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Some Points You Must Pay Attention To A Cozy Bedroom Like In A Hotel – It is most comfortable to relax and rest in a comfortable place after a tiring daily activity. This is why some people will choose to rent a hotel room to enjoy their time. Me time is really necessary so that we can come back fresh and happy. With me time, we can be much happier ourselves.

As a place to relax, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. You can also make your bedroom comfortable like being in a hotel. However, of course, there are some points that you should pay attention to when decorating a bedroom.

And in this article, we have provided Some Points You Must Pay Attention To A Cozy Bedroom Like In A Hotel. So, let’s check it out!

Combining The Right Colors

The main stage when decorating a bedroom is determining what design you want. There are many designs to choose from. However, besides that, determining the colors that will be applied in the bedroom is no less important. The combination of these colors will then display the design look you want as well as the comfortable atmosphere of the room.

comfortable bedroom
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Do you know why hotel bedrooms feel so comfortable and relaxing? This is because they apply the right colors. Usually, to provide a calm atmosphere, the earthy-tone is the color of choice.

There are several earthy-tone colors that can be applied to the bedroom:

  • White

white cozy bedroom
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White is the color most often applied to rooms, including bedrooms. The white color can indeed make the bedroom look bright so the bedroom will feel fresh. Besides that, white will also be suitable when combined with other colors. That way, you don’t need to worry about the bedroom looking quirky and tacky.

In addition, white is the right color to be applied in a small bedroom. By making white as the basic color of the room, the bedroom will look wider and far from being cramped and stuffy.

  • Grey

beige cozy bedroom
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The gray color really makes the bedroom look dimmer. However, it is precise because of this that the bedroom will feel so calm that the quality time in the bedroom will be very pleasant.

  • Beige

beige cozy bedroom
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Apart from white, beige is also a color that is often used in hotel bedrooms. The beige color will make the bedroom look soft and a little dim but still make the bedroom look bright. The atmosphere of the beige bedroom is very calming.

Beige is also the right color to make a bedroom look elegant or soft. This depends on how you decorate your bedroom later.

The Use of Big Window

Not only paying attention to the colors used, but the lighting in the bedroom is also very important. Bedrooms with natural lighting are believed to make a good mood. Besides that, natural lighting is also very good for our mental health. Our selves can be calm and refreshed.

bright bedroom
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Therefore, the windows used in hotel rooms are usually large. The use of this window is very good for maximizing the natural lighting that enters the bedroom. The use of one large window is enough to illuminate the entire bedroom.

There are several benefits that can be felt from maximizing natural lighting:

  1. Make the bedroom feel more comfortable
  2. Can boost your mood.
  3. Make a small bedroom look more spacious.
  4. Keeps a small room away from feeling cramped and stuffy.
  5. Make the room feel alive.

Hang The Curtain Posts Close to The Ceiling

Many people consider this a trivial matter. Though the placement of curtains can affect the atmosphere and appearance of the room itself. Some people hang their curtain posts directly above the windows. It doesn’t matter. However, if you want to make your bedroom feel comfortable like in a hotel, you also need to pay attention to the location of the curtain poles in your bedroom.

cozy hotel bedroom
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Try hanging curtain posts close to the ceiling. This method will make the bedroom walls look taller, so this method is very appropriate for small bedrooms. However, a large bedroom can also apply this method so that the bedroom still looks spacious.

Apply Two Layers of Curtains

attractive hotel bedroom ideas
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Sometimes the bedroom is well designed, but the bedroom looks lacking. It could be that you are wrong in choosing curtains for the bedroom. Being things that are often overlooked, curtains greatly affect the appearance of the bedroom.

To make a bedroom feel like a hotel, of course, the bedroom must be made attractive like a bedroom in a hotel. In a hotel bedroom, two curtains are usually used to cover the windows.

  • Net Curtain

Maximizing natural lighting is indeed one way to make a bedroom naturally bright. It feels useless if you use a large window but covered with curtains because the light will be blocked by the curtains. However, if we don’t use curtains, our privacy in the bedroom will automatically be compromised so that we will feel uncomfortable when we are there. Therefore, the net curtain is the right choice. By using the net curtain to decorate the bedroom window, the bedroom will stay bright and your privacy will be maintained.

  • Heavy Curtain

Using the net curtain is not enough because when the lights are turned on, you will be clearly visible from the outside. Therefore, a second curtain is needed, namely a thick curtain. The colors used in the curtains match the design and colors applied in the bedroom. That way, the bedroom will look harmonious and sweet. Between the window and the bedroom, there will be matches. In this way, the bedroom will look attractive.

Beautiful Lighting

There are two types of lighting used to illuminate the room:

  1. Natural lighting, and
  2. Artificial lighting.

Making the room look naturally bright is indeed the right way to make the bedroom feel cozy and look fabulous. However, natural lighting can only be used from morning to evening, so to make the bedroom look bright at night, the bedroom needs artificial lighting, that is the lamp.

pendant lamp for cozy bedroom
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Currently, the many types and types of lamps make the function of lamps not only to illuminate the room but also as an addition to room decoration so that the room can look attractive. Likewise with hotel bedrooms. There will be lights that make the hotel bedroom look so attractive and aesthetic. However, the comfort of the bedroom is still number one.

There are two types of lamps that are usually used in hotel bedrooms:

  • Pendant Lamp

pendant lamp for bedroom
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Pendant lamps are the most appropriate lamps for use in the bedroom. There are many shapes of pendant lamps so that we can choose what kind of shape can make the bedroom look attractive. Pendant lamp sizes also vary so that they can be adjusted to the size of the bedroom so that the bedroom still feels comfortable.

  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures

recessed lighting
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To make the bedroom look bright throughout, recessed lighting fixtures are the most appropriate type of lighting to use.

It is fine if you want to use recessed lighting fixtures and pendant lamps. Usually, there will be two sockets. So, you can choose whether the bedroom wants to look bright or choose one of the lamps for regular lighting.

Floor Selection

The hotel bedroom looks perfect. This is because every detail in the bedroom is well considered. Not only the walls, but the bedroom floor is also something that must be considered so that the bedroom feels perfectly comfortable.

bedroom flooring
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In a hotel bedroom there are usually two floorings that is applied:

  • Wooden Floor

bedroom wooden floor
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The flooring that is most often applied to hotels is the wooden floor. In addition to making the bedroom look minimalist, the wooden floor gives a warm feel to the bedroom so that the bedroom will feel so comfortable. Soft colors on wood will blend with any design so that the bedroom will look attractive and sweet. Not only that, but wood is also easy to clean. Because in addition to making the bedroom look beautiful, the cleanliness of the bedroom must also be considered so that the bedroom feels comfortable.

  • Carpet Floor Tiles

carpet floor bedroom
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In the hotel bedroom, there is always an air conditioner (AC) which makes the bedroom feel so cool. Therefore, to make the bedroom feel comfortable, carpet floor tiles are the most appropriate choice. Carpet floor tiles will make the bedroom feel warmer and more comfortable. The soft surface will make you comfortable when walking in the bedroom.

However, maintenance on carpet floor tiles is certainly more difficult. The carpet floor must be vacuumed frequently so that it does not become a den of dust and makes the air in the bedroom unhealthy. If spilled food or water is colored, the carpet floor must be quickly scrubbed with water and then dried so that it does not crust.

Interesting Bedroom Items

The main thing to really pay attention to is the use of items in the bedroom. Often there is a mistake in using one item so that the bedroom looks unattractive. Therefore, being careful in choosing items for the bedroom is a must.

There are several main items used in the bedroom, namely: bed, wardrobe, table-side, table and chairs. These items require special attention when choosing.

comfortable bedroom decor
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For a bed, you can use a bed with a wooden bed frame or a bedframe wrapped in cloth and foam. For color selection, use colors that match the bedroom design. And for other items, a wood based material that is left to look natural is the easiest way because the wood will match any design. Choose items with a minimalist shape so that the bedroom looks more modern.

Don’t forget to add some wall displays such as paintings or pictures framed in beige or black so they will look great when displayed on the wall. Try not to use a wall clock because when you are me, you shouldn’t think about the time. You only need to focus on yourself. That way, the bedroom will feel so comfortable and the right place to rest yourself.


Making the bedroom feel comfortable is indeed a must remember this place is a place to rest and make yourself fresh and relaxed again. To make a bedroom feel comfortable, a peek at the designs and decorations of a hotel bedroom is the right idea. The atmosphere and appearance of the hotel bedroom are no longer in doubt. Therefore, in this article we provide Some Points You Must Pay Attention To A Cozy Bedroom Like In A Hotel that you can apply to your bedroom.



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