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A Comfortable living Room Design to Enjoy With Your Family and Your Guest

Sweet dreams come true is everyone’s dream. Having a minimalist house, of course, you want your minimalist living room to look beautiful and pleasant. Then you will love to spend your time in the living room while enjoying the entertainment available.

In this article, we will propose a beautiful living room and offer the best design that you want, then give you the best atmosphere for you discusses with your guest and your family that is pleasant.

For decorating your living room, we also recommend the layout of the furniture and selection of the best furniture so that your living room looks luxurious and beautiful than you will feel at home in your living room.

Mountain house a living room

We can help you choose the type of living room design according to the location of your home. Of course, having a minimalist mountain house,  you need a special design and make your living room look beautiful, then you feel at home, relaxed to discuss with your family and your guests.

The combination of a wooden ceiling with a lower floor looks very beautiful in a mountain house. The glass windows make you and your guests directly see the mountain view from inside in the living room, of course, make your meeting not boring and fun with your guest or your family.

Having a home design like in the picture below, you should not forget about the proper layout of the furniture in the living room, so it makes your living room look beautiful and pleasant.

In the living room below, you can see guest chairs set with the tables are concepts so well that the flowers on the table make this living room even more beautiful, and feel it in this room than you can see the mountain view from inside of this living room.

A beautiful and comfortable living room makes your meeting with your business guests and your family a success. For that, we explain how to make a living room for a minimalist mountain house like the picture below.

Beautiful small living room

Many people will be happy if the living room of their house looks attractive and beautiful. Therefore, we will be explained how to arrangement of this small living room of this minimalist house.

In the picture below, you can see the small living room in a minimalist house, and you can see the beautiful small living rooms of this house are decorated with flowers so you look this house is like a garden. The combination of the accessories and wall of this living room and the window is very harmonious. Then the colorful flower on the table looks beautiful in this small living room.

The living room of this house has been designed without a big window, so it creates the living room in this house look too small. The layout of this small living room, complete with a dining table and chairs, a yellow sofa with a bright-colored guest table, a long table with drawers, a flower holder in the corner of the room, wooden accessories on the walls make this small living room look not too small and beautiful.

We hope, you will be happy and feel at home and you will be interested in starting to make your living room like this.

Japanese living room style

A beautiful Japanese living room is everyone’s dream, therefore a living room has to be designed right before you make that.

In the picture below, we will explain how to design a Japanese living room. Especially, how to make the living room looks like a versatile and attractive room. The luxury and lifestyle of a person can be seen from the interior of the house they have.

To decorate the large interior of the house and luxurious living room, of course, we will spend a lot of the money. If the layout of the furniture and accessories does not match with the living room in this home, so the living room does not look beautiful.

In the picture below, you can see the Japanese living room style. We will be explained the layout of the Japanese big living room. For example, you can see the decoration of the living room. That’s why the house window has been designed with glass and wood and looks in harmony with the walls of the house. Those ways, you can see in front of this house looks beautiful.

The roof of this living room is used with glass and wood so that sunlight enters the living room and makes the room bright during the day and makes the room healthy and saving electricity consumption during the day.

Japanese lifestyle is different from the other people. Japanese culture, they are seat on the floor when they receive guests, That’s why guest chairs and guest tables in Japan have been created on the floor make this room and make this room unique.

To make the living room more lively and attractive, in this living room below,  you can see a small pond, a flower, and other accessories are placed in the corner of this room, to make this room look more beautiful.

If you want to make a living room like this level room below, you must have a big house and a large living room so you can feel at home and comfortable with your guests and your family.

Beautifull minimalist living room

A beautiful living room can make every people feel at home and can make their lifestyle redundant. Therefore you have to work hard to complete your living room look more attractive and beautiful. Of course, it makes your living room more beautiful than you feel at home.

The limited living room space you have, of course, makes you want to create a beautiful living room according to your wishes. To make your living room to your liking, then you must pay attention to the layout of the furniture and accessories in your living room properly so that your living room looks beautiful and pleasant.

In this picture below, you can see layouts like a sofa set with bright colors, guest tables, decorative lights are designed so well, of course, make this room even more alive.

The living room walls of brightly colored bricks beautifully created, the painting put on the wall, and accessory cabinets in the corner of the room make this living room looks perfect and beautiful.

The advantage of this, the entry of sunlight and air ventilation from the glass window makes your living room bright and healthy and can save electricity during the day.

The most important thing is the layout of your room, making all your living room decorations look beautiful and fun, so you feel happy with your family and confident when discussing with your guests.

Garden living room

Many people will be happy if their house looks beautiful. Therefore, we will be explained how to arrangement of this garden living room below. In the picture below, you can see a living room in front of the house. Moreover, the garden living room looks more beautiful than the other living room so you can enjoy discussion with your family and your guests.

Most importantly, how to make the interior and layout of the furniture so that it looks alive. The lighting for a garden living room can make your garden living room look bright. Decoration starting from the color of the living room walls, wooden floors, the shape of the sofa and table, the flower, the lights that illuminate the entire garden living room and hope make you are happy and feel at home. If you are ready to follow the living room below, of course, your garden living room will look beautiful and fun.

The living room garden which given a beautiful wooden fence, making you more comfortable with your family or your guests in this garden living room. You will not be disturbed by outsiders around your home, and you will be more comfortable because you seem to be in a park.

Wooden Living room 

To make a beautiful living room decoration, what exactly do you need? Of course, you need something else.

We think you want to have a unique living room to your liking. The refreshment of the living room, some beautiful accessories, and beautiful wooden walls are your inspiration to relax and enjoy your entertainment.

In this living room below, you can see the beautiful wooden living room decoration, glass windows, and glass doors installed in harmony with the wooden walls so it makes this room look luxurious.

Good decoration of glass windows and glass doors allows the sunlight to enter this living room, and it can make the living room bright and make you healthy in this room and save electricity during the day. Placement of furniture set such as sofas and tables on the carpet, beautiful decorative lights, make this wooden living room look beautiful and comfortable, and give you feel at home for you and your family and your guests.

The layout of the fireplace in the wooden living room, paintings mounted on wooden walls, room accessories placed in their place, make the appearance of this living room very suitable for mountainous areas,  so it makes you happy to gather with your family and talk with your guests.

If you want your living room to look beautiful and attractive, you can design it like this wooden living room.


In the article above, we have explained the types of living rooms. Hopefully, the living rooms described one by one in this article can be one of your choices.

Hopefully, this article can be a guide for you, how to crated a beautiful and elegant living room so that it makes you feel at home with your family and your guest. Now you can get started as soon as possible.



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