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Get to Know More About Mudroom – In today’s era, a minimalist house is a residence that is in great demand by the public. But unfortunately, the space provided in a minimalist home is also limited. Usually, there are only important rooms such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

In fact, there are several important rooms in the house that are often abandoned, such as the laundry room and mudroom. Even, a mudroom would sound unfamiliar these days. Many people do not know what a mudroom is. So that in this article, we will explain about mudroom and you will Get to Know More About Mudroom.

What Is A Mudroom?

Some of you must be curious about the mudroom. So, the mudroom is traditionally a home’s casual secondary entrance which is where this room is used to remove some dirty or wet clothes after traveling.

In ancient times, people still liked gardening and other activities that made their boots dirty. And the mudroom is the room to remove these shoes. And also raincoats or wet clothes are put in this room. The goal is of course to keep the main room clean.

beautiful mudroom
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Where is The Mudroom?

After you know what the mudroom is, the second question you will ask is where is the mudroom located, right? So, the mudroom is not the main room to enter the house (main entrance house). Because several dirty items were placed in this room, so the mudroom obviously could not possibly be the main entrance. This of course will make guests uncomfortable.

So, the location of the mudroom is on the side or back of the house. In fact, some mudrooms are located outside the garage. So, it is very safe to put some dirty items to keep the house clean and comfortable.

Is Mudroom Important?

The mudroom has indeed become one of the rooms that has been forgotten since the arrival of the minimalist house. In fact, the mudroom is a very important room. With the mudroom, we can keep the house clean.

A mudroom is a great room for a family home. This can help children know where to keep the dirt, mess, or sand.

Because these days there are no more dirty boots, the mudroom can be used to store coats and bags. So, making a mudroom on the front of the house is not a problem.

mudroom design
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What Should Be Considered When Making a Mudroom at Home?

For those of you who are interested in a mudroom and want to present a mudroom to your house, you have to make sure that you have more space in the house. Do not be too pushy if there is not a lot of space that can be made mudroom because this will only make the house look weird and uncomfortable.

And if there is a space to make the mudroom, here are some points you have to be considered when making a mudroom:

1. Providing A Bench/Seating

mudroom bench
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One reason why you should not be too pushy to make a mudroom if you do not have enough space is because you need to provide a bench/seating to remove your shoes.

Is bench/seating very important for a mudroom? The answer is yes. A mudroom will not be complete without a bench/seating.

To save space in the mudroom, you can use a bench and use the bottom of the bench as a place to store shoes or sandals.

2. Add Various Items of Furniture

mudroom furniture
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Add various items of furniture actually depends on how wide the mudroom you make. The space of the mudroom really determines what furniture will be used.

If there is more space in the mudroom, you can add cubbies or lockers to put the shoes and coats.

3. Storage

mudroom item storages
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The mudroom is not just a place to take off your shoes or coats, but also to store some other dirty items, such as balls. So, if there is more space in the mudroom, you can make it a storage area.

To make it easier for family members to retrieve their belongings, you can provide a basketball as a storage area for personal items. In this way, they will put their belongings in order and take them back easily.

4. Add The Right Lighting

mudroom lighting
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Because it is located next to the house or behind the house, the mudroom is a room that is exposed to light during the day. So, by relying on a glass door, the mudroom can look naturally bright. However, of course, adding lights is also very important to make this room bright at night.

So that the mudroom can look like a part of the house, you can use a beautiful chandelier. Or pendant lamp for a more minimalist look. Giving candlelight to the walls can also make the mudroom look attractive and pretty.

5. Durable Floor

mudroom floor
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The floor in the mudroom also needs attention. Because as a place to store dirty items and some equipment, make sure you use a durable floor.

Avoid using carpet floor. Dirty stains on the carpet floor will be difficult to remove. Besides that, the carpet will also become a den of dust and make the air in the house unhealthy.

Apart from carpet floors, vinyl or wooden floors are also floors that should be avoided in mudrooms. Because there will always be stains on the floor, so you have to mop the floor frequently. Wooden floors will quickly get damaged if they are constantly exposed to water.

If you still want to use a wooden floor, make sure the wooden floor you are using is the type that is waterproof. However, the price certainly will also be more expensive.

For the mudroom, it is highly recommended to choose a concrete floor or ceramic floor. It will be much more durable and also very easy to clean.

6. Decoration

mudroom design
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So that the room can look attractive, decorations are needed. Although a mudroom can be said to be a dirty room at home, it is still a part of the house, which means that the appearance of this room must also be considered. So, it is fine to decorate the mudroom.

It is just that, there are a few things that need to be known in decorating a mudroom. Make sure the decorations for this room are made simpler, like just hanging framed paintings. Or you can nail the wall hanger to the empty wall. Hanging a bag or coat on a wall hanger can be an interesting idea to decorate a mudroom so that this room will look attractive.


The mudroom is a traditional room that is used as a second entry room. Since the existence of a minimalist house, the mudroom has become an abandoned room. And in fact, some people may unfamiliar with the mudroom. In fact, the mudroom is an important room, especially for family homes. This room is a room for removing some dirty items and as a barrier to the outside of the house and inside the house. The mudroom is very important to keep the inside of the house clean. However, because this room has been abandoned in many residential areas, in this article we explain the mudroom for those of you who want to Get to Know More About Mudroom.



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