then, to design it to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, and aesthetic, you have to look for inspiration to determine your back home terrace decoration. Therefore, you must arrange your back terrace as comfortably as possible so that it can make you cheerful.

In this article, we provide some minimalist back-home terrace pictures. Of course, if you want to make it. You will have to spend a lot of money if your terrace has to be decorated by a furniture company. But if you do not have enough money, you can choose according to the drawings we described and give them to the terrace builder. Hopefully, this article can use for you. Happy decorating!




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