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Choosing A Ceramic Floor Motif that Fits Your Living Room Design

1. What is ceramic

You must know that the basic material for making ceramics is clay or silicate soil. Then it is shaped according to size and then burned at high temperature. Then the ceramic that has gone through the combustion process will be coated with a glaze on its top surface. After the motive is suitable, the ceramic surface is coated with glaze and then burnt until cooked. The purpose of the two-stage firing process (double-fired tile) is to increase the hardness and strength of the ceramic.

Sometimes for the best motifs, one must add accessories called listello to be adding to its aesthetic value. After adding accessories on the ceramic surface, the next step needs to be burned again (third flirting tile) so that the additional material can glue perfectly.
The process for making certain ceramics takes 4-5 times of burning especially, for premium ceramic types. The more ceramics that go through the combustion process, the more beautiful the results, so the price is more expensive. That’s a glimpse of the process of making ceramics.

2. About the ceramic motifs

We always see ceramics in material stores. There are many types of ceramics for sale. But each ceramic has its characteristics. For ceramic walls, the surface is smoother. As for floor tiles, the surface is rougher. Especially for bathroom floor tiles, the surface is rough than floor tiles. For that, in this article, we will share some pictures of ceramic floors that are suitable to install for your home interior.

For you not to choose the wrong one, we hope the ceramic images can help you get the best motif, according to your wishes. Do not choose the wrong ceramic motif. It can endanger your family when their slip. For the color, of course, according to your taste.

3. Advantages of using ceramics

Strong and Durable

As previously mentioned, ceramic is clay that is processed through combustion so that it becomes ceramic. Ceramic floors are much favored by simple, and luxurious homeowners because this type of floor has high durability and is resistant to hot weather. Then ceramics are also easy to adapt to all weathers and are easy to obtain.
Then the installation of ceramics must also use cement, so makes it strong and more durable. Therefore, ceramics are very suitable for the exterior and interior of buildings.

Easy Maintenance

Ceramic floors are relatively easy to maintain. Then, It takes a long time to become dull. For ceramic floor care, it’s not difficult to clean it, just by sweeping and mopping. In this way, dust does not stick to ceramics. Then avoid using abrasive chemicals because this liquid will make the color of the ceramic dull and damaged. Then, if the floor tiles look dull, you can clean them by polishing them. But remember that polishing ceramics must use the right tools and cleaning fluids for good results.

Many motives

As we know, ceramic floors have more motifs than marble and granite floors. You can see some ceramic shaped like streaks or veins with different colors. This appearance consists of sparkling mineral content. With mineral content, of course, makes the appearance of each ceramic different and varied.

Several variations make simple and luxurious homeowners happy to use ceramic floors in their homes. The advantage is that this motif can be installed differently in each room because many ceramic motifs make the house look more attractive.


As we know, the price of ceramic floors is cheaper than marble and granite, and many variates than marble and granite. That’s why many homeowners install the ceramic floors of their homes. With a low price and a small budget, they can design their home to look more beautiful. We hope you can choose ceramic motifs according to your home model. For a minimalist house, of course, the size of ceramics is not the same as a big house. Then, for the big house, please, choose large-sized ceramics to look beautiful and harmonious.

4. The appearance of the ceramic in the house

A house that uses ceramics will look better than using tiles. As we explained earlier, ceramic is a material made of clay and processed through combustion. Then it can last a long time. Ceramics are always used for homes, buildings, and offices. So it looks beautiful and neat.

In the articles and pictures, we want to share ideas about how you can arrange and design your home to make it look beautiful and charming so that it makes you more confident to accept guests and make you feel at home. Here we give some examples of attractive rooms with ceramic designs. For that, let’s discuss it one by one as below.

Beautiful ceramic floor in minimalist big living room

Ceramic is one of the most popular building materials for residential interiors. One part of the house that uses a lot of ceramics is the floor of the house. Using the ceramic floors in the home makes the house look more beautiful and comfortable.

Many ceramic motifs are sold in material stores. However, for the selection of ceramic motifs, you should adjust the size of the room in your home and the color according to your taste. . Of course, so that your home looks beautiful and charming, you must design it before buying and installing it.

Attractive ceramic floor in minimalist living room

The beauty of natural stone makes many interior or architecture lovers design their homes. Then, To make a beautiful home, they believe ceramic can make their room look more attractive and luxurious. Not only for house floors but ceramic backgrounds can also be made in the interior of the small living room to make it look comfortable and aesthetic and usually in the residential luxury small living room.

Of course, they are interested in ceramic floors as living room floors because ceramics are easy to obtain, have many motifs, and are cheaper than marble and granite. Therefore, you should choose the best ceramic motif for your home.

Elegant white ceramic floor color in minimalist living room

Having a bright, clean, and elegant living room is everyone’s dream.
You can see this room looks attractive with an elegant white ceramic color. This ceramic fits perfectly in a minimalist open living room. The arrangement of luxury sofa sets in bright colors, glass guest tables, beautiful carpets, and decorative lights make this living room seem unique and with character. Then, if you want to design a living room with bright colors, It would be nice to use a ceramic motif like this.

With a design like this, a minimalist living room can make you relax while releasing your tiredness. Then, you will be happy because this ceramic motif makes your living room more aesthetic and makes your guests happy to visit your home.

Beautiful wooden ceramic floor motif in luxurious Scandinavian living room

One of the characteristics of the Scandinavian style is the wooden color. It makes many people tend to make interior designs in their homes. With its distinctive and modern color, many people want to design their luxurious living room like this to wow guests.

Then, To make the interior of your home more attractive, one of them is using beautiful ceramic motifs. Most of them use ceramic floors because ceramics are easy to get, cheap in price, have many beautiful motifs, and make the room look more attractive.

In this picture, you can see ceramics with wood motifs installed in the Scandinavian luxurious living room. In this way, the sofa set, guest table, and accessories in this living room look beautiful and elegant. We hope you can make this Design like this.

Wooden ceramic floor motif in minimalist Scandinavian living room

The popularity of the Scandinavian style living room makes many people tend to makes designs their homes like this. In this way, many people want to update their living room with attractive materials. One of them is to make designs with beautiful ceramic motifs. Most of them use ceramic floors for their homes because ceramics are easy to get, cheap in price, have many beautiful motifs, and have been proven to make a room look more attractive and luxurious.

In this picture, you can see ceramics with wood motifs installed in the Scandinavian living room. With this design, the layout of the sofa, guest table, and accessories in this room looks comfortable and aesthetic. Of course, this design makes many people interested in making it.

Ceramic floor motif with tile floor color

The ceramic motif with the color of the tile floor is very harmonious in the open living room. This minimalist living room decoration seems unique and has character. We hope you can use the color of this ceramic floor tile. With this design, the living room has a vintage impression. With this ceramic motif, of course, it will make your living room decoration more aesthetic, and you will be more confident to welcome your guests and talk in this place.

The Terakota motif ceramic floor in the traditional living room

If you have a luxurious traditional living room like this picture, of course, you will be proud. To make your living room look beautiful and pleasant, Of course, you have to design the floor properly.

You can see the color of the Terakota ceramic display with color combinations, and large sizes make the living room look artistic. Then, you also don’t have to worry about ceramic models like this. This model will always be up to date and not outdated. Therefore, the most important thing is how to install this ceramic motif not to be wrong because it will make the floor design messy and unattractive.

Ceramic Floor with luxurious cream color 

The living room floor with cream shades looks luxurious with irregular abstract motifs. Of course, it can be your choice. This ceramic color matches the color of the sofa set, guest table, and window curtains in this room. However, in addition to the living room, cream colors also feel suitable to kitchen floor tiles.

If you choose ceramic colors for your living room design, of course, you will feel satisfied and happy. To design like this, you have to decorate your living room to make it look harmonious. Then, you have to adjust the spaciousness of ​​your living room to the size of the tiles that you will install. With a design like this picture, the ceramic display in the living room will look luxurious.

Ceramics floor with colorful hexagonal motifs

Hexagonal or hexagonal ceramics will make the interior of a modern minimalist living room look unique and beautiful. The colorful ceramic floor can give a cheerful and dynamic impression. In this way, your guests will be delighted and amazed to see it. You must know this ceramic motif is very suitable for use in a small living room. In addition to this ceramic motif, it is also suitable to use on terrace floor tiles.

If you choose a ceramic color like this, make sure to install it properly. So you are satisfied. If you wrong install it, this ceramic becomes unattractive to you and your guest. Therefore, arrange this ceramic before you install it.

Woodgrain patterned ceramic floor

You can see this picture. This living room uses wood motif tiles so looks natural and beautiful and is the right choice. Then, the wood grain motif matches the color of the black leather sofa, black decorative lamp, a ceramic wall with wood grain motif, and the room model. With this design, the room looks beautiful and luxurious. If you see, the color of this ceramic floor can give a natural and dynamic impression. Your guests will feel at home and happy to see it. Then this ceramic motif is very suitable for use in a large living room.

However, this ceramic motif is also suitable for use in luxury kitchens. If you choose a ceramic color like this, make sure the area of ​​your living room matches the size of the ceramic so that it looks more attractive and harmonious.

Ceramic floor with a unique brown color

The 40×40 cm ceramic floor motif has various colors, one of which is this unique brown color. Your minimalist living room decoration will be more charming with this color and size floor. Especially has combined with white sofa, brown sofas, glass tables, and accessories in bright colors. That way, your living room will look more attractive and unique.  For you to know, the ceramic motif with a unique brown color is very suitable for a minimalist living room. This ceramic color makes the living room seem natural because this color is similar to the color of the earth.

Marble tile floor

These marble motif tile floors are always used in luxury homes. Then, usually, this motif is large. If you have a large living room, this motif is the right choice. In this way, your living room will look luxurious and majestic. Then, you can see that this marble motif has random fibers. To install these ceramics, of course, you must be arranged before installation so that there are no mistakes, and then, to install this ceramic motif, you should give it to the home decor so that the results are according to your wishes.


If you want to make a beautiful living room, we present the best design. To make it, you should choose a beautiful ceramic floor motif so that the appearance of your home is more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and elegant.

In this article, we describe some living room designs. Then to make it, of course, you have to spend money if your house has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we describe then give it to the tile fitter. Hopefully, you can make something like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to create and organize your home. Happy decorating!



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