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Simple Ideas to Make The Bathroom Look Beautiful and Feel Comfortable – Even though it is the smallest room in the house, people want their bathroom to look beautiful and feel comfortable. One reason is that the bathroom is the room that is most often used and has an important function.

Besides that, some people even make the bathroom a place for them to unwind. Soaking in warm water and enjoying a comfortable bathroom is indeed a very pleasant thing. With this, the body will come back refreshed.

To make the bathroom feel comfortable, cleanliness is the main thing that must be considered. It’s useless if the bathroom looks beautiful but the bathroom is not clean, aka dirty. A dirty bathroom can not only cause discomfort but can also cause various diseases. Therefore, make sure you clean the bathroom regularly.

So, for those of you who want to have a comfortable and beautiful bathroom, here we have provided the Simple Ideas to Make The Bathroom Look Beautiful and Feel Comfortable. So, let’s check it out!

Lighting That Supports A Comfortable Atmosphere in The Bathroom

Every room certainly needs lighting to make the room look bright. There are two types of lighting that can be used:

  1. Natural lighting, coming from the sunlight. Usually, the window is needed to make the natural lighting enters the room freely.
  2. Artificial lighting, the light coming from the lamp. This light is usually used to illuminate a room at night or in a room that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Besides making the room look bright, light can also be used to give an attractive feel and appearance to the room. Using lighting to make your bathroom look beautiful and feel comfortable is the right idea.

  • Aromatherapy Candles Bring Warmth and Relaxing Nuance to The Bathroom

beautiful bathroom
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Using aromatherapy candles is the right idea to provide additional lighting to the bathroom. By using aromatherapy candles, the bathroom will feel warm and comfortable. Besides that, the bathroom is the right one to make yourself relax.

  • Pendant Lamps Give A Warm and Romantic Atmosphere and Appearance

pendant lamp for bathroom
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Currently, there are many types of lamps that can be used, and one of them is a pendant lamp. Using pendant lamps for the bathroom is simple, the right idea to be applied in the bathroom. The presence of a pendant lamp in the bathroom gives an attractive and romantic appearance. The warm lighting also will make the bathroom nuances feel so comfortable.

Green Plants to Bring Fresh Natural Look into The Bathroom

Some people prefers to add a natural look to make their bathroom feel fresh and look more attractive. The presence of the green plants is perfect to make the bathroom becomes the place to relax. The use of some green plants in the bathroom is a simple idea that can make the bathroom look beautiful and feel comfortable.

fresh bathroom ideas
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Plants are indeed the right decoration to make the room feel fresher. For a bathroom with a simple design, plants are the right decoration.

The use of attractive pots for plants is also an interesting idea to add beauty value to the bathroom.

Rattan Items Make The Bathroom Look Soft and Warm

For a bathroom with a simple design, it is necessary to give a little decoration so that the bathroom looks sweet and soft. And of course, care is needed so that the appearance of the bathroom looks harmonious and beautiful.

The use of items made of natural materials such as rattan, wood, etc. is indeed the easiest way to decorate a room. Because, natural elements will go into any design.

Rattan items are interesting ideas to make the bathroom look soft and warm. The following are rattan items that can be used in the bathroom:

  • Rattan Storage

soft bathroom look
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In the bathroom, of course there will be a lot of bathroom equipment, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, towels, and other equipment. If you give this equipment over the sink, of course the bathroom will look messy and dirty. Therefore, storage is needed to put these equipment. Rattan storage is the most appropriate item to use. In this way, the bathroom will look clean and beautiful.

  • Rattan Carpet

rattan carpet for bathroom
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It is rather strange to use a carpet in the bathroom. However, for the sake of making the bathroom look beautiful, the carpet is the most appropriate item to use. The rattan carpet is the best choice because the rattan will not feel slippery when exposed to water. Besides that, the rattan carpet will also not get wet, so its use is much simpler than using cloth rugs.

  • Rattan Pot

rattan pot for bathroom
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As previously explained, giving decorations in the form of plants to the bathroom is the right idea to make the bathroom feel fresh and also look beautiful. To emphasize the nature nuances in the bathroom, using a rattan pot is a great idea.

Cozy Small Bathroom by Maximizeng The Use of Bathroom Wall

Small bathrooms are more difficult to decorate. Therefore, you have to be smart in decorating a small bathroom so that it looks beautiful and feels comfortable.

To make the small bathroom feel comfortable, maximizing the use of the bathroom wall is a great idea. Why the wall? Because the space in the small bathroom is limited. With this, you can’t give too many decorations because it can make the bathroom feel carmped and stuffy.

cozy small bathroom ideas
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Floating wall shelf is the most appropriate item to use. By using this item, you can put some decorations in the form of pictures, plants, and so on. In addition, the floating wall shelf can also be used as a storage to store toiletries such as soap and shampoo.

Marble for Beautiful Simple Bathroom

simple elegant bathroom
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Making the bathroom look simple is not a bad thing. In fact, some people will feel comfortable if their room appears simple.

A simple bathroom can also be made to look beautiful using marble material. Marble walls are an interesting idea so that a simple bathroom looks so beautiful and elegant. In addition, the marmer wall also will make the simple bathroom look bright so that the simple bathroom will be a cozy room.

Skylight Window Makes The Bathroom Look Bright and Beautiful

In making a bathroom look beautiful and feel comfortable, natural lighting is an important factor. The natural lighting will bring the nature feel to the bathroom so that the bathroom will feel comfortable. The bathroom will also feel more natural with the presence of several plants and natural elements.

skylight window for bathroom
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To maximize the natural lighting that enters the bathroom, applying a skylight window becomes the simpe idea to make the bathroom look beautiful and feel comfortable. You can see the beautiful sky when you take a shower. In this way, the bathroom can be the right place to relax and make yourself relax.


As the room most often used, the bathroom is an important room. Therefore, the comfort and appearance of this roar must be considered. There are many interesting and simple ideas that you can apply to the bathroom in your home so that the bathroom feels comfortable and looks beautiful. And the points above are Simple Ideas to Make The Bathroom Look Beautiful and Feel Comfortable. So, have you decided the simple ideas that you want to apply?



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