1. Getting to know wallpapers

Wallpaper is a type of paper material used to cover and decorate the inner walls of homes, offices, and other buildings to make them look more beautiful. This material is processed and then given a picture. Then, it can use as a wall decoration for homes such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, terraces, and kitchens. The motifs of the pictures consist of various kinds like pictures of mountain scenery, the sea, waterfalls, pictures of lakes in the mountains, pictures of flower motifs, and three-dimensional pictures.

Wallpaper is usually sold per meter and can sell include installation. Therefore, if you like the scenery or plants, you can buy them at a home decor store and store that sells wallpaper. Then you install the wallpaper according to your plan. Then, the wallpaper motif according to your taste. Happy decorating. Then, enjoy the beauty of your living room.

2. Various wallpaper motifs

Many wallpaper motifs sell in home decor stores and wallpaper shops. Choose an attractive motif, make you must be according to your taste. That’s why we want to share ideas with you for the best wallpaper motif to be installed in your living room.

If you are happy with the beautiful view, you can choose the green sea games full of island views, mountains full of rocks and dry trees, and rural views with yellow rice fields complemented by farmers. But if you like flowers and green trees, you can choose pictures of small leaf motifs, large leaf motifs, and blooming flowers. All the motifs will give you an appearance. You will feel proud if your guests compliment you on a friendly and cheerful person. Hopefully, this article can make inspiration for your plan.

3. Wallpaper material

Wallpaper material consists of various kinds. Then, to be installed on the living room wall, you should install a thick type of material and then is not easy to tear. Then, please choose a material that is a bit flashy. And make emits a glow when the light shines on it.

To make the view of the wallpaper more attractive, give the spotlight on the wallpaper section. In this way, the wallpaper will be more attractive according to the original scene. To install it, you must be careful because the risk is torn and wrinkled, but if you want good results, Better give them to a wallpaper installer so that the results are satisfactory and according to what you want.

4. Example of wallpaper in the room

In this article, we provide some examples of attractive wallpaper images for the interior of your room. Of course, the wallpaper motif that will be installed must match the room model, wall area, and your taste. For you to know, the wallpaper motif for the living room is not the same as the dining room and bedroom. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss wallpaper for the living room to make it look beautiful and charming. For that, let’s discuss one by one the wallpaper motifs below. Happy following!

Leaf motif wallpaper

Living room wall wallpaper in the form of pictures can be an option for decorating your room. Especially if the living room wall is wide enough, you can install it on the wall. So it makes you feel like you are in the location.

The living room must be decorated as beautifully as possible so that you and your family feel at home and make your guests pleasant. In this picture, we give some examples of leaf-patterned wallpaper. Then it is equipped with a sofa and decorated with light colors on the carpet. With this design, the appearance of your living room will feel comfortable.

Classic motif wallpaper

Everyone wants to see their living room beautiful and feel comfortable. A living room with a luxurious classic design can give you satisfaction. Therefore you can install wallpaper like this picture. To install wallpaper must be adjusted to the model of your room. If not, then the results are not good and make you disappointed. Then how to install it must also be adjusted to the flower motif so that it doesn’t look cut off.
With this wallpaper design, your interior will amaze your guests.

Small leaf motif wallpaper

This Scandinavian interior design style living room looks attractive with wallpaper small leaf motif. Then, the color is not flashy. These pastel colors can combine with matching colored furniture and sofas to look harmonious.

If you want to see the living room look more beautiful, sure, you can install this motif wallpaper. With this design, the living room will look bright and luxurious and make you and your guests happy to see it. Of course, the installation must be careful because of the risk of tearing and becoming worse. Therefore, how to install it must also be adjusted to the leaf motif so that it does not break off. With this design, your living room interior will look luxurious and bright.

Feminine floral Wallpaper

This living room looks romantic with the floral wallpaper appearance on the living room wall and gives a feminine touch to the room. It seems that your relationship with your family will be more harmonious if you are in this room. Harmony and cheerfulness will be seen in this place.

Moreover, you add a sofa with furry upholstery and patterned sofa cushions that have a feminine feel. This room seems like heaven. With this design, your living room will look beautiful and romantic. Your guests will judge you as a gentle and romantic person.
Hopefully, you can make it soon.

Wallpaper with artistic motifs

The classic nuance is still a favorite of some people in this living room design. This living room has installed wallpapered with high imagination.
This motif looks beautiful and artistic in a minimalist living room.
Bright colors and curves in the design make the interior of the living room look elegant.

For this reason, wallpaper motifs like this can be an option for your living room. But don’t forget, they must be adjusted to the sofa and sofa cushions so that your home looks more attractive and harmonious in the eyes of your guests. Hopefully, this design will make you and your family.

Luxurious wallpaper design

You can see this living room looks small in size, but the luxurious feel can be seen from the appearance of the gold-colored wallpaper. If you want to make it look more luxurious, you can decorate the walls with beautiful wallpaper. Then, to look more attractive, give beautiful and shiny mirror accessories.

The presence of a beautiful sofa set, a credenza table for placing the television also has the same color as the living room wall wallpaper. Decorations like this make the living room look luxurious. Then make you and your family comfortable in this place.

Three-dimensional pattern wallpaper

The living room wall design with this three-dimensional wallpaper motif makes you feel like you are in a beautiful tunnel. This design looks more beautiful and deserves to be in your living room and this design takes us into the past.

If you like a bright atmosphere, you can design the living room with it. But to design, this is certainly appropriate for a large living room. So you can feel the three-dimensional atmosphere. The placement of the sofa set, table, and accessories, of course, must be adjusted to the wallpaper motif to make the living room look beautiful and harmonious. Hopefully, you can design this motif in your living room.

Wallpaper with motifs in the forest

This living room looks more attractive and has a deep impression. If you are in this room, of course, you will feel as you are in a room but the middle of a forest. Then, you will imagine the extent of the forest and where you have to find a way out.

As we know, this motif brings you complacent and lulled. You would imagine if you were in the forest like this. Then, your imagination is the beauty in this place and then when at night you will feel the dark atmosphere. But don’t get carried away with fantasies like this because this is just a wallpaper motif created by an image designer who has a brilliant idea, Then to make this room more attractive, you can place a wooden sofa set to match the atmosphere of the room. With a design like this, your guests will be happy to be in your living room while imagining the wilderness.

Wallpaper with a lake view

The view of the lake and trees in this living room makes us feel calm and comfortable because it makes us feel close to the water. If you are in this room, you will feel as you are on the edge of a lake surrounded by green grass and natural plants. Of course, you will imagine the comfort and freedom to express. Then, you can relax while fishing.

This motif has brought your soul to sleep and lulled with the beauty of nature. You will imagine how happy you are to be in this place. Then, imagine the beauty of lakes, mountains, and green grass areas. But don’t be too carried away by this wallpaper image because this is just a wallpaper motif made by a photographer who has skill and art. Then to make this room more attractive, you can place a gray sofa set and white sofa cushions like this picture to match the atmosphere of the room. Of course, this design can make your guests amazed in your living room, especially if your guests are happy with the view of the lake and mountains.

Wallpaper with mountain waterfall view

The view of the wallpaper in this living room looks extraordinary. The waterfall that falls from the mountain makes us feel like we are in that place. Then the view of the wilderness in the mountains makes us feel as if we are in a wild nature full of challenges. You can certainly imagine getting to this place is not easy, for that you have to walk with all the obstacles and then only you can arrive at this place. However, with wallpaper images installed in your living room, you can enjoy an atmosphere like this place.

In this place, you will feel calm and comfortable. Then you can place a guest chair and face with a wallpaper image. Of course, it makes you relaxed as if you are overlooking a waterfall that falls from the mountain and looking at the forest in the mountains.
With this design, your living room will look more attractive and natural. Happy decorating the room and hopefully make you and your family pleasant and cheerful.

Wallpaper with a waterfall view from the forest

The view of the wallpaper in this living room looks natural. The waterfall that falls from the forest into the lake makes you feel as you are in that place. Then the view of the wilderness with dry trees makes you feel as if you are in the wild full of challenges.
You can certainly imagine that getting to this place is not easy because you must walk a road made of neatly arranged wood to get to this place.

But with this wallpaper image, you can anytime enjoy the atmosphere like this place.
In this place, you will feel freedom. Then especially with the light color sofa in this living room. It can make you relax as if you have arrived at a lake with a waterfall. With this design, your living room will amaze your guests and your family cheerful. Enjoy decorating this room.

5. Conclusion

If you want to make a beautiful living room in your house, we present the best wallpaper pictures. Then, to make it, you should choose the beautiful wallpaper pictures to look your room more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and An Aesthetic

In this article, we explained several of the best wallpaper for your houses. Then to have it, of course, you will have to spend the money to buy it. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the wallpaper maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your home look beautiful. Happy decorating! Happy decorating. Then, enjoy the beauty of your living room.


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