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Elegant Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feels So Cozy and Relaxed – After a tiring activity, it would be great to soak in warm water. By soaking in warm water, your tense muscles will relax again, your sore body will feel better, and your body will be refreshed. Therefore, quality time in the bathroom is a very enjoyable activity.

To soak in warm water, a bathtub is very necessary. However, the bathtub is not the only thing to watch out for. In order for yourself to come back fresh and relaxed, the bathroom atmosphere must also support. Therefore, you have to make the bathroom look attractive and feel comfortable first.

An elegant bathroom is a right idea to be applied in the home bathroom. Having an elegant bathroom, you can feel like you are in a hotel or spa bathroom. So, here we have provided Elegant Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feels So Cozy and Relaxed that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Elegant Small White Bathroom with Marble Touch

Decorating a bigger room is easier because you can use the furniture you want. However, this does not mean that a small room cannot be made attractive and comfortable. In fact, with the right decoration, a small room will feel warmer and more comfortable.

If you have a bathroom that is not spacious enough, you can also make it look elegant so that the bathroom will look attractive. By using marble, a small bathroom will look elegant and luxurious. Indeed, the expenditure will be greater because of the fairly expensive price of marble. However, this will be comparable to the appearance of the bathroom that you will have.

white elegant bathroom
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The small white bathroom with a touch of marble will look glowing. Making a white bathroom is also the right decoration so that a small bathroom doesn’t feel cramped and stuffy. That way, the small bathroom will feel comfortable.

There are several decorations that you can give so that a small white bathroom can look more attractive and feel more comfortable:

  • Give a little wooden touch to the bathroom

elegant small white bathroom
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Every room needs to be given a little touch of sweetness so that the room doesn’t look stiff, especially the bathroom that uses marble. The bathroom using marble will feel cold and look stiff. Therefore, add a little touch of wood to the bathroom, it can be in the form of a floating wall shelf, mirror frame, and so on.

  • Provide the right lighting

recessed lighting bathroom
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To make a small white bathroom with a touch of marble look perfect, consideration is needed in choosing to light for the bathroom. The lights are used in the bathroom not only to illuminate the bathroom but also to liven up the bathroom atmosphere and also make the bathroom look more attractive.

Recessed lighting is the right lighting to use for the bathroom with marble. Recessed lighting will provide a reflection on the marble so that the bathroom will look shining and elegant.

Beautiful and Elegant Vintage Bathroom

Who does not know vintage design? Even though the appearance of vintage design looks like old times, the vintage design has a soft and sweet appearance. Therefore, until now vintage style remains a design that is in demand by many people, especially women.

Applying a vintage design to a home bathroom is the right idea. Soft colors will make the bathroom feel calm and comfortable so that your room will feel cozy and relaxed.

elegant vintage bathroom
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  • Use of pastel / soft colors

vintage bathroom decor
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Each design certainly has its own color, such as a minimalist design that is identical to monochrome, an industrial design that is identical to black, and also a vintage design that is identical to soft colors.

The colors that are often used in vintage designs are pastel colors. For the bathroom, broken white is the right color to use. The broken white color will make the bathroom look bright but slightly dim so that the atmosphere created in this room is a calm atmosphere.

  • Wooden floor

wooden floor vintage bathroom
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The floor is also a spot that must be considered in the room. Providing a calm and relaxed atmosphere, wooden floors are a great choice for bathroom floors. The wooden floor will give you a warm tone so that the bathroom will feel more comfortable. Also, wooden floors will emphasize the vintage design in the bathroom.

  • Furniture with a shabby chic look

elegant vintage bathroom decor
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One of the characteristics of the vintage style is that there are carvings on the furniture used. These carvings look like a shabby chic style. In the bathroom, you can choose a bathtub with carved legs in a shabby chic style or a beautifully carved table.

  • Adding flowers to the bathroom

beautiful vintage bathroom
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One of the characteristics of vintage design is the flower decoration in the room. It’s okay if you want to bring flowers to the bathroom. In fact, this flower will make the bathroom look more elegant and more feminine. The use of fresh flowers will also make the bathroom smell natural so that the bathroom will feel relaxed.

Not only that, but other flowers are also used as motifs for items in the room such as rugs, curtains, etc.

  • Mini small crystal chandelier

vintage bathroom
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To give an elegant look to a vintage designed bathroom, mini small crystal chandeliers are the most appropriate lighting to use. Crystal chandeliers will make the bathroom look a little more glowing and look more luxurious.

Simple and Elegant Bathroom

To make the bathroom look elegant, it does not mean that you use items with complex motifs or use items with glowing surfaces. However, furniture with a minimalist form can also look elegant and more attractive.

simple and elegant bathroom
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As seen in the image above, the walls are painted in two colors: gray and white. These two colors give the bathroom a slightly interesting look.

Using a long window makes the bathroom look more luxurious. A bathtub that is placed next to the window adds to the comfort of your bathroom. You can look outside, enjoy the view outside while soaking in the bathtub. Of course, this will make you more relaxed and calm. With this, the quality time in the bathroom will be very pleasant.

There are several decorations to add to the comfort of a simple bathroom:

  • Aromatherapy candles

aromahterapy candles for bathroom
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Aromatherapy candles are believed to make us much more relaxed and calm. The smell of aromatherapy candles will also make the bathroom smell good so that the bathroom will feel comfortable.

Light from candles can be used to light up the bathroom at night. Candlelight will make the bathroom feel warm and make a simple bathroom look beautiful.

  • Plants

fresh bathroom
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Because bathrooms tend to look simple, so it takes several displays to decorate the bathroom. Plants are one of the right decorations to use in the bathroom. The green color of plants can make us more relaxed. Besides that, some plants can also absorb harmful substances in the bathroom so that the air in the bathroom will feel fresh and healthy. Decorating a bathroom with plants can also make a simple bathroom look fresh.

Elegant Bathroom with Skylight Window

Utilizing natural lighting as the main room lighting can indeed make the room look naturally bright. A room that is lit by natural light will feel calmer and cozier. Besides that, natural lighting can also make the room feel more alive.

Maximizing natural light in the bathroom is the right way to make the bathroom look naturally bright. There are two windows that can be used to maximize natural lighting: a skylight window and a large window. However, so that light can enter the bathroom perfectly, skylight windows are the most appropriate window type to use.

elegant bathroom with skylight window
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Placing the bathtub right in the middle of the bathroom will make the bathtub the main spot in this room. Soaking while enjoying the beautiful clouds above will make you feel more relaxed and calmer.

Skylight windows are perfect for bathrooms with marble floors. Natural lighting that comes in from the skylight window will directly hit the marble floor and make it look glowing so that the bathroom will look more elegant and bright.

Skylight windows are also the right windows to use in a white bathroom. The white color will reflect light on it and make the room look brighter. It is also very appropriate to apply to a small bathroom. In this way, the small bathroom will feel wider and far from being cramped and stuffy.


Because the room is closed, the appearance of the bathroom is often underestimated. Even though the bathroom can be room to relax and enjoy quality time. Creating a bathroom with a calm atmosphere will make the bathroom your main destination when you feel tired. Therefore, making the bathroom look elegant is the right idea. A bathroom with an elegant appearance will not only look attractive but will also feel comfortable. However, besides that, the cleanliness of the bathroom must also be maintained for the sake of comfort and beauty of the bathroom itself. So, have you decided which bathroom decoration that you want to apply to your bathroom?



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