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Pretty Small Bathroom Decorations You Will Love – Being the smallest room in the house does not mean that the bathroom is not considered. Even though it is the smallest room, the bathroom has an important function. In fact, the bathroom is the room most often used at home. Therefore, making the bathroom look attractive is absolutely mandatory.

It may be easier to decorate a large bathroom. Because you can use a variety of decorations that you want. However, what about a small bathroom? If you use the wrong decoration, the bathroom will certainly look narrower, even uncomfortable, and unattractive.

For those of you who have a small bathroom, you don’t need to worry because here we have provided Pretty Small Bathroom Decorations You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

Floating Wall Shelf As A Place to Put Bathroom Stuff

Each room certainly has its own stuff, as well as the bathroom. And if the stuff is left unattended, the room will look messy and unsightly.

In order to make the bathroom does not get messy and looks clean, we certainly have to prepare a container for placing the bathroom stuff. The floating wall shelf becomes the right items to be used as a bathroom stuff container.

small bathroom ideas
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The floating wall shelf also becomes the right item to use for the small bathroom. It is because you do not any space in the bathroom. You just have to hang the floating wall shelf on the empty wall. In this way, there will be a free space in the bathroom so that the bathroom will look beautiful without feeling cramped or narrower.

There is some bathroom stuff that can be put on the floating wall shelf:

  • Towel

Towels have become items that must be in the bathroom. Preparing clean towels is a must because considering that the bathroom is the room that is used most often. This way, when guests stay at your house, they no longer need to ask you for towels.

Towels will be a beautiful item when placed on the floating wall shelf in the bathroom. By folding it neatly and placing it in a small basket, the towel will make your bathroom look aesthetic.

  • Bottles

In the bathroom, of course, there will be several bottles, such as bottles of shampoo, soap, and so on. So that the bottles do not scatter and make the bathroom messy, the floating wall shelf is the right place to place these bottles.

  • Plant

Giving green nuances is an alternative to make your bathroom feel fresh. Small plants used in the bathroom can be placed on the floating wall shelf. This small plant will be more visible and make the bathroom look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Fresh and Beautiful Small Bathroom with Hanging Plants Decor

Small bathrooms are easier to feel cramped and stuffy. However, this can be overcome by giving a little fresh touch to the bathroom. And plants are one of the most fitting items to use.

fresh small bathroom
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Using several plants is indeed an alternative way to make the room feel fresh and even comfortable. However, we certainly also have to provide a place to put these plants. In a small bathroom, we certainly have to be smart in arranging the items in the bathroom, as well as plants as room decorations.

Hanging plants are the most appropriate decoration to give a fresh feel to a small bathroom. By using hanging plants, you no longer need to worry about how to set up space in the bathroom to put plants. Simply by hanging plants on the hole or ceiling, the small bathroom looks fresh and beautiful.

Big Mirror without Frame

Usually, in a bathroom there will always be a sink. This is where the mirror becomes a very important item and must be in the bathroom. The mirror function in the bathroom is sure to make it easier for you when washing your face, brushing your teeth, and so on. However, in design, mirrors certainly have another function.

pretty small bathroom
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The presence of a mirror in the bathroom can make the bathroom look more attractive. In addition, by hanging the mirror on the bathroom wall, the bathroom will look more spacious.

Big mirrors without frames are the most appropriate decoration for a small bathroom. A large mirror will show the entire image of the bathroom and make a small bathroom feel more spacious. In this way, the bathroom will also be comfortable.

Small Rattan Carpet Make It Looks More Attractive

Small bathrooms are better if they are given simple decorations. Because, too many decorations in a small bathroom can make this room feel even smaller so that the bathroom becomes uncomfortable.

simple small bathroom
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Carpets are indeed an additional item where you can use them or not is not a problem. However, carpets certainly have their own function and can affect the appearance of a room.

Small bathroom decorations in the form of small rattan rugs are an interesting choice. The presence of a carpet in the bathroom can give the spacious illusion of a small bathroom area. In addition, the rattan material used can give a warm, calm feel to the bathroom. In this way, a small bathroom not only looks attractive but also feels good.

Adding The Small Table

Simple appearance is indeed more attractive and is the right choice for a small bathroom. However, too little decoration is also a threat to the appearance of the small bathroom itself. Lack of decoration will actually make the small bathroom look stiff and unattractive.

beautiful simple small bathroom
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The simple decoration that can be chosen in order to make the small bathroom look simple but pretty is to adding the small table. The existence of a small wooden table in the white small bathroom will look sweet and soft. The wood elements used to provide a warm and soothing atmosphere.

There are some stuff dan can be put on this small table:

  • Bottles

Putting the bottles in the bathtub will make it easier for you to shower. This way, you can put the table near the bathtub and then place the shampoo and soap bottles on it.

  • Small Plant

Giving a fresh impression is an interesting way to make a small bathroom feel comfortable and look more attractive. With this, small plants can be placed on this small table so that they can be seen in the room.

  • Towels

After finishing the shower, we will need a towel. If the towel is far away, we automatically have to take the towel with a wet condition. This is certainly can make the bathroom dirty. With this, placing a towel on a small table next to the bathtub is a good choice.

  • Phones

Who likes to soak themselves while playing with their cellphones? When you are busy cleaning yourself, you will certainly need the right place to put your cellphone. This small table is the right place for you to put your cellphone so that it doesn’t get exposed to water.

  • Aromatherapy Candles

For those of you who like to soak while enjoying a calm atmosphere, adding aromatherapy candles is the most appropriate way. You can put aromatherapy candles on the small table beside the bathtub.


Indeed, more knowledge is needed when you want to decorate a small room. Even though the bathroom is a room that is not exposed, the appearance of the bathroom must also be considered. The bathroom should also be decorated attractively. By applying the decorations above, you will have a pretty small bathroom that you really love.



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