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Fresh and Soothing Living Room with Coastal Design Ideas – Shades of the beach are very effective in making ourselves relaxed and calm. A warm, fresh, and calm atmosphere are what many people are looking for. If you are one who likes an atmosphere like this, you no longer need to take the time to go to the beach. By applying Coastal Design to a living room, you can enjoy a warm, fresh, and calm atmosphere in your home.

So, have you interested in applying a Coastal Design to the living room? If you so, we have provided Fresh and Soothing Living Room with Coastal Design Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Bright and Cozy Coastal Living Room Design with Open Concept

The bright and spacious look is one of the characteristics of Coastal design. Therefore, if you have decided to apply this design to a living room, then the living room must be made bright and spacious.

The open concept is the most appropriate idea to apply to a Coastal living room. By applying an open concept, sunlight can enter the living room freely. In this way, the living room will look bright.

open concept coastal living room
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Using white as the basic color of the living room is one that can make the living room feel and look wider. The sunlight that enters the living room will reflect the white color in the room and make it look brighter and wider.

Adding a blue color to the living room with a white base makes it look soft and sweeter. The fresh beach view feels so attached to the living room. The warm and comfortable atmosphere makes you cozy in the living room for a long time.

A Little Touch of Green Makes The Coastal Living Room Feel Fresher

The fresh atmosphere can indeed be felt so real when we are at the beach. Apart from the refreshing and soothing blue color, some green trees are also a factor.

Bringing a little touch of green into the living room is the right idea. The green color of the plants is a neutral color that can make a living room seem simple but more attractive and fresh.

simple coastal living room
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A medium-sized plant with small leaves looks simple but still able to make a Coastal style living room look cozy, beautiful, and fresh. The selection of a pot with a marble base makes it look bright and makes this simple plant look more dominant.

The side of the sofa is the right spot to place this plant. The white color on the sofa will look cute when side by side with the green color of the plants.

fresh living room
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To give a little touch of green to the coastal living room, you do not just have to use large or medium-sized plants. If you prefer small plants, you can also use them.

Small plants that are given a clear flower vase with a simple and attractive shape are also a good idea to give a fresh look as well as an attractive appearance to a coastal living room.

Sweet but Simple Coastal Living Room

Coastal Design does not always tend to be blue. The most important thing about this design is to make the room look bright and fresh. Blue can be used as a decorative touch to give a sweet, fresh, and calm look to a living room.

simple coastal living room
Cc: Pinterest

As seen from the picture above, the Coastal living room is dominant in white. Two large windows are enough to give this room a bright look. The white color used gives a broad effect so that the room feels so comfortable.

The simple appearance also comes from the decorations used, such as:

  • Carpet with Simple Motif

In making the room feel warm and comfortable, the carpet is an important item that must be used. A carpet with a simple sand-colored motif is the right choice for a simple coastal living room design.

  • Table Made of Rattan

Sofas and tables are the main items in the living room. A white sofa is indeed able to make the room look bright and seem more spacious and comfortable. However, in Coastal design, warm nuances are so attached. This way, it is a good idea to use a table made of rattan to make the room feel warm and bright.

  • Stripes Motif

Avoiding complicated and too crowded motifs is the main way to make the living room look simple and sweet. The presence of white cushions with blue stripes is the right idea to be applied to a simple coastal living room.

  • Beach Picture with Gray Frame

Adding instruments related to the coast is an alternative way of emphasizing the coastal design in the simple living room. Beach pictures are items that are suitable for use in a coastal living room. The beach picture with the gray frame looks a bit striking on the wall.

Coastal Living Room Warm Nuance

One of the strengths of Coastal Design is the warm nuance that feels so comfortable and soothing. As the main room, of course we are required to make the living room feel comfortable, right? In this way, applying Coastal Design to the living room is the most appropriate choice.

warm coastal living room
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With the right decorations, the room not only feels comfortable but also looks more attractive. Here are decorations that can be applied to Coastal living room designs in your home:

  • A Lot of Cushions

A sofa that is left alone without being given any decorations will certainly look stiff and unattractive. Finally, the sofa becomes the laziest spot to occupy. The cushion is an item that can be used to decorate a sofa in a living room. The use of a lot of cushions is also a good idea in adding aesthetic value to the living room. Cushions with simple motifs in blue, white, and gray look so attractive when lined up on the sofa. The existence of a lot of cushions on the sofa also makes the sofa look and feel more comfortable and warm.

  • Blanket on The Sofa

When we feel cold, blankets are the right item to use to warm the body. However, this doesn’t mean that the blanket can only be used for winter. When applying Coastal Design into the living room, blankets become a supporting item that can bring a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the living room. The gray blanket looks soft and calm when placed on a white sofa.


The beach atmosphere is indeed popular with many people. Fresh, calm, and warm nuances make people make the beach a tourist destination when on holiday. However, to feel the beach atmosphere, you no longer have to go to the beach. By applying Coastal Design to the living room, your house will feel warm, fresh, and also calming. You can use some of the ideas above if you are interested in applying Coastal Design to your living room. So, what are you waiting for? Happy trying!



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