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The Advantages You Will Get by Using The Floating Wall Shelf As A Room Decoration – A room without decorations will certainly look stiff and unsightly. Even the room will be uncomfortable. Therefore, the decoration is very important.

There are many room decorations that can be used and one of them is the floating wall shelf. The floating wall shelf is rarely used by people. This is because some prefer to use shelves because we can put more items there.

Each item does have its own function and use. Likewise with the floating wall shelf. There are many The Advantages You Will Get by Using The Floating Wall Shelf As A Room Decoration. What are they? So, let’s check it out!

1. Various of The Shape That Will Make The Room Look Attractive

The more forms available, the easier it is for us to choose. There are many variations, of course, we can freely choose the shape we want and of course, it is interesting when installed on the walls of the house.

floating wall shelf
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Here are some forms of floating wall shelf that look very interesting:

  • Hexagon

hexagon floating wall shelf
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Hexagon floating wall shelf becomes a floating wall shelf which is usually used for rooms with simple decorations. The presence of a floating wall shelf is the right decoration to make a simple room look a little full and make it look much more attractive.

Putting some green plants in a beautiful vase is an interesting idea to make a hexagon floating wall shelf look more aesthetic.

  • W Shaped

w-shaped floating wall shelf
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Its very simple yet unique shape makes W shaped floating wall shelf loved by many people. With this W shape, items that you place on this floating wall shelf will be safe, such as books, flowers, and others.

  • V-Shaped

v shaped floating wall shelf
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This V-shaped floating wall shelf is almost similar to the W-shaped floating wall shelf. It’s just that, V-shaped has a barrier or cut off.

  • Zig Zag

zig zag shaped floating wall shelf
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Have an empty corner of the room? The corner of the room can also be used as an interesting spot. Zig zag floating wall shelf becomes an attractive floating wall shelf to be placed in the corner of the room. Putting some displays here makes the corner of the room look aesthetically pleasing.

  • U Shaped

u shaped floating wall shelf
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The U-shaped floating wall shelf is the simplest shape but looks cute. Usually applied to rooms with simple decorations. The U-shaped floating wall shelf is usually used to store several books. With the U-shaped floating wall shelf, books will not fall off.

2. Make The Simple Room Look Attractive

Rooms with simple interiors are indeed booming and are the choice of many people. When you have chosen a simple interior room, you automatically have to refrain from using various kinds of decorations for the room.

Decoration is indeed the key to creating the appearance of the room we want. And for a simple room, it certainly doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t add any decorations to the room. We can still use decorations but of course the decorations must look simple and beautiful.

simple room decor with floating wall shelf
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And for a room with a simple appearance, the floating wall shelf is a very helpful item. The use of floating wall shelves can make a room look beautiful, attractive, and of course still look simple.

To give a warm feel to a simple room, a floating wall shelf made of wood without any paint is the most appropriate choice. Adding some simple and attractive displays on top makes this floating wall shelf look very aesthetic.

3. As A Place to Put Paintings and Photos If You Are Too Lazy To Hang Them One by One

Displaying art is not a bad thing. In fact, displaying art results in the form of paintings and photos is the most attractive decoration. In this way, the room will be an artsy look.

The more photographs and paintings used, the better. Your room will look artsy and attractive. However, what is often the problem is feeling lazy to hang the paintings and photos one by one.

beautiful simple room decor
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With this, the floating wall shelf is the most appropriate item to use. Just use one to three floating wall shelves (as needed) and hang them on the blank wall you want to decorate.

After that, you only need to put paintings and photos neatly so that the room looks clean and attractive. And don’t forget to clean it regularly so that the room is protected from dust that can make the room uncomfortable.

4. Make The Small Room Feel More Spacious

Minimalist house is currently a residence that is in demand by many people. In a minimalist home, of course, the rooms are also minimalist or small. And the one downside to small spaces is that it can easily feel cramped and stuffy. If you have this, the room will be unsightly and uncomfortable. However, with the right decoration, the atmosphere of a minimalist room will actually feel warm and comfortable.

small room decor tips
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In order to make the small room become comfortable, one of the ways is to make the room feel more spacious. A floating wall shelf is the most appropriate item to use in a small room. Why? This is because we only need the wall as media.

The room will feel cramped if there are too many items. And by using the wall, the free space in the room will still be there. With this, the narrow room will feel wider and also look attractive.

5. The Room Will Be Neat and Tidy

There will be a lot of stuff in the room and if you leave it like that it will look messy and dirty. Not only that, but even the room will also feel cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the tidiness of a room.

tidy room with floating wall shelf
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As in the kitchen, there are lots of bottles and jars in the kitchen. And if this stuff just put on the table, the table will be full and look so messy. The kitchen will also feel very cramped. This way, you will feel uncomfortable while cooking.

By using the floating wall shelf in the kitchen, you can neatly put these bottles and jars on the floating wall shelf. For bottles and jars that have the same shape, try to name the bottle or jar to make it easier for you to pick it up.

Bottles and jars that have beautiful and unique shapes can also be kitchen displays that can make the kitchen look more attractive and prettier.


Every object that is made certainly has its own function, as well as the floating wall shelf. Using a floating wall shelf into a room is certainly not a free thing. By using a floating wall shelf there are many benefits that you will get. And above this is The Advantages You Will Get by Using The Floating Wall Shelf As A Room Decoration. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s use the floating wall shelf as a room decoration. And do not forget to choose the right shape of the floating wall shelf to make the room look attractive and aesthetic.



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