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Female Small Bedroom Makeover for Cute and Aesthetic Looks – Feel like your bedroom looks ordinary and boring? That is a sign you have to makeover your bedroom. A boring bedroom can be made over so that the bedroom will feel comfortable and also look aesthetic.

In a bedroom makeover, certainly need references. This is the most important stage so that there are no mistakes during the bedroom makeover. In addition, it will also really help you out when you makeover the bedroom.

And in this article, we have provided Female Small Bedroom Makeover for Cute and Aesthetic Looks. So, let’s check it out!

Remove Items from The Bedroom and Then Clean The Bedroom

The first step when you want to makeover your bedroom, you need to remove the furniture/items for the bedroom. An empty bedroom (without any items) will make it easier for you to clean the bedroom.

Here are the steps:

  • Remove Small Item First

The small items will make it difficult and complicated when cleaning the bedroom. So, to make it easier for you, you have to remove the small items first, such as a mirror, bedroom stuff, wall display, and so on.

  • Remove The Large Furniture

After the small items are removed from the room, it’s time to take out the big furniture, such as the bed, cupboard, dressing table, etc.

  • Clean The Bedroom

After there are no items in the bedroom, then you can then clean your bedroom. First of all, sweep the bedroom until it is clean. Then mop the bedroom floor so that fine dust doesn’t get on the floor. Or you can also vacuum the bedroom floor.

Usually, there will be dirt on the ceiling and of course, this is not very good for the bedroom. Clean the ceiling using a broom.

Start Decorating the Walls and Floors

The next stage in the female bedroom makeover is to decorate the bedroom walls and floor. There are several decorations that you can apply to the bedroom so that the bedroom looks cute and aesthetic.

  • Painting The Wall

white small bedroom
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The paint on the walls over time will fade and make the bedroom look unattractive. Therefore, paint your walls again so that the bedroom looks fresh. This will make the bedroom look attractive and feel more comfortable. For a small bedroom, paint the walls white. White is the right color to make a small bedroom feel wider and more comfortable. In addition, painting the walls white will make the bedroom look bright and away from feeling cramped and stuffy.

  • Apply Wallpaper

3D foam wallpaper for bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Sometimes there are some parts of the wall that are cracked and hollow. If it is not possible to paint, you can apply the wallpaper to the bedroom wall. White 3D foam wallpaper is the right choice so that the bedroom looks aesthetic and more attractive.

  • Use Floor Carpet Tile

floor carpet tile
Cc: Pinterest

Using floor carpet tiles is an option. Use it or not to your taste. However, if there are many cracked floors in the bedroom, using floor carpet tiles is the right choice to cover this cracked floor.

Use Furniture That is Only Needed

Mistakes in decorating or bedroom makeovers usually occur at this stage, namely using too much furniture. A small bedroom if filled with too much furniture will make this room feel narrower so that the bedroom will feel uncomfortable and look unattractive.

small bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

So, in makeover the small bedroom to make it look cute and aesthetic, use furniture that is only needed, such as a bed, desk, and cupboard. Use furniture with a minimalist size, such as replacing a large desk with a small desk. Or you can also use functional furniture, such as choosing a bed frame with a drawer. The drawer can be utilized as a storage to put your stuff.

To make a small women’s bedroom look cute and aesthetic, use white furniture or natural wood furniture. It will also make a small bedroom feel comfortable.

Replacing Curtains with White or Beige Curtains

The stage that is most often abandoned and goes unnoticed is changing the bedroom curtains. In fact, the curtains greatly affect the appearance of this room.

white curtain for bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

So, to make the bedroom look aesthetic and cute, replace the bedroom curtains with white or beige curtains. If you want another color that’s okay. Make sure the colors you choose are neutral and soft colors.

Make The Bedroom Look Bright

The next most important stage in a small bedroom makeover is to make the bedroom look bright. Why is it important? A small bedroom can easily feel small, cramped, and stuffy. However, this can be overcome by making the bedroom appear bright. Besides using white as the basic color of the bedroom, you also need to make the bedroom appear bright with the help of light.

bright bedroom
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There are two types of lighting you can use:

  • Natural Lighting

bright bedroom with natural lighting
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Choosing natural lighting as the main bedroom lighting is the most appropriate way for a small bedroom to look naturally bright. Besides, natural lighting is great for giving a bedroom a warm and fresh feel to it. That way the bedroom not only looks attractive but will also feel cozy.

Using large windows is the right way for natural lighting to enter the bedroom maximally. Besides that, you also need to make sure that there are no decorations covering the windows, such as curtains. You can open the curtains in the morning so that natural light can enter the bedroom and close them again at night.

  • Lamplight (Artificial Lighting)

pendant lamp bedroom decor
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Not all bedrooms have large windows. If you replace windows, of course, this will take a long time and cost a lot. So, you can use the help of the light to make a small bedroom look bright.

There are several types of lamps that can be used in the bedroom. However, currently, lamps are not only used to illuminate the room but also as a room decoration so that the room looks more attractive. Pendant lamps are the right type of lamp for use in the bedroom. Use a pendant lamp with an attractive and minimalist shape.

Decorating the Bedroom with The Right Items

The final stage of the female small bedroom makeover is to decorate the bedroom with the right items. This stage is the most important stage to make the bedroom look perfect.

aesthetic bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

There are several bedroom decorations that can be used, such as:

  • Pictures and Paintings

painting and picture for bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

Pictures and Paintings are the most frequently used wall decorations to make the bedrooms look attractive and aesthetic. Besides that, using a painting for the bedroom gives an artsy impression to this room. Choose simple paintings and pictures so that the small bedroom does not look crowded. And do not forget to give the frame to make it looks great when hanging on the wall.

  • Miniature

miniature bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

Some people are fond of collecting miniatures. This miniature can be used to make the bedroom appear more aesthetic and attractive. A miniature can be used to decorate a bedroom table or wall with the help of a floating wall shelf.

  • Plants

fresh bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

To make the bedroom feel fresh, plants are the most appropriate decoration to use. Besides making the bedroom feel fresh, some plants have good benefits for the air in the bedroom. Some plants such as aloe vera and sansevieria can absorb harmful substances in the bedroom.

And if you think your bedroom is narrow enough, you can use a hanging plant so that the small bedroom looks fresh and aesthetic.


As a place to rest, the bedroom must be comfortable. If your bedroom seems mediocre, then the bedroom needs to be made over so that the bedroom is fresh again and you can be comfortable in your bedroom. However, when you makeover the bedroom you have to know the references so that you can makeover the bedroom easily. It also helps you to avoid mistakes when you makeover the small bedroom. So that in this article we provided Female Small Bedroom Makeover for Cute and Aesthetic Looks that can be your references. So, happy trying all!



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