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4 Useful Smart Devices to Add To Your Home

Smart homes went from being a mere concept to now a reality. It is much easier than you think to turn your ordinary home into a smart home, all you need are smart devices. Whoever told you that you would need extensive home renovation, and expensive machinery and technology for your home to be smart was wrong.

Some common features of Smart devices are that firstly, they require a connection to the home Wi-Fi network, and usually feature their own mobile apps from which they are configured and controlled. That means remote and wireless access to your smart devices.

Here are 4 smart devices that would be useful for the average American household.

1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

A smart thermostat really is a smart addition to your home. Not only does it automate your thermostat, but these devices are built to save energy. So energy-saving and in the process, reducing your utility bills over time is obviously a win-win situation.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a device you would definitely want to get for your home. Known to save an average of around 10% to 12% on heating bills and about 15% on cooling bills, the device is definitely worth its price of $249. It quite literally learns your preferred temperatures and automatically adjusts itself throughout the day. The device also turns itself down while you’re away to avoid unnecessary usage when the house is empty anyway.

Get a preview of your energy usage history on the app and switch to its Eco-friendly mode anytime you want. It’s signified by a green leaf symbol on the device itself. Apart from adjusting temperatures through your smartphones from practically wherever you are, you can also set schedules for the Nest thermostat to follow.

2. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Smart plugs are the best smart technology invention to date, especially for those that keep forgetting to turn off the lights or feel too lazy to do so. The answer to the laziness and forgetfulness is the Wemo Smart Plug.

The Wemo Smart Plug connects to the home Wi-Fi network and using your smartphones, tablets and smart speakers if compatible, have complete control of whatever electronic is plugged into it. All you have to do is insert the smart plug into an outlet after which you plug in whatever device you need to.

The device also features an Away Mode, which will switch your lights on and off seeming as if there is someone present at home, while you’re away.

3. Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Smart devices are always lauded for their energy saving capability but what they are also great for is home security. With the Nest Hello, you can see and answer your door whenever someone rings the bell, from wherever you are, and straight from your smartphone. Whether you’re at the grocery store, away on vacation, or lying on your couch – the Nest Hello makes it all the more convenient.

The Nest Hello features a head to toe, wide angle camera view, for you to see whose standing outside or if the delivery guy left the package by the door as instructed. The video feed is accessible via smartphones, and it also allows for reviewing the whole video recording of the day gone by. Get alerts whenever someone rings the bell, and even when they don’t – the Nest Hello is smart enough to detect someone’s presence at your door.

4. Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

TheGoogle home smart assistant speaker, the Nest Mini is one that you should have in your home. It may seem like device that won’t have much use if you don’t have more smart devices around to sync it with, but a smart speaker is much more than just a connection for you to control your smart devices via voice command.

The Nest Mini is literally as its name suggests, a smart speaker that plays music from your Spotify playlists and from YouTube as well. Other than connecting more smart devices to it, the Nest Mini is good for setting reminders for yourself, placing calls and dictating texts when you require some hands-free help, and for conducting basic research like what the traffic situation looks like before you head out for work, or a specific recipe for a roast you plan on making for dinner.



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