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The Appearance of the Scandinavian Terrace Design that Makes You Amazed

About the terrace vintage

The terrace is the front of the house where you relax with family and friends. Besides, you can also welcome your guests to your terrace garden while chatting. If you have a standard type of terrace, of course, you can design it with the best design. Currently, Scandinavian terrace designs are being liked by many people because this design displays bright, bright, and sweet characteristics. But don’t worry, because you can find inspiration for a beautiful terrace in this article.

We know that most people think that the terrace is only for decoration of the front garden of the house. But really, it can also be made into an open living room to welcome guests and for a place to relax. If you know, the atmosphere on the terrace is more enjoyable than inside the house because we can enjoy the outside air and the surrounding view, and with an open space, you get a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, make your terrace as beautiful and comfortable as possible so that you can truly enjoy life with your family. In this article, we will give some pictures of beautiful Scandinavian design terraces in front of your house that you can use to welcome guests and gather with family.

2. Scandinavian terrace design

Not everyone knows what Scandinavian design is. For that, we share ideas. Scandinavian designs first came from countries in Northern Europe, namely, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Denmark, and Norway. The Scandinavian style is a design style has inspired by nature and the climate in that part of the country.

The first start of Scandinavian design from exhibitions in America and Canada around the 1950s and promoted by the Scandinavians. Initially, this design was only popular and applied to various home furniture, interior designs, and textiles. Then, this design expanded to civil engineering, architecture, and automotive. In this article, we discuss these designs for your terrace and make it look sweeter and attract the attention of many people. Hopefully, this design makes you are more cheerful with your guest and family.

If you are a person who always has guests, you can design an open space in front of your house with a Scandinavian design. With this design, you have a place to relax with family and chat with business friends. Don’t forget you have to adjust it to the type of your house to make it look harmonious and attractive. We hope if you are interested and you make it.

3. Choose the right furniture and Accessories

The hallmark of Scandinavian design is a natural and warm impression. This impression can realize with wooden walls, furniture, ceilings, or floors. Of course, it can see from the exterior design of the Scandinavian concept, and for that, Please, choose wooden furniture with unobtrusive colors to make the Scandinavian impression more visible. Light brown and white colors are usually the choice to present this design.

Not only on wood! But, the colors must also be adjusted to the Scandinavian-style house and always presents bright nuances with maximum natural lighting. By combining beautiful furniture models, colors, and accessories, your terrace will make people happy and amazed.

4. Some of the terrace pictures

We know that you are very curious about the Scandinavian terrace design is. In this article, we will provide some examples of attractive images. You can consider this design and make it at your home. We hope that one of the images in this image is according to your taste. But to make it, you can consult a home decor company or provide an example of the image you want of a builder. For that, let’s discuss one by one image in this article. Happy decorating.

Comfortable Scandinavian terrace

The appearance of this Scandinavian terrace design will amaze you. The black color of the chairs on the terrace makes you feel comfortable and calm. Moreover, this terrace chair has included sofa cushions. Of course, make it look more attractive.

Then, to add your home look more beautiful, you can add small plants to the pot and place them in the corner. Besides that, the terrace walls made of wood have given a black color, Of course, making the appearance of the terrace more pleasant. To make this, of course, you have to design it before starting work. Hopefully, you can make it and enjoy it with your family.

Garden Scandinavian terrace

Then, this Scandinavian terrace has designed with a black wall and garden background. But the most pleasing is the appearance of wooden chairs with white foam. Then, the appearance of bright white window curtains. This combination makes the terrace more beautiful and charming. Especially with the addition of small tree decorations and flower pots, of course, making the atmosphere warmer.

This design can make you more confident and relaxed to talk with your guests. If you want to make a beautiful terrace like this picture, you can make it like the sample image we provide. Lucky if you have an open space in front of the house because you can make it and get extra space to relax with friends and family.

Beautiful Scandinavian terrace with hanging light

These Scandinavian terraces look very attractively and have a high artistic value. The arrangement of wooden sofas, wooden tables, flowerpots, and fur carpets makes everyone who sees will be amazed and fascinated. This atmosphere makes everyone feel at home in this place. You will be more confident to invite your guests to talk business in this place.

Moreover, the presence of sofa pillows with black and white floral motifs, of course, add to the appearance of the terrace room, which is more comfortable.
This combination makes the appearance of the terrace even more perfect.
If you want to make a beautiful terrace like this picture, you can make it like the sample image we provide, and you can get extra space to relax and unwind.

Minimalist Scandinavian terrace

The terrace area of ​​the house has been designed with a wooden floor, wooden wall, and to be Scandinavian, showing simplicity, focusing while still maintaining an impressive and stylish appearance. Arranging the front yard of the house can be very profitable. A Scandinavian design looks a simple appearance is but more attractive. This design is suitable for the small terrace.

To decorate the front of your house, choose ornamental plants such as orchids, flowers, small trees, and put the flower on the wall. To avoid arranging flower pots that are too excessive, simply by grouping them on the corners of the garden and making them lined up in one line. In this way, a Scandinavian terrace will be perfect.

Bright Scandinavian terrace

The combination of white terrace walls and wood colors makes this terrace look more attractive and can be an option like the Scandinavian terrace design. You can see in this picture the original color wooden chairs and wooden floors, making this terrace area more natural and very suitable for a relaxing place. To be even more interesting if given a gray carpet because this color combination displays the characteristics of Scandinavian colors. Then, to make the patio chairs more attractive, you can add sofa cushions, then add a flower pot in the corner of the terrace to make it look sweeter.

Luxurious Scandinavian terrace


Having a luxurious terrace is everyone’s dream. To make a luxury terrace like this picture, you must spend a lot of money. For example, you can see this picture. This Scandinavian design terrace fence has made of iron and wood, equipped with luxury furniture such as a bright white wooden sofa complete with foam and sofa cushions with colorful motifs and a wooden table with a white iron frame. Then, To make a beautiful terrace, The terrace area has been decorated with flowerpots and small plants, a chandelier, and a roof made of wood. This appearance makes it look luxurious and artistic.

Scandinavian terrace with artificial grass

The terrace of this one house the location on the second floor. But that’s not an obstacle for you to create a terrace with a Scandinavian design. You can design this terrace beautifully. For that, you can use artificial grass on the terrace floor. So that it looks like there is greenery.
To add to the lively atmosphere, you can put a sofa set and table on this terrace and lounge chairs. Then to add a more attractive terrace area, you can decorate the terrace with flower pots and small plants in flower pots. So to make it look beautiful. We hope this design can make you and your family more cheerful and happy.


Sometimes you feel tired at home. The problem is that the atmosphere you’re in doesn’t change. To overcome this problem, you have to find another atmosphere to be more enthusiastic and still have the spirit of life. That’s why we share ideas so you can find inspiration to make yourself happy at home. Therefore, you can take advantage of your terrace by making a terrace with a Scandinavian as you want.

Scandinavian terrace designs are indeed popular among home designers. For that, in this picture, you can see the attractive front porch of the house. Of course, this nuance will make your passion come back.

In this terrace picture, you can see the roof terrace is designed with wood in bright white paint, natural stone walls, and equipped with a sofa set and table in bright colors. To add to the beauty of the terrace is decorated with trees and flowers in pots, thus making it look more attractive and pleasant. In this way, we believe that you will get a different atmosphere at home and get a beautiful view. Then, you will get a lot of inspiration.

Beautiful terrace with small garden

If you like a terrace with a garden design on the second floor of your house, you must have an open space in front of your home. That way, you don’t have to go to a garden to relax below because it will waste your time going up downstairs. For good inspiration, you can look at some sample pictures in garden magazines and go to a public park. But you should also try to get ideas from yourself so that the results are in accordance with your wishes.

In this article, you can see, this terrace floor has made of wood, the fence has made of wood and iron, so it looks more majestic. Then to Making beautiful and completeness of the terrace, is decorated with cafe chairs and tables. For your home to look more attractive, you can add accessories such as sofa cushions and cloth tablecloths.
Well, this way you don’t have to go out looking for a coffee shop. Happy decorating!

Big Scandinavian terrace

Having a big house is everyone’s dream because a big house has a big yard. You don’t have to worry about beautifying it because there are many ways you can do with a large terrace, you can create a small garden and put some furniture for your family to play freely and relax.

In this article, we want to share ideas to help make your terrace with a Scandinavian design and loved by your family. This picture shows a large terrace decorated with flowers and small trees and a swimming pool so that this place looks like a city park terrace. You can also enjoy your terrace garden and gather with your family. But, if you want to make a terrace like this picture, you must have a lot of inspiration and a lot of money, so you can make it.

5. Conclusion

If you want to get good inspiration for the Scandinavian terrace appearance, you can look at some sample pictures in garden magazines. Then, to design it to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, you have to look for inspiration to determine your terrace decoration. Therefore, you must arrange your terrace as comfortably as possible so that it can make you cheerful.

In this article, we give some pictures, to make a beautiful terrace in your home. Of course, you will have to spend a lot of money if your terrace has to be decorated by a furniture company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can choose according to the drawings we describe and give them to the patio builder. Hopefully, this article can advantage for you. Happy decorating!



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