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Attractive and Charming Minimalist Stilt House Interior Design For You to Imitate

1. Minimalist stilt house

Seeing the trend of minimalist houses on stilts. It makes us lured to make them. The house on stilts with a beautiful and unique design makes us remember the traditional style. Then, by using a traditional design concept that is packaged in a modern way, it makes us consider building it.

If we can’t have a minimalist stilt house, we can still bring a similar interior and exterior atmosphere to our homes. This beautiful stilt house with a wooden design can make us feel at home in this place. Natural shades with natural wood colors make this house look artistic. Then the advantages of a minimalist stilt house are not far from the all-open panoramic access, especially in the terrace area. If the terrace area on a minimalist stilt house is limited, you can use a small model that is more space-saving but still minimalist. That way, you can more freely relax without worrying that your terrace will become narrow.

To look more beautiful and charming, you complete the terrace of this stilt house with a soft sofa for you to relax or receive guests. In this way, the house will look more attractive and comfortable. That way, please design like the picture in this article.

2. Make a comfortable impression

To make a comfortable impression on a minimalist stilt house, you can use green plant decorations and flowers to make it look more beautiful.
Then, you can place it in a strategic location that you think makes the room beautiful, such as in front of the pillars of a minimalist stilt house so that the placement looks neat and sweet. For that, you can use a special pot or plant box. A perfect layout will make the nuance of the house on stilts more attractive and have a touch of green so that the house looks more comfortable and fresh.

In this place, you can also put some decorations on the terrace of this house to make it look more artistic. Then, to design a similar atmosphere or unique in a modern minimalist stilt house. You can bring decorations with natural elements such as hanging decorative lights made of bamboo or rattan, which are original materials. However, you can use it in a closed or open area. Then, many house owners of minimalist stilt houses use the concept of tradition that remains in their hearts.

3. Stilt house with full glass design

If you want a stilt house to look even more modern. Then, you can design a stilt house with a glass design. You can apply windows, doors, and glass walls in the room of this minimalist stilt house. Of course, you can make it in the kitchen or living room area. As we know, glass material can make the room look long and not cramped. With this design, you can see the view outside the room. Then the glass design will make sunlight enter the room and make your room healthy. Then your home furniture is not easily damaged. Don’t forget, you must design this room with matching furniture and install beautiful curtains so that at night it is not visible from the outside. This design makes your room look more natural and modern.

4. The dining room under the minimalist stilt house

A minimalist stilt house feels incomplete if not equipped with a modern-designed dining room. For a more fun feel, you can place the dining room at the bottom of the minimalist stilt house. Of course, this design can be made in a closed room or an open room. The most important thing is that the design is following the model of the house and the available space. Then the selection of furniture must be adjusted to the design of the room. Then, the design will be more harmonious if you use solid wood. s As we know, the wood material will make the feel more natural and make the dining room look more beautiful and comfortable. With this design, of course, you and your family will feel at home in this place.
Besides being used as a dining room, this room can also be used for you to gather while chatting with your family.

5. Prepare a long wooden chair

A beautiful house and dream house is a beautiful house and is equipped with beautiful furniture that can be used for us to relax. For a minimalist stilt house, it will certainly look more attractive and complete if equipped with a long chair like this picture. Of course, this decoration makes you happy and comfortable in this place, especially when you are tired and tense. With a hall design concept like this picture, a minimalist stilt house will make maximum comfort. In addition, you can place this long chair in the dining room area under the stilt house. Here you can relax by drinking coffee and tea while chatting with friends and family. This design looks quite interesting, it will make you want to make it.

6. The ideal bedroom for a minimalist stilt house

The bedroom is our place to get rest after tired from your activities. Bedrooms require a beautiful and comfortable design. Therefore, a minimalist stilt house is more suitable if you use a homey approach that is more natural and casual. You can design walls of wood and then combined them with glass. On the other hand, some designs can perfect the design of a warm bedroom in this minimalist stage house. To make it look harmonious, you can use furniture made of wood with a minimalist model. Then, you can make a multifunctional wooden bed with a design equipped with pull-out a drawer to save space. With an all-wood design, for further decoration, you can choose your accessories and equipment that matches the design of your bedroom. For example, you can choose dark color equipment and white bed linen, and black chairs.

7. Minimalist stilt house kitchen

A house would not be complete without a kitchen. For a minimalist stilt house, of course, it will be perfect if the walls use a design made of wood and glass windows. This design makes the kitchen room look more comfortable and fun. You can design like in this picture. A kitchen on a stilt house complete with a kitchen set and a small bar table made of Dutch teak. For designs like this, you don’t need to paint again. So that your kitchen is more complete and more attractive, it is better if the location of the gas stove is designed together with the kitchen set so that it looks neater. Then to complete the kitchen design to make it more attractive, you can put a refrigerator, hang decorative lights on the kitchen ceiling, and put flower pots on top of the kitchen set. Do not forget to put curtains on the glass windows, so that the room is not visible at night.

8. Bathroom on a minimalist stilt house

The bathroom is the most important part of a house. The home cannot use without a bathroom. For a minimalist stilt house, of course, The walls are very suitable made of wood and glass windows. In this way, your bedroom looks more comfortable and makes you feel in this place.

For a bathroom like this, you have to design it properly. Of course, If you want to be safe, use this design combined with ceramic motifs and bathroom fixtures that are not easily damaged. The bathroom on the stilt house should not leak because it will cause fatal damage to the wooden walls of the house. To make this you have to leave it to the home decorator company, and you have to control the time of manufacture. In this way, the bathroom design will be safe. Then, for wood material, you should use Dutch teak wood to make it look more natural, and you don’t need to paint again. Should be better made from Dutch teak because you don’t need to paint again. Then for bathroom accessories, you can adjust the color of the bathroom walls. For that, Choose black and white. In this way, your bathroom will look more attractive and natural.

9. Conclusion

If you want to make a minimalist stilt house design, we inspire minimalist stilt home design that you can imitate. Then, to make it happen, you can do it right away. For that, you can make it in stages. The most important thing is that you have planned it carefully. To make it, of course, you have to spend money to pay a home decor company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can give an example of this image to a furniture maker. I hope this design can use for you. Happy decorating!



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