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10 Things You Will Never Find in a Minimalist Home

Simdreamhomes.com – In 2020, the minimalist house concept will become one of the most popular concepts. The impression of being clean, neat and airy has made the minimalist concept favored by many people.

“Minimalism for me is about keeping a space simple, uncluttered and accentuating the attractive architectural features of a space. The palette is mostly monochromatic and color is used as an accent,” says Sharon Blaustein, principal designer at B Interior LLC.

According to Sharon who was quoted from Elle Decor, the concept of a minimalist home looks simple by only using makeshift furniture (the furniture needed). For decoration, it is removed and replaced with an interesting architecture from a room. To create a simple look, the colors used tend to be monochrome colors.

Because the appearance tends to be simpler, there will be many things that you will not find in a minimalist concept house. And here are 10 Things You Will Never Find in a Minimalist Home. Let’s check it out!

1. Persian Carpet or Bohemian-style Carpet

You are certainly no stranger to the Persian Carpet or Bohemian Carpet Style. This carpet has a motif that is so busy that it is often the focal point of the room.

In a minimalist concept room, you will not find persian carpet or bohemian carpet style again. For a minimalist concept room, you prefer to use a carpet with a simple motif or even without a motive. Very much the opposite of persian carpet. And for color, the minimalist concept uses carpet with neutral colors. White carpet is often used as an option.

Not only that. If you like a feminine look by using a flower-patterned carpet, you also could not use it in a minimalist concept room. You will no longer find a floral carpet carpet in this concept.

minimalist room decor
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2. Flowers with Pretty Colors

Decorating a room with flowers in beautiful colors is not something unfamiliar. People would put some flower stalks in a vase and make them as displays. Beautiful flower colors can make the room look fresh and sweet.

Unfortunately, in the minimalist concept room, you will no longer find decorations in the form of vases filled with beautiful flowers. Using flowers as room decoration is considered to make the room look crowded and colorful.

It would be better to replace these decorations with plants that look more minimalist. Small cactus plants can be an option for decorating a minimalist room.

minimalist room plants
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3. Sofa Pillows with Various Motifs

Presenting sofa cushions is one way to bring the cozy atmosphere into the room. Not only that, sofa cushions with various motifs are also often applied to make the room look crowded and cheerful.

In a minimalist concept room, you will no longer find sofa cushions with various motifs. Not only that, the colors used on the sofa cushions also adjust to the colors in the minimalist room, such as white or gray.

sofa pillows for minimalist room
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4. Small Items That Can Be Seen in The Room

In the room, especially the guest living room and family room, there will be lots of small items that can be seen, such as the TV remote, children’s toys, cables, and so on. In a minimalist concept room, these small items cannot be seen in the room.

The most important thing with the minimalist concept is to keep the appearance of the room neat and tidy. So, for the small items, you can put them in a table drawer.

mimalist decoration
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5. Complex Patterns

The next thing you could not see in the minimalist concept is complex pattern. The purpose of the minimalist concept is cohesion.

At a minimalist concept as much as possible to reduce too complex motives because they are considered to make the room look complicated. Meanwhile, a room with a minimalist concept must be made to appear as simple as possible.

In a minimalist concept room, there are no more flowery, animal, or other busy motifs. Everything has been replaced by a plain look or a simple stripe with neutral colors.

minimalist pattern
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6. Carpet Flooring

There are various kinds of flooring to choose from. And for a room with a minimalist concept, it really avoids the use of carpet flooring, even though the carpet is in neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray.

Using carpet flooring is considered to make the room difficult to arrange.

For a minimalist concept room it is better to use a wooden floor. The color appearance and also the wood texture are very helpful for a minimalist room. The wood elements give it a soft and calm look. Besides that, the wood element is able to present a warm and calm atmosphere so it is very fitting to apply to rooms with simple decorations.

minimalist bedroom flooring
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7. Many Different Colors

Minimalist Design stands in stark contrast to Retro Design. In Retro Design, there are a lot of colors used, up to five or more. Whereas in Minimalist Design, the colors used tend to be two colors, or what is commonly called monochromatic.

For basic colors, minimalist designs prefer neutral colors, such as white, gray, or beige. And for decoration, there will usually be several other neutral colors that can be selected and mixed, such as pastel pink, navy blue, maroon, and so on.

Make sure you choose one to two colors to serve as a minimalist room design decoration. Do not use more than two because it can make the minimalist design look complicated and crowded.

minimalist kitchen
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8. Furniture with Carvings

If we look at a room with Italian, Parisian design, or a vintage-style room, there will be furniture with intricate carvings. According to some people this is very helpful to make the room look attractive.

At minimalist room design, you will no longer find furniture with intricate carvings. As we know, minimalist design really carries a simple appearance.

So, when you have decided to apply a minimalist design to your interior, make sure there is no furniture that has carvings or complicated furniture. Try to choose simple and low-profile furniture.

simple furniture
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9. Contrast Colors

Minimalist design strongly rejected the use of contrasting and bright colors. Contrasting colors can spoil the view of the minimalist concept room. In fact, the use of contrasting colors can also shift the minimalist look of the room.

So, make sure you do not use contrasting colors even if it is just a small decoration. This is considered very annoying. Choose neutral colors that can give you the perfect minimalist look.

minimalist dining room
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10. Kitchen Utensils Hanging on The Wall

The kitchen is a room that has a lot of equipment, such as various kinds of pots, Teflon, kitchen ingredients, and some jars. Usually these items are hung on the wall and placed on the floating wall shelf.

For minimalist design, you will no longer find all of these. The kitchen utensils hanging on the wall can make the room seem crowded so it is far from minimalist. Therefore, for minimalist design it is very important to present smart storage in the kitchen.

Hidden cabinets are a smart way to hide a lot of kitchen utensils.

minimalist kitchen decors
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Minimalist house design is very popular in 2020 and is expected to still be a hit in 2021. A clean, simple, and neat impression is the strength of this design. This impression is what many people are looking for in order to make their home a comfortable place to live in. And, in the minimalist house, there are some things that you will not meet again. And in this article we have provided 10 Things You Will Never Find in a Minimalist Home.



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