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13 Floor Ceramic Motifs for Aesthetic and Contemporary Terrace

1. Overview of floor tiles

As an architectural element, the function and presence of ceramic terraces are closely related to the design of the house. The selection of ceramic motifs for the outdoor patio floor is more important when you choose the wall paint color. With the best ceramic, you will get an aesthetic front porch view.

Along with the development of technology, it is now easy for you to find the best color for floor tiles. Likewise, the outdoor terrace floor ceramic motifs are currently more diverse, then, the choices are very many. Therefore, you can combine bright ceramic colors with wall paint and patio furniture with the same nuance. But don’t be too busy designing floor tiles because the room will no longer be attractive. Arrange the ceramics according to the area and design of the house so that it is worth seeing.

2. Choosing the best ceramic motif

Choosing ceramics is not easy because there are many kinds of ceramic motifs. But you must select a beautiful ceramic according to your taste. Then, the ceramic motif also depends on the size, model, and color. For a large type house, of course, you will choose a big size so that it fits the eye. As for the house size type 36, of course, you will select a model that fits the area of ​​your home to make it look more attractive.

Therefore, we want you to choose ceramics with the best motifs according to your taste. So after you install it, you will feel happy and satisfied. For that, let’s discuss the ceramic motifs in the image below. Hopefully, this motif is suitable for you and follows the type of house and your taste. Welcome to our review!

White ceramic color with accents

Having a beautiful home is everyone’s dream. But to design it you need the best material. If you want to have a unique home terrace floor, then you can combine white ceramics with tile accents. As is the case, the modern terrace model looks attractive with vintage ceramic tiles.

Then, to make your home exterior look beautiful, add a home terrace decoration with a minimalist long chair, a shelf for flower pots, ornamental plants in pots, and a green floor rug. With an arrangement like this, the front porch of your house will look beautiful and charming. Hopefully, this design is suitable for those of you who want to renovate your terrace.

Elegant with natural stone color

If you are happy with the beauty of nature, then you can design the floor of your house with natural nuances. We look at the color of the best terrace floor tiles that are easy to obtain from this beautiful natural stone material. For example, the rough terrace ceramic motif in this minimalist type 36 house looks natural.

Then, to make a minimalist terrace look aesthetic, you can add wooden shelves to place flower pots, ornamental plans, and paintings. We know that ornamental plants can make toxins in the air into the clean oxygen we need. Therefore, you can arrange the right ornamental plant for your terrace. We hope this arrangement can be a guide for you. Then make your home look beautiful. Elegant with natural stone color

Combination of chocolate and broken white

If you want to design a ceramic floor for a luxury home, you have to choose a material that matches the design of your home. For that, we share ideas for you to combine the uniqueness of the wood motif floor with the broken white color. With the combination of these two colors, your terrace floor will look beautiful and luxurious. Then, this combination will give the appearance of a minimalist terrace decoration that looks elegant.

Then, to look stunning, you can add decorations to the terrace floor tiles with ornamental plants, minimalist guest chairs, and a small round table. This arrangement looks so harmonious and fun. If you want to make your minimalist home cool, you can imitate the design in the picture.

White color with floral pattern

Flowers are a symbol of beauty and romance. Therefore, if you are happy with a beautiful and romantic atmosphere, you can apply this ceramic motif on the floor of your house as well. As we can see, the minimalist front porch ceramic model with floral nuances will bring uniqueness to the overall appearance of the terrace surface. You can see a house with a ceramic terrace with this floral motif.

Then, your terrace looks more beautiful and fun, you can also apply it in your favorite residences as minimalist garden chairs, black patio chairs, wall lamps, ornamental plants in pots, and wall decorations. This arrangement gives the impression of a beautiful garden. Then, you can relax and play with your baby in this place. We hope this design can add ideas and inspiration to your front garden.

Natural ceramic color model

Many of us homeowners design terrace floors with bright colors because they are easier to choose from any color furniture. We know that an outdoor ceramic house with natural nuances will bring a comfortable atmosphere to the terrace. Therefore, you can use this bright white ceramic color in your favorite modern minimalist home.

Then, for your exterior to look more harmonious with the ceramic design, add a minimalist wooden chair, a round table, and ornamental plants in a white pot. Also, combine it with the use of natural stone ceramic and make the appearance of the terrace becomes more aesthetic. Then you can apply this design to a minimalist type 36 house. With an arrangement like this, you can feel comfortable and at home with your family while enjoying your favorite coffee. Good luck!

Luxurious marble motif

We know that one of the materials that make a house look luxurious is marble. But many people do not design it because it is expensive. Therefore, we share ideas with you to create your terrace floor with marble motif tiles. At first glance, many people think it is marble.

We know that the marble terrace floor model can make the front of the house look luxurious. The color of this terrace floor tile looks in harmony with the light gray front wall paint and natural stone decoration. Then to make it look more fun, add two garden chairs and a round table, then decorate the front porch with beautiful plants and garden lights. This design makes your house look aesthetic. We hope this design is suitable for those of you who are renovating your terrace.

Cream color ceramic design with 3D motif

Maybe you feel bored with the ceramic model in your home, and that’s all. Therefore, we introduce the latest minimalist terrace ceramics with 3D motifs. This ceramic motif can give a dynamic feel to the front area of ​​the house. So it doesn’t look boring, please combine it with a cream-colored terrace floor ceramic motif.

Then, the terrace to look more charming, combine the tiled floor with brown natural stone walls and add two patio chairs and a unique small table. Don’t forget to decorate your terrace with wall hangings, flower plants in white pots, and metal flower pot racks. Well, that’s a variety of the best floor ceramic color ideas. Hopefully, it’s useful for you!

Luxurious black color

This choice of front porch floor tiles comes in a luxurious black color and is the best option for a classic-style house. The combination with marble stone makes your front porch look more magnificent. You can choose other stone materials to add to this terrace decor.

Then, to make the front porch of this house look beautiful and more attractive, you can add ornamental plants, terrace tables, and wall decorations. However, to make it more complete, you can add patio chairs and a table to sit and relax while drinking tea with the family. In this way, your front house will look more stunning to your guests. Hopefully, this design suits your taste and becomes an additional idea and inspiration for you.

Combination of two color ceramics

Having a minimalist home doesn’t mean that we can’t design the house terrace. In the picture, You can see the concept of this minimalist house chooses the ceramic floor with two colors, namely white and light brown, and this color is a warm choice for your front porch so that it makes the appearance of the front house look beautiful and charming. Therefore, don’t be afraid to be creative. In this way, the front of the house looks more aesthetic.

Then, to make the front of your house look more pleasing to the eye, you can add natural stone designs on the terrace walls, ornamental plants, decorative lights, and pebbles. Don’t forget to arrange the color of the ceramic properly to make it look more attractive. Then, add two patio chairs and a round table for you to relax with your family while enjoying the free air and drinking coffee. We hope you are happy with this arrangement and make this design for your inspiration.

Black and white ceramic motif

Designing and arranging the exterior of the house is very influential on the appearance of your home. If you want to make it look more beautiful, you have to prepare the best design. Moreover, if you make your patio floor look different than usual, you can design a black and white ceramic color like the picture above.

Then, to look more elegant, the ceramic terrace floor is very suitable to be combined with white patio chairs complete with beautiful sofa cushions. Then, instead of a minimalist wooden table or you can put some accessories like tubular to put your drinks. Then, to not look stiff, decorate with greenery. With a design like this, your front porch will look artistic. We hope this design suits your taste and can be your idea and inspiration.

Rough terrace ceramics

As far as we know, the car garage or car wash in front of the house has been designed with rough ceramics. Then, the combination of rough terrace ceramics with synthetic grass makes the floor cool, varied, and not slippery. Then, if it is dirty, you can clean this rough ceramic with a brush.

Then, to look more beautiful and not stiff, you can add garden chairs, lawn decorations, and minimalist iron fences. With this arrangement, the mobile laundry area in front of the garage will make the exterior of your home more beautiful. If you want to make a car wash in front of your garage, this design is suitable for your inspiration.

Tropical ceramic motif

Arranging the terrace is a fun activity because it can make the exterior of your home look more beautiful. Choosing a colorful ceramic motif with a tropical concept is very suitable to be combined with other materials. Then this motif can be harmonized with the color of the chair and the front door of your house.

Then, to get satisfactory results, you can choose a terrace floor tile with a size of 50×50 because this size is considered a size that is not too large for the house terrace and is very suitable for the house terrace. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add an antique blue wooden bench, a children’s chair, ornamental plants in beautiful pots, and large ceramics to place small flowers. This arrangement makes your front porch look colorful and cheerful. We hope this design can be your inspiration.

Ceramic with Wood Motif

You can find various ceramics with various motifs at material stores. You just choose which one you like and according to the concept of your home. Well, the wood motif on this ceramic fits perfectly with the combination of the terrace walls of the house using natural stone. This design makes the front porch of the house seem natural.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can add unique wooden chairs, wooden tables, green plants, and flower pots. That way, the front porch of your house will feel warmer and make you feel more at home in front of your house. We hope this narrow terrace design can be a guide for those of you who have a terrace with limited land.

3. Conclusion

If you want to create a beautiful front porch space, we present the best ceramic motifs. To design it, of course, you have to choose a beautiful ceramic floor motif so that the appearance of your front porch is more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, elegant, and aesthetic.

This article has explained some ceramic motifs that you can design for your terrace. Then, to get it, of course, you have to spend money to buy it. We hope this article can help you to be able to organize your home. Happy decorating!



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