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Home Ideas: Natural Elements You Can Use to Make The Room Look Natural and Attractive – Providing a comfortable atmosphere into the house is mandatory because home is a place for us to come home and rest. In making the house feel comfortable, the appearance of the house is certainly made as good and attractive as possible.

Using natural elements become an interesting idea to make the rooms in your house look attractive and also feel comfortable. The natural elements, of course, will bring the natural nuances which will make the room feel soothing and relax.

There are many natural elements that you will meet, and here we have provided Natural Elements You Can Use to Make The Room Look Natural and Attractive. So, let’s check it out!


One of the natural elements that are often encountered is bricks. Bricks are also an item that is used as a house foundation. However, the use of bricks was not just for that. Nowadays, bricks are used to make home interiors look attractive and memorable.

exposed brick wall for dining room
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natural elements for living room
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cozy bathroom with natural elements
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In making an interior room look attractive, bricks are usually applied to the walls and left exposed without any polish, and it is called an exposed brick wall.

  • Beautiful Natural Kitchen

natural kitchen look
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Want to have a kitchen with a soothing natural look? Applying the exposed brick wall is the best idea. The exposed brick wall in the kitchen gives a calm and natural feel. The red color of the brick wall looks so natural that the kitchen does not look tacky or quirky.

  • Cozy Industrial Bedroom

industrial bedroom
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As natural elements, the red bricks work well with any color. The use of black in a room with an exposed brick wall will give it a sharp yet calming appearance.

Exposed brick walls are usually applied to rooms with industrial designs. Even though it looks sharp and striking, the atmosphere of the industrial design room feels so calming and cozy. This is also one of the reasons why industrial styles are often applied to bedrooms.

  • Plaster Brick Wall Makes The Room Look Bright

plastered brick wall
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The application of the exposed brick wall does not always make the room look sharp, striking, and dark. For those of you who like a bright appearance, plaster brick walls are the right idea to apply to the interior of the room.


Apart from bricks, wood is also a natural element that is often used for interior spaces. The application of wooden elements to the room gives a warm and very calming feel. In addition, wood also has various colors, such as wood with a bright color like mahogany, and wood with a dark color like teak.

You can adjust the use of these woods with the interior design that you choose for the rooms in your house.

  • Inspiring Barrier by Using The Wooden as A Floor

wooden floor
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Confused about how to make a minimalist house look attractive? Using a wooden floor as a room divider is an interesting idea to divide one room from another without worrying that it will look cramped.

  • Japanese Design

japanese design
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Wood is a natural element used in Japanese-style houses. If you are interested in bringing Japanese style into the living room, you can use wood in light colors. The use of wood brings a very warm and comfortable atmosphere. Although the appearance of the room looks simple, using wood elements, a simple room will look sweet, soft, and not stiff.

  • Rustic Bathroom

rustic bathroom
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Because of the warm nuances given, wood becomes the natural element that is used by European people in cold climates which is often referred to as Rustic Design.

As can be seen from the picture above, the small bathroom looks so beautiful with a Rustic design. The use of wood with a dark color looks integrated with white as the basic color of this room. You can feel a bright and calm look from this bathroom.

  • Scandinavian Bedroom

scandinavian bedroom
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The use of wood with light colors is one of the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style. The look and atmosphere that is presented in the Scandinavian style are bright, soft, calm, and simple. Usually, wood elements are applied to floors and some furniture such as benches and tables.

The presence of wooden elements in the bedroom makes the bedroom the most comfortable room. Natural lighting helps make the wood look alive and makes the atmosphere of this room feel soothing.

  • Elegant and Luxury Bathroom with Wood Element and Black Colored Touches

elegant bathroom
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The bathroom can also be made to look luxurious, elegant, but simple by using wood elements as a bathroom wall. The wood made horizontally looks so neat and makes a bathroom with simple design look more attractive. Black touches on the ceiling, bathtub, floor, and several other spots give it a sharp, luxury, and elegant look.

  • The Big Living Room Look Sweet and Attractive

soothing large living room
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Indeed, some decorations are needed so that a large room doesn’t look stiff. However, if you like a simple look, applying wood elements as a ceiling is a right idea. The wood ceiling in the big room makes it look so attractive. The additional of the right lighting such as the recessed lighting bringing the elegant look to the room.


To sweeten the room and give a natural feel to the room, rattan is one of the natural elements that can be used. There are many benefits that you will get from using a rattan as an interior decorating room.

  • Dekorasi Vila Bali dengan Produk Rotan

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Rattan is one of the most appropriate natural elements for use in tropical countries like Indonesia. Many villas in Bali use various items made of rattan. This is because rattan will look beautiful when exposed to sunlight which also affects the appearance of the room in the villa itself.

  • Cozy Rattan Bench in The Simple Bedroom

rattan bench for bedroom
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One of the advantages of rattan is that it can make a room with a simple design look attractive. As in the picture above, a simple bedroom will look stiff if a rattan bench is not presented in this room.

  • Attractive Dining Room with Rattan Lamp Shade and Rattan Carpet

rattan lamp
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Rattan has a flexible texture so it is very easy to shape into various items, such as carpet and rattan lamp shades. The use of rattan lampshades and rattan carpet makes the white dining room look soft and beautiful.

  • Attractive Bedroom with Rattan Head Board

rattan headboard make the bedroom look beautiful
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Giving a sweet and soft impression to the bedroom is the right idea to make the bedroom feel comfortable. Rattan, as natural elements, is able to make the bedroom the room you want. The use of a rattan headboard makes the bedroom look more attractive.

  • Create A Cozy Spot with Rattan Hanging Chair

cozy rattan hanging chair
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As a place to rest, it is very important to create a cozy spot in your house. Using a rattan hanging chair is the right idea. Adding soft pillows on the hanging chair makes it feel more comfortable.

Natural Stones

And the last of Natural Element You Can Use to Make The Room Look Natural and Attractive are natural stones. Natural stone is indeed an element that has a fairly thick natural feel. It is very suitable for those of you who like a real natural atmosphere.

  • Natural Bathroom with Natural Stones Wall and Floor

natural bathroom nuances
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One of the advantages of natural stone is that it is not slippery and not easily mossy. Therefore, natural stone is often used for bathrooms. The presence of natural stone in the bathroom makes the room a very natural place. You will feel a different and calm nuance when you are in this bathroom.

  • Modern and Attractive Bedroom with Natural Stones Wall

natural bedroom
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The natural stones wall is an interesting idea to give a modern look to a bedroom. Applying a natural stone wall to the side of one bedroom wall is enough to make the bedroom look attractive and natural. You also do not need a wall decoration to make it look attractive. So simple, right?

  • Natural Stones As The Center of Attention in The Living Room

natural stones living room
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When decorating a living room, of course, what must be applied is the center point. Making natural stones the focal point of a living room is the right idea. To make it look more attractive, you can hang the LED TV there. Making a fireplace at the bottom is also the right and simple way to make the living room feel warm and comfortable.



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