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Bedroom Decoration to Make Your Sleep Better

Simdreamhomes.com – The bedroom is a roar that has a very important function in our lives. The bedroom will determine the quality of our sleep where we can feel fresh the next day. So, it can be concluded that tomorrow’s activity is influenced by the quality of our sleep at night.

Decorating the bedroom to make it look attractive and feel comfortable is very important. This is because the role of the bedroom is very important. In addition, the bedroom is also the room that is most often used. Therefore, the comfort and appearance of this room must be considered.

And here, we have provided Bedroom Decoration to Make Your Sleep Better. So, let’s check it out!

White As A Base Color of The Room

The minimalist and simple appearance of the bedroom does seem more calm and calming. Therefore, it is not surprising that minimalist bedrooms are the target of many people.

In decorating a minimalist bedroom, it is not complicated. However, consideration is needed when decorating this bedroom.

For those of you who want a minimalist bedroom, try to make the bedroom look bright. This is so that the bedroom does not look stiff and still feels comfortable. Besides that, a bright bedroom is also more effective for making the mood better. And when at night, you will feel comfortable in this bedroom.

bright bedroom
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White is the right color to be used as a basic bedroom color. This is because white is a neutral color that can match any décor. A bedroom with white brown shades will look sweeter and calmer. The bedroom atmosphere will also be much more calming.

Added Wooden Element into The Bedroom

Paying attention to the atmosphere of the bedroom is also important if you want a comfortable bedroom at night. In order for you to sleep soundly, bring a warm and calm atmosphere into the bedroom. This is the most effective way you can apply it to your bedroom.

Adding wood elements to the bedroom is the right decoration to make this room feel comfortable. You can present wood elements in the form of:

  1. Bed frame
  2. Some furniture, such as table-side, cupboard, mirror frame, and so on.
  3. Wooden floor
parquet floor for bedroom
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Wooden floor has an important role in the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom. The existence of a wooden floor or parquet floor makes the room not only focus on one color.

By applying a wooden floor or parquet floor in the bedroom, warm nuances will envelop your bedroom. In this way, you can sleep soundly and feel fresh the next day.

Bed Decoration That Will Affect The Comfort of The Bedroom

The bed is the main item in the bedroom. then, the look of the bed will affect the appearance of the bedroom itself. In addition, as a place to rest, the bed certainly has a very important role. The comfort of this room is determined by how the bed you use or the bed decoration you choose.

beautiful bedroom decor
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There are several decorations you can do to make your bed a comfortable place:

  • Layered Bedding

bedroom decor with layered bedding
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Layered bedding might look like a bit of a hassle because it requires several layers of fabric. However, layered bedding is great for making the bed feel comfortable. The use of layered bedding can make the bed feel softer and warmer so that your sleep quality will be better.

Besides that, layered bedding is also the right decoration to make the bedroom look more attractive. The use of layered bedding with several colors that fit, such as white-brown, or combining plain fabrics with motifs to give color to the bedroom.

  • Some Pilows

beautiful bedroom decor
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Of course there are pillows on the bed. Usually for a small bed, you only need one pillow. And for a king-size bed, it takes two pillows. However, this is not a fixed rule. You can add a few pillows to the bed. Some pillows on the bed are believed to fill the emptiness of the bed so that you will sleep better.

Just like layered bedding, the use of several pillows is also the right decoration to make the bedroom look more attractive. Several pillows with beautiful colors and attractive motifs are used as decorations that you can apply to your bedroom.

Warm Lighting to Make it Feel Soothing

In order for the bedroom to feel comfortable at night, of course you have to present the right lighting for your bedroom. To make the quality of your sleep better, warm lighting is needed to illuminate the bedroom at night.

soothing bedroom lighting
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Warm lighting is also the right lighting to bring a warm, soothing nuance to the bedroom. In this way, you will feel relaxed when resting in your bedroom.

Warm lighting also makes the bedroom look so beautiful and sunken. With this, warm lighting becomes the perfect decoration. Besides making the bedroom feel comfortable, warm lighting also makes the bedroom look beautiful and attractive.

Beautiful and Cozy Bedroom with Additional Lamp As A Bedroom Decoration

Lights are really needed to illuminate the bedroom at night. However, the function of today’s lights is not only that. Currently, many lamp models are offered which make the lamp function as well as an attractive room decoration.

bedroom decoration
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Using additional lighting is a great way to decorate a bedroom to make it look pretty and feel good. Here are some lights that can be used for the bedroom:

  • Tumblr Light or String Light

string light decor
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String light or what is often called Tumblr light is an additional light that is often used to make bedrooms look more attractive and beautiful. The use of string lights can also be used to make a spot in the bedroom look dominant.

The string light is usually hung on the wall near the bed. The goal is to make the bed look dominant and make the bed the main spot in this room.

Turning on string lights at night can make the bedroom look very beautiful. In addition, the bedroom will also feel comfortable.

  • Neon Light

neon lighting bedroom decor
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Neon light is also one of the bedroom decorations that you can use to make the bedroom look more beautiful. There are various kinds of neon lights, such as in the form of words or pictures.

Neon light can also be used as a bedroom wall decoration so that the bedroom walls do not look empty.

  • Star Projector

Have you ever imagined sleeping under the stars? Just imagining it is fun. To sleep under the stars, you don’t have to go to the beach or to the mountain. Currently, there are star projectors that you can use for bedrooms. Here the bedroom will be filled with beautiful starlight. And of course, your sleep will be better.

Plants for Healthy Air

Sleep quality is also influenced by the air in your bedroom. In order for you to sleep well, make sure that the air in the bedroom is clean and good for your health.

To prevent the presence of harmful substances in the bedroom, bringing plants into the bedroom is the right decoration. Some plants can absorb harmful substances in the air such as benzene, formaldehyde, and so on.

fresh bedroom decor
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Here are plants that can make the air in the bedroom healthy:

  1. Aloe vere,
  2. The tongue-in-law plant,
  3. Rosemary,
  4. English Ivy,
  5. Bromeliad,
  6. Paris Lily, and so on.

Aromatherapy Candles to Relax Yourself

Adding a fresh and soothing fragrance is also one of the right decorations to make the bedroom a comfortable room. Fresh and soothing fragrances are also an alternative way to make yourself fresh and relaxed.

aromatherapy candles bedroom decor
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Aromatherapy candles are the right items to use. Light from candles can also provide a warm atmosphere so that the bedroom will feel comfortable. Besides, the candlelight at night will give a romantic atmosphere.

So, there are many benefits that you will get from using aromatherapy candles. Apart from making the bedroom comfortable, the bedroom will also look more attractive.


As an important room, the comfort and appearance of the bedroom must be considered. These two aspects are an indicator of the quality of your sleep. You certainly want a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, right? Therefore, you must pay attention to the bedroom decorations that you use. Make sure to choose the right decorations. Because decoration errors can make the bedroom uncomfortable. And, in this article is about the Bedroom Decoration to Make Your Sleep Better you can follow. So, happy trying!



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