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Bedroom Decor Ideas: Feel Luxury and Classy in Minimalist Bedroom – In 2020 we can see so many minimalist designed interiors. The view from the minimalist design looks more clean and spacious so the room will feel comfortable and calm.

And in 2021, minimalist design is expected to continue to be one of the most popular designs for people.

As a room for rest, people will certainly make their bedroom as comfortable as possible. And applying minimalist design in the bedroom is the right idea.

The roomy impression on the minimalist design can be used to make the bedroom look classy and luxury. And in this article, we have provided bedroom decor ideas for you who want to Feel Luxury and Classy in Minimalist Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

Soothing Natural Shades with A Dark Concept

Natural shades play an important role in the comfort of the bedroom. As a room to unwind, bringing a calm atmosphere into the bedroom is very important.

Compared to using iron material, try to use wood as the main material in the bedroom. Dark wood is the right choice for bedroom decoration.

minimalist bedroom natural shades
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As can be seen from the picture above, wood material is used at the bottom, middle, and top of the room.

Instead of using tiled floors, bedroom owners prefer to use wooden floors. The iron bed frame was also replaced with a wooden bed frame so that the natural shades look dominant. Coupled with the wall decoration in the form of timber arranged horizontally, it beautifies this minimalist room. The timber on the wall is continued up to the ceiling.

minimalist bedroom decor
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Adding natural shades with a few large plants is great decoration. The green color in plants is also great for making a bedroom relaxed and calm.

Feel Soothing in The Bright Concept

Feel luxury and classy does not always have to be in a room with a dark concept. Like this one idea, the bright concept is also able to make a minimalist bedroom appear classy. And most importantly, the bedroom also feels very comfortable.

minimalist bedroom bright concept
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  • Large Painting with Gold Frame

To avoid a stiff look at the minimalist bedroom, large paintings with gold frames can be a deterrent. The gold frame will look more classy when hung on the bedroom wall with white paint.

  • Low-profile Bed

The bed is the main item which greatly affects the appearance of this room. Try to choose a low-profile bed to create a classy minimalist look. Choose a gray color to give the bedroom a cool and mature look.

  • Tree Stump Side Table

For the side table, make sure you choose the tree stump table side to enhance the appearance of the bedroom. The look and texture of the wood are good for sweetening the look of a minimalist bedroom with a bright concept so that it does not look stiff.

  • Hanging The Curtain Closer to The Ceiling

This one is often considered trivial, even though the curtain is also very important and can affect the appearance of the bedroom itself. Try to create a spacious look by hanging the curtains closer to the ceiling. This will give the illusion of the bedroom wall to make it look taller.

Pendant Lamp Beside The Bed

Bringing light into the room is a must. There are two lights that must be presented in the room: natural lighting and artificial lighting.

To make the bedroom look bright at night, use a lamp with a larger size so that it can illuminate the bedroom as a whole. Or you can also apply recessed lighting fixtures for a classy look.

pendant lamp
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Today, there are many types of lamps that make the lamp function not only to illuminate the room but also to decorate the room. Using additional lights is the right decoration to make the minimalist bedroom look more attractive.

Pendant lamps are one type of lamp that can be used as bedroom decorations. Use a pendant lamp with a minimalist look and hang it beside the bed.

Wall Mural Makes It Look Beautiful

At minimalist bedroom design, care is needed in decoration. Not all bedroom decorations can be applied to the minimalist bedroom.

As an alternative, you can decorate a minimalist bedroom with a wall mural. Choose a wall mural that looks simple with a black base color.

wall mural
Cc: Pinterest
wall mural minimalist bedroom
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Apply a wall mural on one side of the bedroom wall. Choose a side of the wall that is exposed to direct sunlight so that it can help make the bedroom look more alive.

The black color exposed to natural light can also bring a calm atmosphere to this room. In this way, the minimalist bedroom not only looks classy and luxurious but also feels comfortable.

A Touch of Industrial Style for Attractive Appearance

The appearance of the industrial style is masculine, cold, and mature. It is very fitting if it is applied to the minimalist bedroom so that it looks classy and luxurious. Besides that, the industrial style also carries a concept that is not too dark but also not too bright.

minimalist industrial design
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One of the characteristics of industrial design is using iron as the main material. The iron pendant lamp and side table give a cool look to the minimalist bedroom.

The colors used are black and gray. The combination of these two colors makes the bedroom look masculine, mature, and cool.

In order to make the minimalist industrial bedroom does not look too stiff, some ornamental plants are the right decoration ideas to apply. Put small plants on the side tables in the bedroom.

Marble Material for Wall Decoration

This is the final decor idea in this article. A luxurious and classy look is always related to marble. It can be said that applying marble to the room is an alternative way of presenting a classy and luxurious appearance to the room.

Because the price of marble is relatively expensive, you don’t need to use large quantities of marble. As in the picture below, marble is used to decorate half of the bedroom wall. In order to become iconic in the bedroom, giving led light is the right idea.

luxury minimalist bedroom
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To give a minimalist and sweet impression to the bedroom, you can use wood material on the walls. The combination of marble and wood makes the bedroom look so attractive. The addition of warm lighting to the bedroom can bring a calm atmosphere so that the bedroom will feel comfortable.


The points above are the bedroom decor ideas for those of you who want to Bedroom Decor Ideas: Feel Luxury and Classy in Minimalist Bedroom. So, if you are interested in minimalist design, you no longer need to worry that the appearance of the bedroom will look simple and just plain. By applying the decorations above, the bedroom can look the way you want.



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