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Get to Know More About Japandi Style – As the times progress, people are increasingly creative in developing interior styles and designs. One example is Japandi Style.

As we know, the spatial design of Eastern and Western cultures is very different. However, who would have thought that the combination of these two cultures would make the interior of your home look very attractive and comfortable.

Yup… Japandi style is an interior design that combines Eastern and Western cultural designs. So, are you curious about this one design? So, Let’s Get to Know More About Japandi Style!

What is Japandi?

The first step in knowing about Japandi Style is knowing what Japandi is. So, Japandi stands for Japanese-Scandinavian. Japanese is a Western cultural design and Scandinavian originates from the West.

The contrasting appearance makes us wonder whether Japanese and Scandinavian can be combined? In fact, the combination of these styles makes for the perfect blend. Unique Japanese style with natural nuances and a minimalist look. And a distinctive Scandinavian style with neutral colors and a beautiful minimalist look.

So, from this, it can be concluded that the appearance of these two designs, aka Japandi, is for a room with a minimalist design but still looks attractive and feels comfortable.

What Are the Characteristics of the Japandi Style?

In Japandi Style, the elements used tend to prioritize Japanese designs where wood elements are the most dominant element. With this, warm shades will envelop the interior of the house.

Meanwhile, in-room arrangement, Japandi style is more on Scandinavian design. Minimalist furniture that looks modern gives a more attractive appearance. The cozy appearance is an important indicator of this design.

So, have you imagined how the Japandi style looks like? A Japandi-style room will feel warm and soothing because of the predominant wooden elements. However, the appearance of this style also looks bright and soft because the colors used are more Scandinavian colors, namely earthy tones.

Comfortable and Attractive Rooms with Japandi Designs

From the above meanings, one can imagine what the Japandi-style interior will look like. Now, it’s time for us to take a look at Japandi-style rooms that look attractive and feel soothing.

1. Japandi Living Room

japandi living room
Cc: Pinterest

The dominant wood elements can be seen from the application of these elements to the floor and ceiling of the living room. So that you can feel a warm nuance when you enter this room. However, the wood used is wood with a light color because of the Scandinavian style in Japandi designs.

The tables and sofas used are also more low-profile. This shows a side of Japanese design that prioritizes a roomy impression.

For lighting, the use of natural lighting is the main element of this Japandi style.

2. Japandi Dining Room

japandi dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Next, we move to the dining room. Just like the living room, the dining room is also often used as a place to gather. Therefore, the comfort and appearance of this room must also be considered. And applying the Japandi style to the dining room is the right idea.

The wooden elements on the walls show the Japanese side of the design which is characteristic of its natural elements. The black table and chair legs feature Scandinavian design. With this, the combination of the two designs will look balanced.

The minimalist look makes the dining room look more attractive and comfortable. Some decorations with Japanese flowers make the dining room look prettier.

3. Japandi Kitchen

beautiful japandi kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen will also look more attractive and feel more comfortable with Japandi designs. Wooden elements give a soft look to the kitchen. Don’t forget the decorations that fill the void of this room. Japanese-style kitchen utensils look so beautiful on the floating wall shelf. Green plants are also the right decoration to show the Japanese side that loves nature and the Scandinavian side that seems fresh.

4. Japandi Bathroom

japandi bathroom decor ideas
Cc: Pinterest

In the bathroom pictured above, white and gray are the dominant colors. These two colors are the colors of Scandinavian design. You can feel a cold and bright look when you enter this bathroom. However, besides that, the warm side also appears in the bathroom with the wooden ceiling.

The natural lighting used in the bathroom makes the bathroom feel livelier and fresher. So even though it looks minimalist, the bathroom won’t look stiff.

A hint of black in the bathroom gives a soothing, striking look. With this, the bathroom does not look too calm and soft so that the appearance of the bathroom looks more mature.

japandi bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Timber arranged horizontally or vertically is a characteristic of the Japanese style. Usually, timber arranged horizontally or vertically is used as a room divider, but it will not make the room feel cramped.

5. Japandi Bedroom

japandi bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

Next, we move to a private room, namely the bedroom. As the main room, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. And applying Japandi Style to the bedroom is the right choice.

The use of wood elements in the bedroom will provide a warm feel that is so comfortable. In addition, the use of a low-profile bed frame also makes the bed feel more comfortable. Not only that, but the low-profile bed frame also makes the bedroom feel more spacious.

Natural light is used as a source of room lighting, making the bedroom feel more alive. The white color, which is the basic color of this room, will make the room appear wider and brighter.

The use of a large mirror which is a characteristic of the Scandinavian style helps in making the bedroom look more spacious. In this way, the bedroom will feel more comfortable and cozy.


Japandi Style is indeed a design that has emerged recently. However, the existence of this design is quite popular, especially among teenagers. A minimalist look that seems warm and comfortable makes the Japandi style one of the styles most applied to home interiors.

However, some people apply Japandi designs carelessly because of their minimal knowledge of this design. Therefore, before applying the Japandi style to the interior of the house, make sure you are familiar with what Japandi style is.



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