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Have A Korean Bedroom Like in Dramas -Currently, Korea is indeed a hit. Starting from fashion, music, makeup, drama, and so on.

When watching dramas, have you ever noticed how the female actor’s bedroom is? Like So Dal Mi’s bedroom in the drama Start-Up or Do Bong Soon’s bedroom in the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Their bedroom is simple but looks so attractive and feels comfortable.

So for those of you who want to Have A Korean Bedroom Like in Dramas, here we have provided some best tips that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Choosing A Wall Paint in Bright Neutral Colors

Many K-Pop idols dye their hair bright colors. Apart from that, the clothes they wore were also bright colors. The bright colors used can indeed bring a cheerful atmosphere when we see them. However, even though they use bright colors they still want a look that looks natural (not quirky). This is what makes the K-Pop style so charismatic.

white bedroom
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Not only on fashion, but also for the interior. Making the bedroom look naturally bright is believed to provide a calm atmosphere so that the bedroom will feel comfortable.

There are two colors that are usually chosen as the basic color of a room:

  • White

white korean bedroom
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The white color is already familiar. To create a naturally bright look, use white as an alternative.

Painting the entire bedroom walls with white will bring a calm and soothing nuance. Besides that, white is also very good for a narrow sized bedroom. By applying white as the base color for a narrow bedroom, this room will not feel cramped and stuffy.

  • Beige

beige korean bedroom
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For a softer appearance but still looks naturally bright, beige can be used as an option. Painting the walls in beige will give it such a calm feel. However, if white makes the bedroom look fresh, beige will make the bedroom look so calm and soothing.

Pastel-Colored Bedding

Time to move to bed. As the main item in this room the appearance of the bed greatly affects the appearance of the bedroom. Therefore, try to be careful in choosing the right bedding for your bed.

To have a Korean bedroom like in drama, try to choose bedding with soft colors like pastel colors.

Given that Korean people really like simple but sweet things, then use bedding without any motifs. This will make the bedroom look softer and calm.

pastel bedding for korean bedroom
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If you think using plain bedding makes your bedroom look stiff, do not worry because you can play on pillowcases. To give it a slightly more lively and interesting look, try using pillow cases with matching colors and plaid patterns.

Use Duvet Cover

There is one item that should not be left out, namely the duvet cover. Almost all Korean-style bedrooms use duvet covers. This is because the air in Korea can be said to be quite cold, especially during autumn and winter.

By using a duvet cover, the bed will feel warm. Not only that, using a duvet cover can also make the bed feel softer and more comfortable.

duvet cover
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For those of you who live in areas that are not too cold, you can also use a duvet cover as a bedroom decoration to make it look more attractive. One of the advantages of a duvet cover is that it can make you feel warm when the air is cold but it will also not make you feel hot and stifling when the air is warm.

Use Large Window for The Bedroom

If you still use lights as the main bedroom lighting, from now on you no longer use lights to illuminate the bedroom during the day. To have a bedroom like in Korean drama, you are required to take advantage of natural lighting to illuminate the bedroom during the day.

In order for the bedroom to get sufficient lighting, choose a window with a large size. The bigger the window, the more light will enter your bedroom.

korean bedroom decor
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There are many benefits that you will get from utilizing natural lighting as the main bedroom lighting, such as:

  1. Save on electricity costs
  2. Make the room look alive,
  3. The bedroom look naturally bright,
  4. Make the small bedroom look more spacious,
  5. Make the small bedroom far from cramped and stuffy,
  6. Bringing the soothing nuances into the bedroom,
  7. Good for your mood,
  8. Can make you feel relax,
  9. Good for your mental health, and so on.

There are many benefits that you will feel from using natural lighting. So, do not hesitate to use a large window.

bright korean bedroom
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If you feel that a large window size can disturb your privacy in the bedroom, you can use a curtain. This curtain can also be used as a bedroom decoration to make this room look more aesthetic.

However, during the day it would be better if you use a net curtain. By using a net curtain, light can still enter the bedroom freely and make the bedroom look naturally bright.

Choose Low-Profile Bed

In Korean-style bedrooms, avoid using high beds. A high bed is considered to be able to make a bedroom seem cramped. Therefore, try to choose a low-profile bed.

Low-profile bed can also make your sleep feel better. And for those of you who like to fall out of bed, using a low-profile bed will be much safer so you can fall asleep comfortably.

low-profile bed
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Place The Bed Next to The Window

The bed really affects the appearance and also the comfort of the bedroom. Not only the use of bedding and duvet covers. To make the bed a comfortable spot in this room, try to put the bed next to the window.

comfortable korean bedroom
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Korean people really like to enjoy their time by looking at the outside view from their bedroom. Seeing a city that is so beautiful can make us more relaxed and calmer.

By putting the bed next to the window, the sun’s rays in the morning can hit you right away. That way, you will feel fresher in the morning.

Only Use Furniture Needed

Korean people really prefer a simple appearance but still look cute and comfortable. Therefore, when looking at bedrooms in Korean dramas, we only find some furniture that is very important and is definitely in the bedroom.

korean bedroom decor ideas
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By using furniture that is only needed, you will get several benefits, such as:

  1. The bedroom will not feel cramped and stuffy,
  2. The bedroom will feel more spacious,
  3. Make the bedroom look simple,
  4. The bedroom will be more comfortable,
  5. The bedroom atmosphere feels calmer,
  6. Save budget in decorating the bedroom, and so on.
beautiful korean bedroom
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And here are important furniture that can be used to fill the bedroom:

  • Bed

As previously explained, the bed is the main item in the bedroom. Therefore, the bed is an important item that can be used to fill the bedroom.

  • Small Table

Learning and doing things in bed can indeed make us feel lazy and prefer to lie down and sleep. Therefore, try to use a desk or small table for you to study or do your assignments.

  • Small Cabinet or Cupboard

Small cabinet can be chosen to put some of your clothes. Using a small cabinet is much more practical and also at the top of the cabinet you can put some of your stuff. Small cabinet can be an option to fill a small bedroom. However, if your bedroom has a larger size and you also have a larger number of clothes, you can use cupboard.

  • Table Lamp

Usually the table lamp is an additional item. However, in a Korean-style bedroom, the table lamp is a very important item. This is why every Korean drama that is watched there must be a table lamp used in the bedroom.

Choose The Wooden Furniture

We often encounter a calm, warm, and comfortable look in the bedroom in Korean dramas. The key to a cool, warm, and comfortable appearance is the furniture that is used to fill the bedroom.

In Korean-style bedrooms, it is very avoiding to use furniture made of iron, especially if it is painted black because it can give a firm impression to the bedroom. In fact, Korean-style bedrooms tend to look soft and calm.

cozy korean bedroom decor
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So, for those of you who want to have a bedroom like in Korean drama, try to choose the wooden furniture to fill your bedroom. Presenting a little black color into the bedroom is not a problem to make the bedroom look less stiff.

Use Skylight Window

For those of you who have watched the drama Start-Up, you must be jealous of So Dal Mi’s bedroom look. So Dal Mi’s bedroom does seem ordinary, but you can feel that So Dal Mi’s bedroom in the drama Start-Up feels very cozy.

In bringing natural light into the bedroom, this bedroom uses skylight windows. Putting the bed right under the skylight window can indeed make this room feel so cozy.

skylight korean bedroom
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By placing the bed right under the skylight window, you can see the beautiful sky in the morning. Looking at the blue sky in the morning can make yourself fresher in carrying out your daily activities. And when at night, to treat fatigue, you can enjoy the stars and the night sky from the bedroom while lying comfortably on the bed.

Just imagining it is fun, right?


When watching Korean dramas, it often comes to our minds to have a bedroom like the one in the drama. The bedroom with a soft and simple look feels so calm and comfortable. And in this article, we have provided some of the best tips that you can apply to your bedroom. So, happy trying!



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