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Tips for Styling A Small Bedroom to Maximise Space

Decorating a small bedroom can present many challenges, even to the most experienced interior designers.

However, even the smallest box rooms can be transformed into a comfortable sanctuary with plenty of practical features with just a hint of clever design inspiration. Read on for our tips on smart storage solutions, furniture and decorating tips.

1. Layout is everything

When it comes to making the most of the limited space you have in a small bedroom, how you position your furniture is key.

It’s time to stray from the traditional bedroom layout and re-position your furniture in a way that opens up as much floor space as possible. Placing your bed, wardrobes, cupboards and any other furniture against one wall (preferably the far end wall) will help to create the illusion that the space is bigger than it is.

2. Utilise multifunctional furniture

Getting creative with your furniture options in a small room is a quick and easy way to transform both the functionality and look of the space. By utilising multifunctional furniture, you can reduce the amount of room that is taken up whilst still catering to your storage needs.

Opt for a dressing table that includes small drawers for storage and enough room to tuck a chair under, that can also double up as a desk. Consider switching your double bed for a sofa bed that can easily be retracted to provide more space in the daytime.

3. Get creative with storage

Being able to fit enough storage in a small bedroom can be a challenge, but it’s easily done if you think smart.

Headboards can be custom built to offer a clever storage solution holding plenty of shelves to store books, photos and anything else that typically can’t be placed on a bedside table.

Investing in floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with built-in shelves and drawers is a great way to maximise the space and keep everything tucked away in one place. If floor space is a real issue, why not try hanging a storage unit on the wall? Think of it as a raised bedside table to store your odds and ends, which can be multi-purposed with the addition of a small drop-down desk.

4. Make the most of natural light

There’s a lot to be said for the injection of natural light opening up a space and making it feel more spacious. Keep window dressings to a minimum and let the natural light come flowing in.

Roller blinds are a great option for added privacy, but steer clear of curtains to avoid closing up the space.

5. Stick to a light colour palette

White is a fail-safe option in a small bedroom, as light colour palettes instantly transform a room into a light, airy and spacious place.

If you’re looking to introduce colour, do so in a smart way. Stick to white bed linen, walls, furniture and flooring, but consider sprucing up the look by accessorising with luxury cushions and throws in different colours and textures to add a touch of glamour.

6. Trick the eye with reflective surfaces

Mirrors and mirrored furniture are must-have additions to any small space. They are the key to reflecting the light and visually doubling the size of a room by creating the optical illusion of extended space.

Consider investing in mirrored wardrobes, bedside tables (if you have the space), shiny wallpaper and mirrors to enhance and maximise your space.



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