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Realize Your Dream For Traditional Living Room Design In Your Country

1. About traditional living room

The living room is more important for homeowners because the living room is one of the rooms that guests can see and feel the atmosphere.  Many people try to make a living room different from the others. Then, make guests happy and amazed, especially since this room is a homeowner’s reflection.

A minimalist living room can be one of your favorite living room decoration options, and other choices are classic or Scandinavian. However, the traditional le living room leans towards the culture of Java and still inspires many people to use this design in their homes. The reason is, the decoration of a traditional Javanese living room is beautiful, classic, and unique design so that it is different from other living room designs.

2. How to Desain

To make a design for a traditional living room is not the same as a minimalist or Scandinavian design. Of course, the living room designs have inspired ancient living room models. This design emphasizes a classic model so that homeowners will feel like living in the last time. The advantages of classic living room designs are simple and do not use many luxurious materials, and can save costs. But the drawback of this design is outdated.

The living room design in this picture can provide an atmosphere of life in antiquity. If this design can be lived, of course, you will feel comfortable in it. You can reminisce about the lives of past people. It is not easy to maintain this design because this is only in love by people who like ancient civilizations and like history. They say the interior design of this living room looks beautiful and ancients.

3. Material

One of the main ingredients in making a house is material. The material itself consists of basic materials and additional materials. Then, to make a traditional house design, you don’t need a lot of luxurious materials such as marble, ceramics motifs, and beautiful glass.
Traditional design houses prioritize wood and natural bricks and cement. It is not the same with the minimalist and Scandinavian house designs, which use the best materials.

So if you are a lover of traditional design, it would be nice to use materials that can support the shape of the house look traditional. However, many traditional homes have been developed into modern designs without leaving the original design. For that, you can see some of the pictures that we provide and hopefully can add to your inspiration.

4. Furniture.

Furniture is one of the complements of the house that can decorate the interior of your home to look beautiful and charming. For that, we will discuss furniture in traditional homes.

The furniture in a traditional house is not the same a furniture in minimalist and Scandinavian homes. Furniture in traditional homes prioritizes ancient or classic designs and uses more intact wood or wood combined with rattan covered with foam.
Furniture in traditional houses is always identified with teak wood which looks old-fashioned. However, the model is not inferior to the minimalist model.

Therefore, we give some examples of furniture in the traditional living room. Hopefully, you can consider using a model like this. We hope that the picture we provide can make the interior of your living room look beautiful and artistic. For that, let’s discuss it one by one the images below. Hopefully useful for you. Happy decorating.

Traditional living room with open design

This living room Comes with an open design, and this traditional Javanese living room makes the atmosphere more fresh and cheerful. The advantage is decorating the living room with this model creates free air circulation and is very good for health, coupled with green plant decorations placed around it. One of the features that can be added in the living room is tiles with motifs, so people know it by the name of the original tiles. This tile can give a traditional Javanese feel, of course, similar to a Javanese noble house.

Traditional living room with lounge chairs

Another inspiration for the traditional Javanese living room is the combination of brown and orange colors. This color is a characteristic of the color of Javanese furniture. With the presence of four chairs, making the right proportions of the room, perfect for a place to relax with your family and friends. Then, you can also place a chair to relax in this living room because there are many options for arranging chairs or sofas in this room. In this picture of a living room with traditional Javanese nuances, there is a small table, and you can adjust it to the size of the room.

Traditional living room with natural color 

This traditional living room looks more classic. The typical old-fashioned living room window adds to the unique atmosphere of the living room. Then the arrangement of the furniture is adjusted to the model of the room so that it is in tune with the model of the living room.

The appearance of a long black sofa, black table, flower pots, and Songket decorations on the walls give it a distinct feel. This design makes the living room look attractive and unique. Beautiful arrangement and unique furniture model. Well, enjoy, hopefully, it’s suitable for you.

Traditional living room with exposed brick

This traditional living room looks more natural. The walls of the living room design use exposed brick. This design makes the atmosphere of the living room to be warm and ancient. Then the layout of the furniture is so neat and follows the model of the room that it looks very old-fashioned.

The appearance of lounge chairs, wooden chairs, wooden tables, ancient wooden shelves models, paintings, and flower pots gives it a distinct feel. So this design makes the room look more attractive. For that, you can try one of your rooms. Then, make you are happy and comfortable in it.

Traditional living room with some accessories

For the appearance of a traditional living room, this one looks very attractive. This traditional living room is complete with several accessories and a wooden sofa complete with a table. However, the wooden sofa model has been covered with dark foam and bright sofa cushions.

Then, the window design that still looks ancient with exposed brick walls makes the interior of this room more attractive. The presence of mirrors on the walls, teak shelves, and paintings make this traditional living room look more modern. For those of you who love art and still have a house like it, of course, you can design your living room like this.

Traditional living room from center of java

The appearance of this traditional living room is from Central Java and Jogjakarta. This traditional living room is complete with several accessories and furniture. You can see chairs made of black teak, black teak tables, and teak accessory cabinets. The appearance of teak furniture in this living room is truly a hallmark of the city of Central Java or Jogjakarta.

Then, you can see several beautiful accessories which are cultural arts from Central Java. Such statues of men and women dressed in Javanese clothes, Javanese beads, teak mirrors, and ancient paintings. This design makes the appearance of this living room look ancient and artistic. However, the existing model in this room is not inferior to the modern design. If you love art and have a traditional design house, of course, you have to look for new inspiration. So it doesn’t look too old-fashioned.

Beautiful traditional living room

You can see the appearance of the living room looks beautiful and neat. This traditional living room includes several windows, accessories, and furniture. You can see this living room consists of several wooden windows, rattan chairs upholstered in bright foam, a wooden table, and a teak accessory cabinet. The appearance in this living room adds to the cheerful atmosphere.

Especially with the presence of some beautiful accessories such as decorative lights, beads, and wall paintings. This accessory makes the appearance of the living room look attractive and memorable. However, the existing model in this room is not inferior to the modern sofa design. For those of you who love the art of traditional home design, you can consider making it.

5. Conclusion

The traditional living room design is one of the most suitable designs to be applied to homes in the area. Then, a simple and attractive appearance can make the living room look more pleasant, and it can make a traditional living room a comfortable and quiet room. The open natural lighting and neutral colors can take comfort to a standard-sized living room. In this way, the traditional living room looks more beautiful, comfortable, and attractive.We hope this design can be an example for those of you who love art and own a house in the area.



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