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Easy Tips to Bringing The Cosy Atmosphere into The Living Room

Simdreamhomes.com – The living room is indeed a room to welcome guests. However, living rooms are also often used as multi-functional rooms. Working in the living room, watching movies while eating cereal, or reading books while accompanied by hot coffee is often done in this room. In fact, in some houses, especially the minimalist house, the living room is often used as a family room.

So, just making the living room look attractive is not enough. The living room must also be presented with a comfortable atmosphere so that it is suitable for gathering or relaxing.

There are plenty of ways in making the living room becomes a comfortable room. And in this article, we have provided the Easy Tips to Bringing The Cosy Atmosphere into The Living Room. So, let’s check it out!

Dare To Make A Bold Living Room

Bold or dark colors may often be skipped for fear of making the room feel cramped and stuffy, especially in a small room. In fact, with the right decoration, the bold room will present a calm and comfortable atmosphere. A slightly dim look is perfect for calming and relaxing yourself.

bold living room
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If we look at the picture above, the room owner chooses to use green as the base color to create a fresh cozy room. The same green color is applied to the walls, curtains, and sofas to give the illusion of space to the room.

Some wood and rattan decorations are perfect for sweetening the look of a green living room.

L-Shaped Sofa with Armchairs

As the main item in the living room, the sofa greatly affects the comfort and appearance of this room. To bring the cozy atmosphere into the living room, how about using a sofa that can also be used for lying down?

The next tip that you can follow is to choose an L-shaped sofa with armchairs to fill the living room.

L-shaped sofa with armchairs
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The long sofa section can be used as a comfortable place to work, chatting, or rest yourself. You can also add some cushions to the sofa to make it feel more comfortable. These pillows can also be used as decoration in the living room to make it look more attractive. You only need to choose a pillow motif that matches the living room design.

Besides the pillows, you can also use blankets to keep yourself warm, especially in winter. It’s nice to enjoy time in the living room in winter while warming up by the fireplace.

Warm Atmosphere with Warm Lighting

It is mandatory to bring lighting into the room. There are two lights that must be presented to illuminate a room: natural light and artificial light.

And in this tip, we will discuss artificial light.

Currently, there are many types and models of lamps that can be used to make the lamp function not only to illuminate the room but also to decorate the room. So, choose a lamp that matches the design of your living room to make it look more attractive.

warm lighting
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Warm lighting becomes the right kind of lighting to bring a cozy atmosphere into the living room. However, try not to make warm lighting the main lighting. You can use additional lights such as string lights or table lamps to bring warm lighting to the living room.

The side of the sofa and the corner of the room is the right location to put a table lamp with warm lighting.

Using Aromatherapy Candles

The fragrant roar was a cozy room. How about giving a soothing fragrance by using aromatherapy? As we all know that a living room can also be a place to rest and calm down.

Try to use some aromatherapy candles for the living room. You can put all of the aromatherapy candles in the same location or put them separately. It all depends on the living room decoration.

aromatherapy candles
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There is one thing you should pay attention to, that is not to put aromatherapy candles inflammable places such as wooden tables, carpets, and so on. This is to prevent fire. So, try to choose the right location.

Not only that, you could not use aromatherapy candles for a long time. Usually, you have to extinguish every 4 hours and allow to cool.

Before you use aromatherapy candles, try to read the instructions on the packaging table.

Mosquito Repellent Plant for Mosquito-Free Space

Sometimes, our reason for not being in the living room at night is because of the large number of mosquitoes that roam. Mosquito bites make the skin itchy so we feel uncomfortable when in the living room.

So, the next tip is how to create a mosquito-free room using mosquito repellent plants. This tip is quite popular and has been implemented a lot.

lavender plant for living room decoration
Cc: Pinterest

There are several mosquito repellent plants that you can use. However, of the many plants, lavender plants are the ones that are most liked by people.

Some mosquito repellent plants such as lavender can also be used as a living room decoration. Beautiful colors of flowers will make the room look cute.

Not only that, mosquito repellent plants such as lavender, lemon balm, and others have a fragrant aroma. By using plants like this, the room is not only free from mosquitoes and looks attractive but can also make the room more comfortable.

Fabric plus Textures is A Must

Just like presenting warm lighting to a living room, presenting fabrics to the room is also one way to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere into this room. Fabrics with natural textures are the best choice to make a room feel comfortable.

cozy living room
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The more fabric items used, the warmer the room will be. Several items of fabric can be used and can also add aesthetic value to the room:

  1. White cloth rug with a simple motif.
  2. Soft cushion for wooden or rattan chairs.
  3. Fabric sofa.
  4. Pillows to decorate the sofa.
  5. Woold blanket to make it feel warm.
  6. Sheepskin rug.

The fabric material is also very suitable to be combined with wood material. Try to choose a wooden coffee table or rattan basket as a place to store blankets. This method is also the right way to apply a rustic style to the living room.

Bring Nature Nuances into The Living Room

This is the last tip you can follow to bringing the cozy atmosphere into the room: bringing nature nuances into the living room.

Bringing nature nuances is an alternative way to make a room feel comfortable. Natural nuances can present an atmosphere that is so calm, relaxed, and fresh.

Here are ways to bring the nature nuances into the living room:

  • Earth Tones Color

nature nuances living room
Cc: Pinterest

The use of colors in the room is a way to present the look and atmosphere of the room that we want. So, the colors that are applied to the living room greatly affect the comfort of this room.

In bringing nature nuances into the living room, try to apply earth tones color.
Earthtone color is divided into two:

  1. Cool earth tones.
  2. Warm earth tones.
earth tones color
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Both of these tones provide a comfortable atmosphere with natural nuances into the room. This all depends on the taste of each individual.

  • Introducing Greenery

greenery the room
Cc: Pinterest

Bringing some green plants into the room is often called bring nature indoors. The application of earth tones color alone is not enough to provide nature nuances into the room. So, it is very important to decorate the room with plants for those of you who want to create a living room that feels natural.

There are three sizes of plants that can be used to decorate a room:

  1. Large-size plants: which is used to fill an empty corner of the room. Giving a green appearance to the corner of the room is very important.
  2. Medium-size plants: to make the room feel fresher because it is placed in several locations that are focal points, such as beside the sofa, beside the TV table, and also beside the cabinet table.
  3. Small-size plants: To complement the fresh green appearance of the room. Placed on the coffee table, floating wall shelf, and cabinet table.
hanging plant for living room
Cc: Pinterest

For a small room, it is not possible to use large quantities of plants. Besides that, we need a way to present plants without making the room feel cramped. Therefore, the hanging lamp is the right type of plant for greenery the room.

To add an aesthetic impression to the living room, choose a pot with an attractive appearance and the right color for the living room design.

  • Natural Lighting As the Main Lighting

natural lighting for living room
Cc: Pinterest

And the last is natural lighting. To create a perfect nature nuance in the living room, make sure you add natural lighting as the main lighting of this room.

Maximize the lighting in the room to make the room look naturally bright. Besides that, earth tones colors that are exposed to sunlight will make the living room feel livelier and more comfortable. You can feel a warm atmosphere clearly.

Natural lighting is also great for the plants that you use to decorate your living room. Plants need sunlight for them to grow.


Being a multipurpose or multifunctional room making a living room must be used as a comfortable and also attractive room. There are plenty of ways to bring a cozy atmosphere into this room. And we have summarized these ways in this article: Easy Tips for Bringing The Cozy Atmosphere into The Living Room. You are not required to apply all of these tips. Choose tips that are suitable for your room and the comfort you want. So, happy trying all!



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