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10 Small Laundry Room Ideas That Make Laundry Feel Pleasant – Washing is indeed a tough activity. It is so lazy and annoying when seeing the dirty clothes have piled up and have to be laundry. This laziness may be due to the boring laundry room atmosphere.

The laundry room is average small and cramped. This is because the laundry room is not a very important room in the house. Even though it is not used every day, it is very important to make this room look attractive.

A laundry room with an attractive appearance will make you feel comfortable when in this room. In this way, washing clothes can be an activity that is no longer boring.

And in this article, we have provided 10 Small Laundry Room Ideas That Make Laundry Feel Pleasant. So, let’s check it out!

Bedroom Washer and Dryer in Bathroom with Pocket Doors

Sometimes not all houses have excess space. If so, one way to create a laundry room is in the bathroom.

Showing the laundry room in the bathroom probably can make your guests feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a bedroom washer and dryer in the bathroom with pocket doors will be a great idea you could apply to.

laundry room in closet ideas
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Bedroom washer and dryer with pocket doors can also be used as smart storage to place some bathroom stuff, like towels, soap, shampoo, and so on that will make the bathroom look messy.

In order to make the bedroom washer and dryer can be hidden properly, try to choose the same door color as the bathroom wall paint.

Adding Rod to Hang The Damp Clothes

The best way to dry clothes is to leave them in the hot sun. However, because the weather is not always hot, so we cannot dry the clothes at the time we want. Therefore, it is important to provide room for drying damp clothes.

Combining a room for drying clothes with a laundry room can be an interesting idea. This of course will also save more room in the house.

laundry room
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As in the picture above, the room owner uses a cabinet and puts the front-loading washer and dryer at the bottom. Then at the top of the front-loading washer and dryer is used to fold clothes. To save space in the laundry room, the room owner uses a stick to dry damp clothes. This method will certainly make it easier for you to wash and dry clothes.

Laundry Room with Wood Wall Hanging Table and Cabinet

Small rooms are more difficult to decorate. For the sake of creating free space, we could not use the furniture we want. And the most important thing is we have to figure out how to use items with the same function but do not make the small room cramped.

For those of you who are having difficulty decorating a small laundry room, a laundry room with a wood wall hanging table and cabinet can be the most appropriate idea to implement.

best laundry room
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Wood wall hanging tables can be used to replace cabinets, where the function of this item is to fold clothes and put some items.

And for smart storage, you can use a wall cabinet with a door. In this way, the stuff that you put in the cabinet will not look so that the laundry room will look neat. You can also hang the rod between the cabinets to hang up some of your damp clothes.

To make it look attractive and not stiff, you could also add some decorations such as a vintage ironing board, small jars, small baskets, and plants.

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Due to the lack of items used, small laundry rooms sometimes look stiff. And this is what makes you feel bored when washing clothes.

Try to give a little decoration to the walls of the room, such as ceramic wall tiles.

ceramic wall tiles
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Ceramic wall tiles can make a room look radiant so that a small room will not feel stuffy and cramped. The appearance of the room will also look much more attractive.

The laundry room is also more humid so it is no wonder the wall paint is easy to rub off and fade. Therefore, applying ceramic wall tiles to the laundry room can make it easier for you. You no longer need to paint the walls regularly.

Floating Wall Shelf For Attractive Appearance

Because a narrow room is better to avoid using shelves and cabinets. Try to use the side of the wall as a medium to put some laundry stuff.

You can fill one side of the laundry room wall with one or two floating wall shelves, which can be used as a storage area.

attractive laundry room
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  • Baskets put on the top

Organizing your items is so important to make it easier for you to get the items you need. So that the basket is an item that really needed. Use the baskets to fill the upper floating wall shelf.

To make the small laundry room does not feel narrow, you can put the baskets at the bottom or top of the room. Avoid putting the baskets in the middle because it can only make the room look full.

  • The Bottles on the middle floating wall shelf

small laundry room decor
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Avoiding difficult things is most often applied to daily activities, including washing clothes. On the middle floating wall shelf, you can put some items that you use frequently, such as bottles filled with laundry soap and fragrances. You can also use an attractive bottle so that the small laundry room looks aesthetic.

  • Decorations

small laundry room
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Do not forget to decorate the room so that this small room will look attractive. You can choose small green plants and put them on the floating wall shelf for greenery the room, or you can also place the vase filled with flowers to make it look feminine and sweet.

Laundry Room and Pet Room As Well

Doing activities in the company of our favorite pets can make us feel excited. Washing clothes can be a fun activity. So that the laundry room and pet room as well as the next interesting idea that you can apply in your house.

laundry room ideas
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It can be seen in the image below, instead of concerned with aesthetics and layout, room owners prioritize the use of space in the room.

the washer and dryer stacked vertically to create more space that can be used as a place to fold clothes. At the bottom of the table for folding clothes, made a place for the pet to rest. And right beside it is a pet shower.

Adding a carpet with a nude color adds interesting value to this room. And also, using the carpet is the right way to make the small room look more spacious.

Natural Bright Laundry Room

Small spaces are easy to feel cramped and stuffy. So, to make the small room feel comfortable, one way that can be taken is to make this small room look natural bright.

To make the small laundry room look bright naturally, presenting the natural lighting is so important. To make this room does not feel cramped and stuffy, try to make natural lighting as the main lighting for this room.

bright laundry room
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In order to make the natural lighting enters the room freely, you can apply a glass facade or large window. A large window would be more appropriate. You can open the window in the morning so that the air circulation in this room will run well. In this way, the laundry room will feel comfortable.

bright laundry room
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If you feel that a glass façade or large window will interfere with your privacy, we can take a peek from the Japanese design, namely the shoji. Where to make the room look naturally bright and also maintain privacy, the window or the door is given shoji paper.


Washing clothes is an activity that we must do. You may often experience laziness and irritation when laundry your clothes. However, by making the laundry room look attractive, the atmosphere in the laundry room will also be pleasant. And in this article, we have provided 10 Small Laundry Room Ideas That Make Laundry Feel Pleasant that can be your references.



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