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Choosing Local and Small Family Run Business

Sometimes people believe that the larger chains and stores are the best choice because they have more staff to handle any customer inquiries. The decision of using these large corporate store chains is not a bad one if you can’t find any reliable local business for your needs, but the truth is that choosing local business ventures ran by families is always going to be a better idea.

MK Furnishings offers an unmatched family owned service

One of the first things that happens when people decide to purchase a new bed is that they will look for the largest stores to find what they need. At MK Furnishings, we have made sure that our catalogue of beds is going to be large enough to compete with any large store, but we don’t expand our business to a larger scale because we believe in the value of a small family owned business.

There are many reasons why choosing a local small business is the best idea. We are going to be talking about the most relevant reasons and how they are a perfect reflection of our services.

Attention to detail

This is a very difficult thing to do for large scales business ventures that produce beds in massive numbers. With a small-scale business, the situation is completely different and every kids bunk beds is carefully checked for the slightest detail. Not only that, but the way customers are treated and the attention they get is also going to be completely different.

Professional service

Being professional with your business is not just about the brand, or the structure that is built around the business. It is also about being able to provide a service that feels personalized and that never fails to go beyond expectations.

Customer service

Very few large-scale business ventures are able to maintain the same level of customer service once they become massive. This makes perfect sense, as it is very difficult for any business to handle hundreds and even thousands of customers at once.

When it comes to small business ventures, you can expect customer service to be a very important part of their efforts. They are much more likely to take the time to look at what is happening with each customer as an individual.

When we say we have a great level of customer service, we mean it and we have something that goes beyond the average business. We are always there to answer questions and we know that customer satisfaction is going to be essential for our success at all times.


Sometimes the one thing that matters most is that the business you choose is going to be reliable. This means that they will answer any inquiries, but they will also be there to provide solutions in case the products you are buying are not as expected. In our case, we are responsible for the quality of our beds and we will inspect the bed carefully before assembly.

MK Furnishings offers all of that and more

We know that people want the best quality beds they can find and they do not want to sacrifice that quality just to pay less for a bed. With that said, people are indeed looking for the lowest possible costs when it comes to the beds they are buying.

We ensure that every bed that we sell is going to be of the highest possible quality and the lowest possible prices. This is a balance that we are constantly striving for and we find it to be essential for our services. We know this balance has been extremely important in the process of helping us grow as a business.

There is nothing more important to us than being able to get things done properly. We are going to maintain this as part of our core values and this is the reason why we are always going to be the best choice that you can find.

We will be more than happy to provide delivery and assembly services for any of the beds that we are selling. This is always going to be available because we know that many of our customers don’t want to deal with transportation issues and they don’t want to be handling any assembly issues either.

People want their assembly to be done by professionals and they do not want to rely on their own skills to ensure that the structure of the bunk bed with stairs they purchased is going to be assembled properly.



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