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Sweet Design of Wood Motif Ceramic Floor in Your Home

1. About the home

The definition of a house is a building that functions as a place for humans to live and is made as comfortable as possible so that they are happy to occupy it. Therefore, many people renovate and build their homes to look attractive.

Many house designs publish in housing magazines. For that, you still have to look for inspiration to complete your home design to suit your wishes. Fortunately, minimalist homes prefer to design with the best design to look luxurious. As far as we know, for a minimalist house, of course, it doesn’t cost a lot because the materials used are not much and are cost-effective.

2. Design with ceramic floor

Today many people decorate their homes with attractive materials. For that, we want to share ideas on how to decorate the house floor with wood motif ceramics so that your home looks natural. However, the ceramic sizes must adjust to the size of the room to make it look more attractive and harmonious.

The difference with other ceramic designs is from the eye view. But it all depends on the economic condition of the homeowner. But. if you are happy with the natural atmosphere, you can use ceramic floors in your simple minimalist home. With this design, the house will look beautiful and charming.

With an attractive ceramic floor design, the house will also be high in price. Many people assess that the design of the house is a measure of one’s economy. Therefore, they want to make a beautiful house. In this article, we will explain attractive ceramic motifs. Hopefully, it will suit your taste.

3. Choosing ceramic floor motifs

Choosing a ceramic motif depends on the taste of the owner of the house. But we want to share ideas with you to use wooden ceramic motifs. We know, wood ceramic motifs look more natural and shady. Then, you feel like in the open. To choose wood ceramics consists of various wood fibers themselves. For that, we provide some pictures of ceramic motifs for you to consider. For safety, please not choose slippery because it can be dangerous for your child and parents. For that, choose the best motifs and safe.

Then many people design their living rooms, kitchens, and terraces with wood motif ceramics. Even they can decor their terrace walls with this ceramic. They are happy because this design gives its character to their home and doesn’t seem boring.
In addition, dirt or dust is not invisible on wood motif ceramics, and these ceramics are easy to clean. If you want to try this ceramic design, please try it, and Happy decorating your home.

4. Some pictures of ceramic motifs

In this article, we provide some pictures to make your home interior to look attractive and fun. Then, to make the interior of your home the way you want it, you have to prepare some home interior design drawings such as tiled floors as a reference before starting to build. Therefore, we would like to provide some interior design drawings to consider. Of course, the designs we provide can make your home your family’s favorite model, so you don’t have to design it in vain. Therefore, we explain one by one as in the article below. Let’s see the picture right away!

Dark wooden ceramic floor

Installing a wooden motif on the floor of a house, of course, makes you have to maintain the air in the room. You must know the nature of wood that is easily rotted and eaten by termites. Not to mention you have to do furnishing to keep it looking beautiful and shiny. If you want to create a warm and natural atmosphere typical of wood material but don’t want to bother caring for it, you can use wood motif ceramics.

The floor surface covered with wood model ceramics will also create a natural atmosphere in the house because it can create an atmosphere that is the same as a wooden floor. Then you can freely run around on it because the durability of ceramics is stronger than wooden floors.

Bright original wooden ceramic floor

Marblewood  ceramic floor 

The interior of the house is always made attractive. To make the appearance of the home look luxurious. Then, to make it, every way is done by the peoples. One of the suggestions is to choose a marble-patterned wooden tile floor. With motifs like this, the living room will look luxurious and memorable. If you are interested, you can choose various motifs of wood ceramics sold in ceramic shops. But to install it, you have to adjust to the design of the room and its size. If not, then the result is not satisfactory.

Elongate dark wood floor ceramic

Dark wood ceramics with the Long model are suitably in the living room. This ceramic has an elegant appearance, and the installation method follows the width of the living room like this picture. Dark colors on wood tiles look harmonious with a bright room. Then, to add to the beautiful appearance of the room, you can combine this ceramic with a bright color sofa set and a bright-colored fur motif carpet. With a design like this, the living room will look luxurious.

Large dark wood floor ceramic

This large dark ceramic wood is perfect for a large living room. Dark colors give the impression of dashing and luxury. Then, the large model is suitable for a large living room.
The appearance of the living room will be more cheerful with the presence of a bright color sofa set and sofa cushions, wooden tables, and bright-colored carpets. In this way, the living room looks elegant and charming and makes you confident to accept your guests.

Whitewood  ceramic floor 

This white wood tile is very suitable to be installed in a bright room. This ceramic nuance displays a natural impression, so you feel like you are in an open space. Especially if you include other elements, for example, you put a wooden coffee table, put plants in pots, or have clay decorations.

Rough wood ceramic floor

You can install rough wood motif floor tiles on the bedroom floor. This ceramic provides warmth and is not slippery. Ceramic designs like this make your bedroom look more beautiful and artistic. Then, If you want to make your room look beautiful, you can present a wooden bed and sofa design with an original motif.

Beautiful wooden ceramic floor

The appearance of this one tile floor looks luxurious. The color is beautiful, shiny, and the motif is two colors. This wood motif ceramic is very suitable to be installed in the living room, especially in mountainous areas. This ceramic color gives a warm and pleasant feel. But to install it, you have to adjust it to the area of ​​​​the room in your home to make it look very attractive.

5. Conclusion

If you want to beautify the interior of your home, we present the best designs. Then, To make a beautiful home, you must choose an attractive design so that the interior appearance of your home is more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we explain some pictures of wood tile floors. Then to make the house look beautiful, of course, you have to spend money to make it. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the drawings we have outlined and then give it to the home designer. Hopefully, you can come up with something like this image. Hopefully, this article can help you make your home interior more beautiful and luxurious.



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