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7 Fireplace Decor Ideas That Will Make The Room Look Pretty – Winter does require us to make the house the most comfortable and warm place. The item that is usually often used in winter is a fireplace. The fireplace is indeed an item that must be in your room. And usually, the fireplace is placed in the living room.

However, the fireplace function does not only make the room feel warm. The fireplace can also be used as an item that can add beauty value to the room.

By adding some decorations to the fireplace, the fireplace will look very beautiful. And here, we have provided 7 Fireplace Decor Ideas That Will Make The Room Look Pretty. So, let’s check it out!

Simple Mirror Gives The Simple and Pretty Look to The Room

The main stage before decorating is to determine the appearance of the room you want. Simple appearance is indeed a trend these days. This is because the simple appearance looks sweeter and calmer.

beautiful fireplace decor
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Mirrors are indeed one of the items of personal makeup and it is no wonder that they are always present in the bedroom. However, the mirror function does just that. Mirrors also have a function to make the interior of the room look attractive. So, mirrors are an item that can be used as a room decoration.

In using a mirror, of course, you have to hang the mirror on the wall. However, if you have a fireplace in your house, you can put a mirror on top of the fireplace. More simple, right? Besides that, the fireplace will also look prettier. The addition of a small picture and some flowers or plants make it look prettier.

simple fireplace decor
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mirror for fireplace decor
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Some Green Plants Bringing Nature Nuances to The Room

In other seasons (apart from winter) the fireplace will become unused objects. Leaving the fireplace, of course, makes the fireplace an unattractive item. And of course, this will affect the appearance of your room.

To make your room look pretty, You can decorate the fireplace in your room to make it look attractive and beautiful.

beautiful fireplace
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Bringing fresh natural nuances into the room is indeed an interesting idea to make the room feel comfortable. In addition, the green color is also able to present natural nuances which will make the room feel so soothing.

Putting greenery on top of the fireplace becomes an attractive decoration. Adding a few candles is also an additional decoration so that the fireplace looks calm

Beautiful Flowers Make It Looks Pretty And Feminine

For those of you who prefer a fresh and feminine look, you can also present these two to the room in your home. Some flowers with beautiful colors are the right decoration for decorating a fireplace in the room.

flowers fireplace decor
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The presence of fresh flowers can also provide a refreshing fragrance which will make the room a very comfortable place. It’s also a good idea to add some extra decorations to make it look more interesting and less clunky.

Television Makes The Fireplace As The Focal Point of The Room

The existence of a fireplace in the family room is able to make this room feel so comfortable. With this, the family room will be the perfect place to relax and spend time with your family during winter.

However, hanging out with the family without entertainment will also feel so boring. Therefore, adding TV to the living room is the right idea.

televition as a fireplace decor
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fireplace decor with LED TV
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beautiful fireplace with LED TV
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LED TV hanging on the wall above the fireplace is an interesting idea. With LED TV there, the fireplace will be the center of attention. With this, the room will look more attractive, neat, and pretty.

Simple and Pretty Fireplace with Big Picture

Making the room look attractive, adding some wall decorations is indeed the easiest way. There are several wall decorations that can be used, such as sculptures, pictures, and so on.

fireplace decor with wall displays
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Adding a big picture with beautiful writing on top of the fireplace is an interesting idea to make the fireplace look more attractive. The white picture is the right choice to make it look more dominant when hung on the wall above the fireplace.

Putting this big picture on the fireplace is the simplest way so you don’t have to bother hanging it on the wall.

Welcoming Christmas by Hanging The Socks on The Fireplace

Christmas is always present in winter. And usually, when welcoming Christmas, people will be busy decorating their homes with Christmas attributes as attractive as possible. And the fireplace is one of the most appropriate media to decorate.

fireplace christmas decors
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Who doesn’t know the culture of hanging socks on the fireplace? Of course, almost everyone knows this. Hanging socks on the fireplace has become a common thing that is often done at Christmas.

Several socks hanging on the fireplace make the fireplace look very attractive. Adding some Christmas items to the fireplace is also the right decoration in making the fireplace look more beautiful.

Fireplace As A Cozy Spot At Homes

Creating a cozy spot in the house is an important thing to make a house a comfortable place. Fireplace is one of the items where you can create a cozy spot in your living room or family room.

fireplace as a cozy spot
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If there is an empty space near the fireplace, using this space is the right idea to create a cozy spot at home. Adding a few cushions and a thick blanket creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can also read books and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate here. In this way, your winter season will be very interesting and memorable.


The fireplace is one of the items that is definitely there to make the house feel warm in winter. However, the function of the fireplace is not only to make the house temperature warm. A fireplace can also be used as a medium for decoration. In providing decoration to the fireplace, of course, you have to know what decorations can be used to make the fireplace look pretty. Because the wrong decoration only make the room look bad and uncomfortable. With some decorations above, the fireplace will be an item that can provide a beautiful value to the room and also a sense of comfort in the room. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s try it and happy trying!



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