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Tips You Can Follow to Make The Living Room is Safe for Kids – The kid really should not be prohibited from doing what they want, as long as it is still positive and safe for them. The kid tends to be active and cannot stay. However, this is a good development for them.

The duty of parents is not to prohibit, but to keep them safe and healthy.

As a place for them to live and rest, the house must indeed be a safe place for them to study and play. Creating a kid-safe living room is the right choice. Because the living room is often the room most used by children.

And in this article, we have provided Tips You Can Follow to Make The Living Room is Safe for Kids. So, let’s check it out!

Make Sure to Use Furniture That is Safe for Children

Some parents may feel dizzy if their child is too active. Well-developed little children do some things they find very enjoyable, such as passing, jumping, and so on. However, they do not know whether it is dangerous for themselves or not. It could be that some unexpected risks will occur. Therefore, as parents, we must keep young children safe at home.

safe living room for kid
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Furniture in the living room is often a threat to their safety. Instead of choosing furniture that can make the living room look attractive, try to choose furniture that is safe for them to play in the living room.

And here are the safe furniture you can use to make the living room is safe for your kids:

  • Sofa with Thick Foam

thick foam living room sofa
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As the main item in the living room, the sofa is one of the pieces of furniture that must be considered. Good appearance and safety for you kid.

There will be a variety of sofas on offer, such as sofas made of wood, iron, and sofas covered with thick foam.

Which sofa is safe for kids?

A sofa covered with foam and the thick fabric is the most appropriate choice. By using this sofa, your kids will stay safe when jumping, playing, or doing their activities here.

  • Coffee Table

fabric coffee table
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The sofa and table are a complete package for the living room. If you use a sofa, of course, the table must also be used to fill your living room.

Not only the sofa that must be considered safe but also the table. Often children will be injured because they hit the edge of a table made of wood or iron. So, use a table made of cloth.

small coffee table
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If you want a coffee table made of wood, try to choose a small coffee table. This coffee table will be more practical and easy to move around. So, when it is not in use, you can put the small coffee table into the corner of the room or another place where your kids never play.

By moving the coffee table to another place, there will be more free space in the living room. In this way, your kids will feel happy and comfortable to play in the living room.

Apply The Wooden Floor

For those of you whose living room floor is still a tile or concrete floor, it looks like you have to change the floor in the living room of your house. Tile or concrete floor is much riskier for kids.

So, to create a safe living room for kids to play and study, choose a wooden floor for the living room.

wooden floor living room
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There are some kinds and advantages of the wooden floor. You can choose the type of wooden floor that suits your living room concept so that the living room is not only safe for your kids but also looks attractive.

Besides that, wooden floors will also make the living room feel warm, especially in winter. Unlike the tile or concrete floor which can make a living room feel cold and make children sick easily.

Apply The Carpet Flooring

Want a safer and more comfortable living room for your kids? Maybe applying carpet flooring can be the right way.

As we know that by applying carpet flooring, the living room floor will not become hard so it is very safe for your kids who often fall while playing. Because the floors are soft and comfortable, your kids will feel comfortable to explore what they want. That way, your child will be a creative and smart child.

living room carpet flooring
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Unfortunately, the carpet floor can be a place for dust to nest in the living room. For children, of course, will cause allergies. Besides that, the dust they breathe in will greatly disturb their respiratory system. Therefore, try to vacuum the carpet flooring regularly. In this way, the living room will be a comfortable, safe, and clean room.

Use The Short Shelf to Place Kids Toys

Young children tend to want to get what they want, especially their toys. If you put toys where they cannot reach them, they will figure out how to get to their toys. They may climb or jump. This of course will be very risky. To avoid this, try to put their toys in a place that they can easily reach.

safety shelf for kids
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Choosing a low shelf is the next tip that you can follow to make the living room a safe room for your kids. By placing their toys on a low shelf, they can easily retrieve their toys. This will certainly make it easier for you not to always watch them while playing.

Besides that, the shelves in the living room can also be used to put several displays that can add to the beauty value of this room. For the top of the shelf, you can put some displays such as table lamps, some pictures, and so on.

Cozy Place for Playing

When children play in a room, the room will be messy. There will be toys here and there and make the room look cluttered and dirty.

So, so that children can still play and do not mess up the living room, try to create a playing place.

cozy living room for kids
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As can be seen from the picture above, the corner of the room is the chosen place to create a cozy playing space in the living room. By making a small tent in the corner of the living room, children will automatically play there.

Also add some of their favorite toys, such as dolls, toy cars, robots, and so on as a sign that it’s a place for them to play.

playing place for kids
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So that your kids feel happy and comfortable when playing in the playing space, you can provide a soft rug and some pillows in the tent.

This method can also make the tent a warm and comfortable place to play in the winter.

Electric Socket Cover

Electricity is the most dangerous thing for kids. Because their curiosity is still high, it is not uncommon for young children to insert their fingers into the electric socket. This of course will be very fatal because it involves the lives of our kids.

So, to make the living room a safe room for them, try to close the electric socket.

electric socket cover
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The electric socket cover is not an item that is difficult to find. You can get this item easily. There are many stores that sell electric socket covers.

Choose A Drawer with A Key

When young children are curious, they will search the items around them, including the drawers in the living room.

Choosing a drawer with a key is the next tip that you can follow to make the living room a safe room for them to play safely.

shelf with a key
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Kids often open drawers and take out the contents of the drawers, making the living room messy. Not only that, they might just pull the drawer out of place and crush themselves. This of course will make the child injured. So, choosing a shelf with a drawer with a key is the most appropriate way.


The developing child will be very active and overwhelm the parents. In fact, they often do something dangerous for themselves. Therefore, so that children can play comfortably in the living room, try to make this room a safe and comfortable room. And in this article, we have provided some Tips You Can Follow to Make The Living Room is Safe for Kids. Come on, let’s support children to continue to be creative and active by creating a safe and secure playroom.



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