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Best Summer Living Room Decorating Ideas – Being the most anticipated season, summer is a different season. All lifestyles change in this season, from fashion to home decor. Summer decoration is already familiar because by applying summer decoration to the house, it is able to emphasize the summer vibe that is will make your home being a cozy place.

As a room to gather and welcome guests, the living room is an important room to be made as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, applying summer decorations to the living room is the right choice. The bright and warm look really supports the living room in providing comfort to the people who are there.

Are you interested in decorating your living room with summer decoration? Here we have provided Best Summer Living Room Decorating Ideas you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

All Go White

In summer, the sun will appear longer. With this, you can take advantage of the sun to make the living room look bright. That way the living room becomes warm and comfortable.

Making the living room look bright is a good inspiration for those of you who have a small living room. A small living room that is made bright will look wider so that the living room will feel much more comfortable.

bright summer living room
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Applying white to the entire living room, starting from the walls to the furniture, becomes a decoration in welcoming summer. White is indeed an alternative color to make the room look bright. In addition, sunlight that comes into the room will reflect off the white color and make the living room look wider and more comfortable.

However, if you only apply white of course the living room will look stiff and even make it uncomfortable and unattractive. Therefore, it takes several colors to make it look attractive. These are the colors that can be used for summer decor living room:

  • Cream

Cream is one of the right colors to use in a summer-decorated living room. Applying cream colors to several spots in the room gives a warm and soft feel that will actually make the living room look beautiful and sweet. Applying cream colors is also the right way to beautify a simple living room.

  • Sand

During summer, what you have in mind is definitely a beach atmosphere. In this way, the sand becomes one of the colors that can be used for summer living rooms. By choosing a sand-colored carpet, the living room will feel warmer and calmer.

  • Grey

Lastly is to give a little dark touch but still looks soft and calm. Gray is the right color to use. Some gray cushions on the sofa will look so pretty and attractive.

Giving Some Plants

In one summer, of course, it is very important to feel a fresh, calm atmosphere that can make you relax. With this, you can make it your inspiration in making the atmosphere of a summer decorated living room fresh and calm.

Plants are one of the most appropriate items to use in presenting a fresh and calm atmosphere during summer.

fresh summer living room decor
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When it comes to plants, of course, there are many types of plants that can be used. And these are the plants you can use to summer living room decor:

  • Sunflower

sunflower living room decor
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Summer is synonymous with yellow. Therefore, the sunflower is one of the most suitable plants to decorate the living room during the summer.

You simply place the sunflower in a clear flower vase and then place it on the table.

  • Rubber Plant

rubber plant living room decor
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Its large leaves make this plant a perfect decoration for any room, including the living room. The shiny green color can make a summer-decorated living room look attractive.

  • Lady Palm

lady palm living room decor
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This one is a type of plant that people often use to decorate rooms in their homes. The simple and elegant shape of the leaves can provide aesthetic value to the living room. In addition, the care of this plant is also quite easy. This plant does not really need sunlight to grow so it is very suitable for use in the room. In addition, this plant also does not need water too often. You just need to water it when the topsoil is dry.

Add Floral Motifs

Summer is synonymous with bright and colorful flower motifs. Usually, this is used by designers to make beautiful mini dresses. However, floral motifs cannot only be applied to fashion. Room decoration with floral motifs is equally attractive and beautiful.

beautiful summer living room decor
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As seen from the picture above, the interior of the living room looks so fresh and colorful. Shades of happiness and pleasure are very attached to this room.

Curtains, carpets, and cushions with flower motifs look so very beautiful. The neutral colors used make these flower motifs look more dominant but not tacky.

Adding some accessories with beautiful small flowers that are placed in a vase will emphasize the summer vibe into the room. In this way, the living room will be a cozy place to gather with friends or your family.

Applying Coastal Design

During summer, the beach atmosphere is much more dominant. To provide fresh serenity to the living room, implementing a coastal design is a great idea.

Coastal design is a design with a beach theme. The colors used are also colors on the beach, such as sea blue, sand, and some green to give a fresh look.

coastal design for summer living room
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Besides the beautiful color combinations, the motifs used in the coastal design also tend to be simple. It is perfect for those of you who want an attractive living room but still look simple.

To give a warm feel to the room, Coastal design usually uses wood materials with bright colors, such as wood floors, tables, sofa legs, rattan bucket, rattan carpet, and so on.

Fill The Fireplace in The Living Room

In winter, the fireplace is used to warm themselves and the room. However, during the summer, the fireplace will no longer function. Instead of being left alone, the fireplace can be used as a medium for decoration so that the living room looks more attractive.

living room decor in welcoming summer
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Several items can be used to decorate the fireplace to make it look more attractive. Filling the fireplace with green plants is able to emphasize the fresh nuance in the room. Or you can also use shells as accessories to emphasize the coastal design.

Before decorating the fireplace, make sure you have cleaned it from ashes or dust so that the accessories used are not dirty.

Placing The Sofa Next to The Window

Using natural light to make the living room feel comfortable is the best way. Apart from making the living room feel more spacious, natural light is also able to make one spot the most comfortable spot at home.

simple living room summer decor
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As the main item, the sofa certainly needs to be placed in the right place. In order for the sofa to be the most comfortable spot in your home, you can place the sofa right beside the window. This way, the sunlight coming in through the window will hit the sofa right and give it a warm feel that’s so cozy.


Summer is one of the seasons that people are most waiting for. Warm and fresh vibe makes summer the best season. In welcoming summer, usually, people will buy special summer clothes. However, fashion is not the only thing that is prepared for summer. Interior decor is also an important thing that must be prepared. With the decorations above, your living room will be a cozy place to relax and gather with your families or friends.



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