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Colorful and Cheerful Dutch Home Decor Inspirations – Each country certainly has its own house model, as well as the Dutch house model. The house model with a simple but beautiful appearance makes Dutch-style houses attractive to people.

As a place to live, the house must, of course, be made comfortable. The appearance of the house is also a reflection of the homeowner. If you are a person who likes a cheerful atmosphere and a colorful display, then a colorful and cheerful Dutch home decor can be your inspiration.

So, if you are one who is interested in a cheerful Dutch home, here we have provided Colorful and Cheerful Dutch Home Decor Inspirations that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

White as The Basic Color of The Room to Give A Soft and Bright Appearance

The initial stage when decorating a room is to determine the basic color of the room. Why? Because the basic color has a considerable influence on the appearance of the room itself. If you want a bright room, then use bright colors. Soft colors that are a little dark can also be used as the main color to make the room look calm and soft.

dutch room design
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Since the theme of this article is “Colorful and Cheerful Dutch Home Decor”, the base color is bright colors. Neutral colors can be your inspiration so that the appearance of the room also looks minimalist.

White is an alternative color that can be used as a base color. Besides giving a bright appearance, white is also a neutral color which will make it easier for you to decorate the room with other colors.

The appearance of the room will look soft and bright by applying white to the walls and ceiling of the room.

Patterned Wall Look More Attractive

The appearance of a room that is too minimalist will also look stiff. Therefore it is necessary to add a few motifs that can make the room look attractive.

exposed brick wall for dutch home
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There are several patterned wall motif that can be applied for the dutch home interior:

  • Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tiles wall
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Ceramic tile walls can be used as inspiration to make a room look attractive. The white ceramic tile wall is the right idea to make the room look bright so that the atmosphere of the room will be cheerful.

Usually, ceramic tiles are applied to the kitchen walls. The goal is, of course, to facilitate the walls when exposed to oil while cooking. In addition, ceramic tiles are also often used on bathroom walls. The use of ceramic tiles not only makes the bathroom look attractive but also avoids the moss that will appear.

  • Exposed Brick Wall

Bringing brick red into the room can be used as inspiration to make the Dutch home interior look cheerful and colorful. The brick red color has a natural impression so it won’t make the room look too quirky.

The exposed brick wall becomes the way you can apply to the room. In this way, the room also will look more attractive.

Room Feels Alive with Floral Wallpaper or Wall Mural

To bring the impression of being attracted to the room, giving floral motifs is indeed an interesting idea. A wall mural or wallpaper with flowers can be an option.

The bright colors of the flowers will give a bright and cheerful look and feel. So, the use of wall murals or wallpaper with flower images does not only affect the appearance of the room, but also the atmosphere of the room itself.

floral wall mural or wallpaper
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As seen in the picture above, the blue flower wallpaper looks so sweet. To give a bright impression, white is still used as the basic color of the room.

Providing the first room with floral wallpapers is an inspiration that you can make as your reference. When you enter the house, you will feel a cheerful atmosphere so you will feel comfortable.

Beautiful and Fresh Cozy Spot in Dutch Home Design

As the main purpose of relaxing and resting yourself, it is very important to make the house a comfortable place to live. Creating a favorite spot in the house is the right idea.

The corner of the room near the window is the right spot to decorate so that it becomes the most comfortable spot in your house. As can be seen in the picture, console-style wooden benches are the right inspiration to maximize the use of the edge of the room. Providing a soft mattress on it can make the corner of the room the most comfortable spot. Several cushions with beautiful colors add to the beauty of the room itself. You can also feel the colorful appearance of the large pink painting with flowers hanging on the wall.

cozy spot
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It can also be seen that homeowners take full advantage of the natural lighting that enters the house. Natural light is indeed an important factor in making the house feel comfortable. Relax by the window to be fun. Enjoying the outside view from Dalma House really helps make yourself fresh again. Coupled with the atmosphere of the room which is colorful and cheerful.

Beautiful Minimalist Dining Room Decor

In making the room look sweet, the minimalist decoration is indeed the right choice to be applied in the room. A minimalist decoration will look very suitable in a Dutch home interior.

beautiful minimalist dutch dining room design
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Apart from the living room, the dining room is also often used as a place to gather with family and friends. Therefore, the appearance of this room is also very important to note.

These are the items that can be used to make the dining room in the Dutch home design look colorful and cheerful:

  • Small Dining Room Cabinet

Every detail of the room must be considered when applying a minimalist design. When viewed from the picture, the white Dutch-style cabinet looks so beautiful when placed in the corner of the room. The existence of a glass cabinet in the cabinet makes the items inside look very clear. This is of course used to give a colorful appearance to the house by placing several beautiful color plates and glasses.

  • Pink Pastel Dining Chair

Sometimes pink is a color to avoid because it can make a room seem quirky and tacky. However, the use of pastel pink colors is actually very good for making the room look sweet and soft. Like in the dining room in the picture above, the pink pastel dining chair is the main item where it looks very dominant in this room. The appearance of the dining room looks cheerful and colorful but still looks simple and minimalist.

  • Yellow Simple Pendant Lamp

The item that must be in every room is a lamp. In addition to lighting up the room, lights can also be used as room decorations to make the room look more attractive.

The simple yellow pendant lamp is a good inspiration to make a minimalist dutch dining room design look cheerful and colorful.

  • Flowers

Flowers can be used as additional decorations to sweeten the appearance of the room. Flowers with beautiful colors that are put in a white vase make the dining room look so fresh and colorful. These flowers look even more beautiful when placed on the dining table.


Naturally, to feel bored with the same house design. Therefore, trying other designs is the most appropriate idea. Dutch home design is a design that you can apply to your home. Providing a cheerful and colorful atmosphere makes Dutch home a comfortable and attractive place to live as well. And in this article, we provide the Colorful and Cheerful Dutch Home Decor Inspirations that can be your references.



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