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Simple Decorations to Make Your Small Home Interior Look Attractive – Minimalist or simple homes are often popular residences for many people. Indeed, some benefits can be felt from having a small or minimalist house, such as easy cleaning due to limited land. However, a small or minimalist house is also a challenge for the homeowner in terms of decoration. Care is needed in choosing decorations so that the small room in the house can look beautiful and also feel comfortable.

And here, we have provided Simple Decorations to Make Your Small Home Interior Look Attractive. So, let’s check it out!

Make The Most of The Wall

Given the limited land, you automatically can’t use too many items in the room. Using too many items can make a small room feel cramped and stuffy. So, to make the small home interior look attractive, managing the room vertically is the right way.

Make the most of the wall is the right idea to make the room look attractive but doesn’t feel cramped. You can use the wall as a medium for decoration.

Here are interesting decorations that you can apply to a small room to make it look attractive.

  • Floating Wall Shelf as A Room Storage

floating wall shelf for small room decoration
Cc: Pinterest

There are some items that cannot be hung on the wall. However, putting this item on the floor or other place in the room can make a small room feel and look even smaller. With this, storage is needed to store these items. A floating wall shelf is a right item that can be used to make a room look attractive.

Just use one to two floating wall shelves and hang them on the walls of the room. With this, you can put plants to make the room look fresh, put books to make the room look simple and attractive, or some other display that has its own interest value.

  • Pictures or Paintings

small dining room wall decor
Cc: Pinterest

Having a gallery wall in a small room can indeed make the room look attractive and artsy. There are several items that can be used, such as pictures and paintings. So, if you like photography or painting, you can use your creativity to decorate the room to make it look attractive.

  • Unique Mirror

unique mirror for wall decor
Cc: Pinterest

Mirrors are indeed an item that is usually used in the bedroom. As an item for makeup, the mirror function in the bedroom is very important. However, the development of the times presents mirrors with unique forms. With this, the function of the mirror becomes double, namely as a decoration item to make the room look attractive. Therefore, the current mirror can be used in all rooms in the house.

Make The Corner of The Room Look Beautiful

In decorating a small home interior, you have to pay attention to every detail of the house. Take advantage of every space that can be used, one of which is the corner of the room.

Leaving a corner of the room empty is a mistake in decorating. In fact, the corner of the room can be used as the right spot to make the room look attractive.

beautiful small room
Cc: Pinterest

As seen in the picture above, the room looks so beautiful with a large plant in the corner of the room. Even though it looks simple, the corner of the room has an important influence on the beauty of the room itself.

Using plant containers is also the right idea when decorating a corner. To create a soft and simple appearance, rattan pots are the right item to use. The existence of rattan items in the corner of the room will provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Create The Illusion of Space into The Room

The most important thing in decorating a small home interior is to make the rooms inside the house feel wider so that the room feels comfortable.

Creating the illusion of space into a small room is also the right way to make these rooms look beautiful and charming.

There are several ways you can create the illusion of space in a room:

  • Use Full-Length Mirror

attractive corner of the room
Cc: Pinterest

As previously explained, the current mirror function is not only an item that can help you when you make up. Mirrors can also be used as items to make small rooms feel wider.

A full-length mirror is the most appropriate mirror type to use. The use of this type of mirror can help you in creating a broad look into small rooms. You just have to hang the mirror on the wall of the room. If that makes you too much of a bother, leaning the mirror against the wall is also an easy decoration.

The full-length mirror can also be used as a corner decoration to make the room look more attractive. Try to place the mirror in a spot that is exposed to direct sunlight. With this, the small room will appear brighter.

  • Use A Carpet or Rug

small kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest

As an additional item, carpet or rug is an item that you can use or not is not a big problem. However, each item certainly has its own function and role. Likewise with carpet or rug.

The use of a carpet or rug in a small room has a huge impact on the appearance of the room itself. Carpet or rug is the right item to use in creating the illusion of space in a small room.

Use rugs or rugs with bright colors. Simple motifs are also the right choice to give a simple and attractive impression to the room.

Create a Warm Comfortable Atmosphere

One of the downsides of small spaces is that it can easily feel cramped and stuffy and can make the room look unattractive. But of course, this can be overcome with the right decoration.

natural lighting for bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Bringing natural lighting into the room is the right decoration to make the room look attractive. Natural lighting will give a warm, cozy atmosphere into a small room.

To maximize the natural lighting that enters the room, use a large window. Besides, make sure there aren’t any decorations on the windows. If you use curtains, try to open them in the morning.

Minimizing the Use of Items in The Room

Because the room is small, automatically using too many items can make the room cramped and uncomfortable. Besides, the room will look unattractive.

In order for the small home interior to feel comfortable and also look attractive, then minimize the use of items in the room. Use only items that are essential.

small bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

By using the necessary items, there will be a lot of wiggle room created in the room. With this, the room will also feel spacious and feel comfortable. Small rooms will also offer a cramped and stuffy taste.

As seen in the picture above, the small bedroom looks so attractive. You can also feel a comfortable atmosphere when you see this picture. The main important item used in this bedroom is a bed and a small wardrobe. The rattan chair is the right item to sweeten the bedroom look. The addition of some wall decorations that are placed on the floating wall shelf gives a very attractive simple appearance. String light (Tumblr lamp) decoration also provides a warm atmosphere in the room.


Owning a small house is not a bad thing. Jutru minimalist house or small house will easily feel warm and comfortable. However, of course, this will come if you decorate the room properly. No need to use complicated decorations because a small room only needs simple decorations to make it look attractive. And the points above are Simple Decorations to Make Your Small Home Interior Look Attractive.



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