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Retro Design for Modern Living Room Ideas and Decorations You Must See! – When entering the house, the living room is the first room that is seen and approached. Become a room to welcome guests and gather. the living room should be made as comfortable as possible. And a comfortable living room is a living room that is clean, neat, and also looks attractive.

At this time, the concept of a modern living room is very popular and can provide comfort to this room. The modern concept prioritizes the impression of being spacious, clean, neat, minimalist, and functional. However, to make a modern living room look more attractive, you can apply a design that you like.

Applying a Retro Design to be an interesting idea. The combination of contrasting colors will bring a cheerful atmosphere and an attractive and more lively look to the living room. So, here are Retro Design for Modern Living Room Ideas and Decorations You Must See! Let’s check it out!

Cheerful Modern Retro Living Room Design with Beautiful Bright Colors

In presenting the design of a room, the colors used in the room are very important. Each design has its own color. Like the Retro Design which uses contrasting bright colors.

Applying some beautiful, bright colors to the living room will make the modern retro living room look more colorful. You can certainly feel the cheerful atmosphere in this room. With various bright colors combined in the living room, this room will feel more alive.

cheerful retro living room
Cc: Pinterest
  • Colorful Abstract Painting

If you look at the side of the living room wall in the picture above, you will find abstract paintings with a beautiful combination of colors. Providing this painting with a white frame makes it look so cute when hung on the living room wall.

  • Books with Colorful Covers

Books are not only a source of knowledge but can also be used as decorations for living rooms. The books with colorful covers (pink, yellow, green, and blue) are very suitable for use in modern retro living room designs. These books can be used to enhance the appearance of a living room table or shelf in the room.

  • Small Clay Jar

Next, there is a small clay jar that is displayed on the table. It really gives a colorful and cheerful appearance to a modern retro living room. The orange and yellow small clay jars look so pretty.

  • Beautiful Sofa Pillows

What makes the living room look even more attractive is the selection of sofa pillows with various motifs and beautiful bright colors. These sofa pillows make the living room feel even more cheerful.

modern retro living room
Cc: Pinterest
  • Colorful Rug with Stripes and Triangles Motif

The final touch in decorating a living room is to use a rug. A colorful rug with stripes and triangles motif is the right choice. The rug seen in the picture above has a very interesting combination of colors, namely purple, pink, white, red, black, orange, and brown. Who would have thought this many colors could create such an attractive appearance.

Open-Plan Modern Retro Living Room

Currently, modern houses are more open-plan in order to make the rooms in the houses look wider and more comfortable. Applying Retro Design to a modern open-plan living room is an interesting idea. As seen in the picture below, the open-plan living-dining room makes the room look wider.

If you apply a rhetorical design to a living room, make sure the dining room is also retro. That way, the open-plan living-dining room looks harmonious.

open plan living room
Cc: Pinterest
  • Living-Dining Room with Pink Concept

For an open-plan living-dining room with a pink concept, you can combine it with blue. This color combination will look so sweet.

The pink sofa pillow looks so pretty on the gray sofa in the living room. And for the dining room, the dining table with blue table legs and pink cushions for chairs looks so harmonious. Plus the white color neutralizes the appearance of the living-dining room.

open-plan living-dining room
Cc: Pinterest
  • Living-Dining Room Retro Design with Yellow Concept

The yellow concept living-dining room is equally interesting. Yellow can make the room feel so cheerful and sweet. Adding orange color to this concept can reduce the yellow color, which when applied too much can make the living room look too quirky.

Or you can decorate the dining room in yellow and the living room in orange. In this way, the living-dining room will look so harmonious and attractive.

The yellow color on the dining chairs will give a bright appearance, and the orange color on the rug and sofa pillows in the living room is the damper.

Retro Modern Living Room with Vintage Coffee Table

In decorating a room, you must first know what the main items are in the room. For the living room, the main items in this room are a sofa and a coffee table. This is the main package item that must be in this room.

Currently, there are many models of coffee tables that look very attractive. You can choose it according to the design of the living room in your house.

And for a retro living room, try to choose a vintage-style coffee table. Or, you can also make it yourself according to your wishes. What you need here is creativity.

beautiful retro living room
Cc: Pinterest

Making a coffee table with makeshift equipment and items is a very interesting idea. As you can see from the image above, the books that are arranged and then placed on a vintage-style suitcase on top of them look very unusual. In fact, this is what makes a living room look so attractive. Providing a tablecloth with contrasting colors and a vase filled with flowers are additional decorations that will sweeten the appearance of this room.

Retro Modern Living Room with a Classic Touch

It is okay to bring a slightly more luxurious look to a retro modern living room. By giving a classic touch to a living room, the room will appear much different.

If usually the appearance of a Retro Design will look a little busier and cheerful, this look will look much different when it’s been given a classic touch.

retro classic living room
Cc: Pinterest

It can be seen from the picture above, the combination of modern concepts with Retro Designs and classic touches creates a living room with a more lively, calm, and classy atmosphere.

classic retro living room
Cc: Pinterest
  • Vladimir Kagan Sofa

One of the classic touches that can be seen from the picture above is the sofa used is the Vladimir Kagan sofa. This sofa has a very unique shape and looks modern. Besides that, the Vladimir Kagan sofa is also very soft so it will make the living room feel so comfortable. The choice of red for the Vladimir Kagan sofa makes it appear so classy and expensive in the living room.

  • Red Marble Table with White Hues

For the table in the living room, choosing the same color as the sofa color can be used as an option to give the living room a more cheerful look. A marble table is the best choice to provide expensive value for the living room. A red marble table with white hues makes a living room look so interesting and different.

Retro Modern Living Room with Beautiful Wall Decoration

The wall is the main focus in the room. So, it can be concluded that the appearance of the walls greatly affects the appearance of the room itself. Therefore, make sure you decorate the walls appropriately.

In applying Retro Design to a modern living room, walls can be used as a medium for decorating a living room with retro-style decorations.

retro living room decor
Cc: Pinterest

Some pop-art paintings can be used to decorate the living room walls. You can also use some vintage-style paintings which are then given a frame to make it look attractive when on a wall. Using frames with different colors can be used as a way to give the living room a colorful appearance. This method can also make the living room walls appear much more attractive.

In order for the retro modern living room to look neat, try hanging the pictures or painting neatly. The neatness of pictures or paintings also affects the appearance of the living room.


The retro-style appeared in the middle of the century. Display with attractive contrasting colors is the hallmark of this style. In addition, the furniture used also tends to look old (vintage-style furniture) painted in bright, eccentric colors. However, applying a retro style is not only for rooms with a mid-century look. As discussed in this article, modern living rooms can also look attractive with the application of retro styles. And in this article, we have provided Retro Design for Modern Living Room Ideas and Decorations You Must See! Hope this article helps you. So, happy trying all!



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