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How to Arrange and Design a Classic Traditional Living Room for a Modern Look

1. Overview of traditional design

Designing a traditional style living room is not only for large houses. But you can design it in a small home. The most important thing you must know is what elements can create this decoration. By simply changing the appearance of these elements, the traditional impression can easily be seen. Then, this style makes a room looks elegant and charming. So it is very suitable to be applied to a house full of togetherness. In addition, the historical effect it causes can bring together memories from childhood. Therefore, there are elements that you need to be considered carefully in building a traditional style. For that, you can see our explain as below.

Classic lighting

Lighting plays a more important role in creating the atmosphere of this traditional room. The right lighting type you want to use is a crystal chandelier that can adjust to the light level. In addition, you can also present a row of beautiful candles as special lighting. The soft rays of light generated from these two light sources can give the impression of a living room that looks dramatic. Then, the correct arrangement of the living room concept can carry the traditional style in it. Therefore, we share ideas with you to arrange a modern traditional living room.


Everyone knows that every house must have a color that matches the model of the house, and the taste of the owner. Therefore, the function of color in creating a traditional concept is to beautify the room. The color in question is in addition to wall paint, such as fabrics and furniture, and materials.

Then, to make it look more attractive, choose a fabric that looks shiny and shiny seat upholstery. Next, emphasize the color scheme of the room on the window and door curtains used. Make sure you don’t use too many types of colors, and it looks crowded because it is very contrary to the traditional concept.

Choosing sofa and guest chairs

Every house has a sofa or guest chair placed in the living room. Then, the traditional style sofa is a sofa with fine fabric strands on the bottom. The presence of a sofa and guest chairs like this can make a traditional impression on the living room in your home. As for the guest chairs, choose a chair made of wood with cloth decoration as the seat. Therefore, you can choose whether you want to use a sofa or a chair. Then select a seating model that suits your room and your taste because the existence of this seat is a very important element in the living room.

Wall paint selection

The design of the house look more beautiful if you are given beautiful wall paint. Coloring the walls with the right paint is also important. Choose colors that match traditional designs to make them look beautiful and harmonious. On the other hand, you should avoid bold and dark colors as accessories for a room concept like this.

Then, the traditional living room design has a classic nature. So you have to maintain the color. In addition, the living room must reflect the impression of the traditional styles. Then, colors must be suitable for this concept. Usually consist of colors typical of nature, earth, or earth. For that, you can play with the coloring texture.

Display for the living room

The living room will look more traditional by adding some past displays. Usually, the display model depends on your living room, such as a wood carving statue that is always black. Then you also have to know the history of the object. So that I can explain if you ask. But if you don’t know their history, you can get information from the seller. Then you can arrange it properly to make it look more attractive and eye-catching.

2. A few ways to arrange a traditional house

As explained above, there are several ways to organize a traditional house. One of them is choosing the best and most attractive design. Light settings, furniture selection, room colors, materials, and accessories, need to be considered to display traditional concepts. Therefore, in this article, we share ideas to provide some sample images of this room. For that, let’s discuss it one by one as below. Welcome to our article!

Beautiful guest chair and accessories

Having a beautiful living room is everyone’s dream. Therefore, if you want to design a living room to look more attractive, unique, and different, you can make it with a traditional design concept. Basically, this living room design can be applied in any place, both in rural and urban areas. Don’t be afraid to be called out of date. Then, now traditional house designs are currently booming, especially in Europe.

Then, this traditional-style residential design makes the interior appearance of the house warmer, more comfortable, and friendly to anyone. Therefore, we guarantee that you and your family will feel happy and cheerful. Then, to look more complete, add a beautiful guest chair, decorative light, wall accessories, bright floor carpet, and flower pots. So your living room looks more beautiful. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your living room.

Artistic living room

The first element that makes this traditional living room special is the use of a large-armed sofa. Not to forget, an antique wooden table is usually used for the dining room and placed in the middle of this room. This combination of accessories and furniture can increase the atmosphere of intimacy in a traditional-style living room. The living room has a very comfortable atmosphere, especially the floor has designed with wooden floors.

Then, to look more attractive, the living room is decorated with accessories, wall hangings, sofa cushions, wooden sideboards, and bookshelves designed in the corner of the wall. If you imitate a design like this, we guarantee that the guests who visit your home will immediately feel happy and feel at home.

Mountain style living room design

Abroad, traditional-designed living rooms generally use a fireplace because of the cold country. In Indonesia, the people are made like it because their house has located in a mountainous area with cold air. In addition, the impression caused by this fireplace is stronger because it is only the traditional interior concept that uses it.

Then, to make it look more fun, you can make a fireplace element with a wooden floor in the living room with a chimney at the top. Then, add furniture such as sofa sets, armchairs, wooden tables, wooden shelves in the corner of the walls, wall hangings, and antique accessories. By arranging a living room like this, guests will be immediately fascinated by the existence of this fireplace. Hopefully, this design can add ideas and inspiration to your home in the mountains.

The living room blends with the dining table

If you want the appearance of the elements in this living room to look more attractive, it is necessary to add accessories and furniture to a traditional living room. For example, a wooden dining table complete with beautiful chairs and wall hangings, wooden hanging lamps, and mirrors. The arrangement of the living room to join the dining table like this living room makes the interior of the living room look more aesthetic.

We know that traditional designs must require elaborate but beautiful decorative accents. Then, to make the room look more elegant, this room is equipped with sofa sets and tables, sofa cushions, flower pots, and floor rugs. In this way, the traditional impression it has very strong. Arrangements like this will make you feel confident and happy. Hopefully, this arrangement can add ideas and inspiration to your living room.

Simple traditional living room

The existence of a large wooden shelf cabinet containing a collection of glassware, photo frames, and books also makes this simple living room look fun. This wood shelving cabinet gave a gray color and has designed with a multilevel model. So we can use it for the storage of personal items and displays.

Then, to make it look more attractive, the living room has decorated with colorful armchairs and an antique wooden table. The combination of cabinet and guest chairs makes this room look a luxurious and elegant appearance. Then, to not look monotonous, the walls are decorated with several antique plates ranging from small to large sizes and paintings. This arrangement makes a simple living room look unique and fun. Hopefully, this arrangement can add ideas and inspiration to your living room.

Modern traditional living room

Organizing a traditional living room into a modern one must prepare a lot of money because this living room must be equipped with antique and luxurious furniture. Therefore, you must design it before designing it so that it is not in vain. If you do it suddenly, you will find it difficult to arrange a living room of this size.

Then, to look elegant and luxurious, please design the living room walls with wallpapers with traditional motifs and add a teak sideboard, beautiful curtains, antique tables, and carved guest chairs and seats covered with foam and beautiful fabric. Then, to look a sweeter appearance, add ornamental plants, floor rugs, and antique room accessories.
But If you need to add a candle decoration made of brass and placed on the table or hung on the ceiling so that the living room looks like the old days. Structuring a design like this will make the living room beautiful and elegant. We hope this design can make your living room amazing.

Traditional workspace and relaxed room

Making your workspace beautiful and fun will make you more excited to work. Therefore, you have to arrange it properly. So that your workspace makes you comfortable. For this reason, we recommend equipping your workspace with the best furniture.

Then, to make you more excited, add a beautiful work desk and chair, relaxing sofa, decorative lamp table, and floor rug. Then, to look sweeter, decorate it with decorative lights on work desks and casual tables, wall hangings, and photo frames pasted on the walls. This arrangement will make you feel more comfortable. Then you will feel at home in this place while doing work and relaxing in a lounge chair. We hope this design can be an inspiration for your workspace.

Arrange modern traditional living room

Modern traditional interior design in this living or family room can make comfort for you and your family. In addition, you can see one or two different sofas and a few chairs complete with a round wooden table. Then to make it look more attractive, you can add decorative lights, wooden and glass cabinets, sofa cushions, floor rugs, and hanging decorative lights.

This modern traditional living room design is similar to a minimalist design. The room’s interior is arranged in bright colors so that you and your family feel the warmth in the living room. Then, The layout of the television on the wall makes the living room more beautiful. If you like bright nuance, you can arrange your living room like this picture. Hopefully, this review can add to your ideas.

Bright traditional living room

Sometimes a traditional living room has a glamorous d├ęcor and luxurious furnishings. But this living room looks bright. The appearance of this living room arrangement looks clean and bright with a white sofa, white curtains, and white hanging decorative lights.

Then, to look more attractive, this living room arrangement is complete with a teak table, floor pillows, and floor rugs. In addition, this living room looks so neat and pleasant. Then, do not use a lot of furniture. So that this living room looks spacious and makes you and your family freer to move. Hopefully, this living room arrangement can add to your inspiration.

Organize with wall paintings and pendant lights

You can present a traditional touch as in this living room. You can see this living room, the homeowner arranges it with beautiful paintings and ceilings complete with decorative lights. This arrangement of rooms can be used as pride for homeowners. Moreover, there are several antique decorative lights that can become icons in this room.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can arrange carved wooden chairs complete with sofa cushions, corner tables, guest tables, and striped floor carpets. Don’t forget to add decorative lights in the corner of the room to make it feel warmer. An Interior layout like this will make you happy and feel at home in this place. Hopefully, an arrangement like this picture can add to your ideas and inspiration.

3. Conclusion

Traditional living room designs will look beautiful if you arrange them properly. This design is suitable for houses in cold areas, mountainous areas, and rural areas. The unique and antique appearance house can make the living room look beautiful, attractive, elegant, aesthetic, and fun.

In this article, we provide some examples of traditional interior design arrangements. We hope this arrangement can add ideas and inspiration for you. Hopefully, this design can make your home’s interior look more beautiful and fun.



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