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Make Your Minimalist Home Terrace As Your Family’s Dream

1. About the terrace

The terrace is the appearance of the house and an inseparable part of family happiness because the terrace is widely used as a place to relax with family and friends. Here, you can also welcome your guests while chatting and drinking coffee. If you have a minimalist type of house, don’t worry because you can find inspiration for a beautiful minimalist terrace design in front of the house.

We know that our dreams are always beautiful and fun. So we want to make it happen. For that, make a beautiful minimalist terrace so that your family is always cheerful. Then, we also know that most of the terraces are used for relaxing gatherings and chatting with family. Then, the atmosphere on the terrace makes the family more intimate because the atmosphere is non-formal, and the room is open and pleasant than in the house. Therefore, many people make the terrace as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Then, we will provide some examples of terrace images for you to plan an attractive terrace in front of your home.

2. Choosing Terrace design

As we know, Many patio designs are offered by home decor companies through their magazines. But all they offer are unique and more attractive. But you have to decide what terrace design is right for your home.

You know there are some terrace designs like Scandinavian, vintage, and traditional styles, and all these designs are beautiful. On this occasion, we would like to give you some appearance the beautiful minimalist terrace design. Of course, a terrace design with a bright, clean, and simple design but pleasant to the eye. We hope this design can be your choice and make your family happy. Then, you can make it.

3. Terrace as a family function

A terrace is a place that house owners always use to relieve boredom when they feel bored at home. Then, with an attractive terrace, they are looking for an open atmosphere to gather, relax, chat with family. Besides that, the terrace is also used to receive unknown guests, and they come to deliver packages or goods. Then the terrace can also be an exterior decoration of a house or small garden that uses flower pots, flower pot racks, and flower pot hangers. Therefore, many other uses of the terrace to be an advantage by residents of the house.

In this article, we want to give some examples of minimalist terraces, and suitable for your type of home. We hope you can take advantage of the function of the terrace as a facility for your family to be happy.

4. Some pictures of minimalist terrace

In this article, we want to provide some beautiful minimalist terrace images. Then, we hope that they will suit your taste. For you know, there are several pictures of terraces in this article that look simple, luxurious, artistic, and elegant. But you can choose it according to the model you want. But don’t forget, designing a beautiful front porch must match the spaciousness of ​​​​the land in front of your house so that your home does not become cramped. For that, let’s discuss one by one the terrace images below. We hope one of these images is suitable to your liking and you can immediately plan to make it. Happy following!

Elegant minimalist terrace

The minimalist terrace of this home looks attractive and elegant. The garage walls use natural stone and then combine with bright colors. Then, the walls at the entrance have decorated with ceramics. Doors and windows use varnish colors, Then the car garage floor and terrace are designed with ceramic motifs. Then, to make more attractive the house terrace, the land in front of the home is planted with Japanese grass and flowers. That way, the exterior of the house looks beautiful and elegant.

Beautiful minimalist terrace

The front porch of this one house, featuring bright colors and added with natural stone designs with unique colors on the terrace walls, makes this minimalist terrace look more attractive. So it does not become hot from the sun, Paragols are installed and painted in bright colors. Then, you can see the floor of the car garage, and the front door has been designed with bright ceramic motifs, and to look green in front of this home, the front yard of the terrace is planted with grass and flowers, to look more harmonious, the color of doors and windows has painted in a bright white color. That way, your minimalist terrace will look more beautiful and bright.

Terrace with flat natural stone design

The terrace design of this house looks very limited. This terrace is designed with flat natural stone in dark gray color and is giving a little combination of white natural stone. The terrace floor uses a dark color motif ceramic design. To add to the beauty of the terrace planted with trees and flowers to make it cool. With this design, the appearance of the terrace looks more attractive.

Minimalist teras with attractive natural stones

The terrace design of this house looks attractive with a dark motif of natural stone design. This terrace has been designed with a background of glass doors and glass windows with wooden frames. The arrangement of natural stone on the irregular terrace walls makes the terrace walls look artistic. Then the terrace floor uses a ceramic design with bright color motifs. To add to the beauty of the terrace planted with trees and flowers to make it cool. With this design, the appearance of the terrace looks more attractive.

Minimalist terrace wall with rough natural stone surface

The terrace walls with rough natural stone surfaces in this picture, make this terrace looks artistic and fun. The layout of natural stone like this is not easy and requires a good design. Then, the terrace floor with ceramic motifs makes this terrace look harmonious. Then, flower plants and small trees make the terrace atmosphere shady. Hopefully, you are interested in this simple arrangement.

Minimalist terrace with flower pots

If you have a hobby with flower plants. Of course, You can decorate the front porch of your house with flower pots hanging on the terrace wall. Then you can also install an iron shelf on the terrace wall to hang a larger flower pot so it doesn’t fall off easily.
In addition, you can arrange flower shelves on the terrace floor and then arrange them neatly. With this arrangement, your terrace will become an attractive small garden.

Beautiful minimalist terrace with hanging flower

Minimalist home terrace design is a place to relax and enjoy the fresh air outside the house. Often when bored being at home all day. For that, you can relax on the terrace while enjoying snacks, drinking coffee, and chatting with family. As we know, The terrace is a connecting place between the house and the outside home. This area is usually a place to sit and put ornamental plants to beautify the house. Houses with minimalist designs are increasingly in demand because of their modern design and simple appearance and attract attention.

The terrace is usually in front of the house, and we know this area is the first thing you see when you enter the house. Therefore, it is more important to have a terrace with a beautiful and comfortable design. Happy decorating your home!

Minimalist terrace with staircase design

You must often see the terrace floor with the front has a different height. To overcome this, you have to make stairs with ceramic motifs. But you must pay attention that the height of the stairs must be safe. Then, the staircase must adjust to the other steps. The thing to note is that the distance of the stairs and the height of the stairs should not be too narrow because it can make your child fall or stumble. To save for children walking and the elderly to pass. The staircase design must follow safety rules. Then, design with a rough surface ceramic. So as not to slip easily.

Minimalist terrace with sofa swing design

A terrace with a sofa swing design can make your family gather and relax. A hanging sofa in the patio area is an attractive idea. With a design like this, you will feel more comfortable sitting on it. Then, this hanging sofa has a simple design. The frame of the hanging sofa is made of wood and has a sponge on it. To make it more beautiful, put pillows with various unique motifs. For safety, you have to make sure the sofa hangs firmly. So as not to fall when you climb it. With this design, the appearance of your minimalist terrace will look unique.

Bright minimalist terrace design

This minimalist home terrace design looks neat, bright, and clean. You can cover the parking area or front yard with gravel. It is to prevent the growth of weeds and make maintenance easier. Covering the front yard with White pebbles is a wise choice. This method can help the water seep quickly when it rains and make the terrace not flooded. To see the greenery, you can replace original grass with artificial grass in the terrace area for a place to relax.

Tiny minimalist terrace with natural stone

The entire floor of the terrace has been designed with marble, so the surface looks flat and does not much blemish, and this design looks semi luxurious.  Then, on the wall, there are two models used. On the wall attached to the door painted in gray. While the elbow wall is closed using beautiful natural stone motifs. To add to the beauty of the terrace has been planted with small trees and flowers.

Black Minimalist Terrace

Dark colors will make the terrace of the house feel narrow. But if you have a spacious space, it is not a problem. You can make something like this. Then you have to be good at arranging furniture to make it look more attractive. Then present some accessories to add to the beauty of your terrace.

As the picture above, the wall of the terrace uses black natural stone. Then the has decorated with flower shelves. Then the terrace looks artistic, with wallpaper decor and flower pot hangers. That way, the appearance of this minimalist terrace looks more attractive.

5. Conclusion

If you want to get good inspiration for the minimalist terrace, you can look at some sample pictures in garden magazines. Then, to design it to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, you have to look for inspiration to determine your terrace decoration. Therefore, you must arrange your terrace as comfortably as possible so that it can make you cheerful.

In this article, we give some pictures, to make a beautiful terrace in your home. Of course, you will have to spend a lot of money if your patio has to be decorated by a furniture company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can choose according to the drawings we describe and give them to the patio builder. Hopefully, this article can advantage for you. Happy decorating!




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