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7 Great Tips in Making The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious and Cozy – Currently, minimalist homes are the most popular housing for people. Many benefits that will be obtained are an advantage of a minimalist home. However, besides these advantages, there are several things that become obstacles to this one occupancy. The rooms in a minimalist house tend to be smaller and narrower. The slightest in wrong decoration can make these rooms feel uncomfortable.

As the main room, of course, the bedroom is the first room to consider comfort and appearance. To create a cozy bedroom, of course, the bedroom must be made to look and feel more spacious.

Here, we have provided 7 Great Tips in Making The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious and Cozy. So, let’s check it out!

1. Make White As A Base Color of The Bedroom

Color selection is the main factor affecting the appearance of a room. Therefore, choose the right color before you decorate your bedroom. Mistakes in choosing colors in a small bedroom will make the bedroom feel smaller and cramped.

white small bedroom
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To give the illusion of space to a small bedroom, white is an alternative color that can be used. By making white as the basic color of the room, the bedroom will be far from being stuffy and cramped.

In addition, making white as the basic color of the bedroom, the bedroom will feel fresh and this is that will make the small bedroom will be a cozy room.

2. Presenting Natural Lighting into The Bedroom

Lighting is really needed by the room, including the bedroom. Choosing the right lighting is also an important factor that can affect the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom.

There are two lights that can be used in the bedroom:

  1. Natural lighting, and
  2. Artificial lighting.

Both of these lightings must be present in a small bedroom.

bright bedroom by presenting natural lighting
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Artificial lighting or lights are indeed a must in the bedroom to illuminate the bedroom at night. However, besides that natural lighting is really needed in a small bedroom. Why? It is because a small bedroom will easily feel cramped and stuffy. By bringing natural lighting into small bedrooms, bedrooms are far from being cramped and stuffy.

Natural lighting that enters the bedroom will reflect on the white surface in the bedroom and make the bedroom look brighter. In addition, the bedroom will also feel fresher and more spacious.

3. Use Floating Wall Shelves

In a small bedroom, automatically there is rarely empty space that can be used as a place to put things. Therefore, in a small bedroom, it is better to use the wall as a media for decoration and storing your belongings.

By using floating wall shelves, you no longer need to use a small cupboard where this will only make the room feel cramped and also make the space for movement less and less. By utilizing floating wall shelves, you can put your belongings such as books, bags, shoes, and others here.

floating wall shelves for small bedroom
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Some items that have an attractive appearance will also give a small bedroom aesthetic value when placed on floating wall shelves.

So, floating wall shelves can not only be used as a place to put your things so they don’t scatter but can also be a place to put some bedroom decorations in making a small bedroom look more attractive.

4. Utilize the side of The Window for Decoration

In decorating a small bedroom, we are required to be smart in utilizing the existing space in the bedroom. This is so that there is more free space in the small bedroom so that there will be plenty of room for movement which will make this room feel more comfortable and more spacious.

decor the empty space at the window
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Sometimes there is empty space on the side of the window and this is an opportunity to decorate the side of the window so that the small bedroom looks attractive. You can also put some of your things like books so they don’t scatter in the small bedroom.

Adding small plants in the form of flowers is the most interesting idea to give a fresh and beautiful look to the bedroom. By placing a small plant by the window, the plant will be exposed to sunlight which is very good for the growth of the plant itself.

5. Add Small Pendant Lamp

In a small room, it is advisable to minimize bedroom decorations. The goal, of course, is to provide more free space so that the small bedroom feels more spacious and comfortable.

Here, you can take advantage of important items in the bedroom as a bedroom decoration to make it look attractive. Lights are one of the items that you can use. Today there are many types of lamps that you can find and use. However, to make a small bedroom look attractive, pendant lamps are lamps that must be used.

simple pendant lamp for small bedroom
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The use of pendant lamps with simple shapes will make the bedroom look very sweet. The use of more than one pendant lamp can also be a way to make a small bedroom look bright at night.

6. Hang The Curtain Pole Closer to The Ceiling

There are windows, of course, there are curtains. Curtains are indeed the most appropriate item to use to maintain your privacy at night.

The use of curtains is not only to maintain your privacy but also to make a small bedroom feel more spacious. The method is quite simple. You only need to hang the curtain pole closer to the ceiling. In this way, the curtain will give the illusion that the bedroom walls look high.

small bedroom tips
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7. Place The Carpet on The Bedroom Floor

The carpet becomes an additional item where you can use it or not it won’t be a big problem. However, an item created/used certainly has certain benefits and functions.

Carpets are indeed a sweetener item to make a room look attractive, especially rooms with simple decorations. Not only that, but the function of the carpet is also very important for a small room.

beautiful small bedroom tips
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By placing the carpet on the bedroom floor, the carpet will give the illusion of a small bedroom area. In addition, the use of carpets can also make the bedroom look more attractive. The presence of a carpet in the bedroom can also bring a warm atmosphere so that a small bedroom not only feels more spacious but also comfortable.



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