– Have you ever felt bored with the interior of your house? It could be that your boredom is due to the wrong decoration, or even because the rooms in your house feel monotonous.

As the main focal point of the room, the walls greatly affect the appearance and comfort of the room itself. Therefore, to make the interior of the house look beautiful, you can use the wall as the main media for decoration.

Wall art is one of the right choices to be used as wall decoration. And here, we have provided 9 Art Wall Ideas To Beautify The Rooms in Your House. So, let’s check it out!

1. Clipboard to Hang The Photos/Paintings

Tired of using photo frames? Maybe you can come up with a more anti-mainstream idea to make the interior look different. One way is to use the clipboard.

If the clipboard is usually used as a test paper base, now the clipboard function is not only for that. The clipboard can also be used as interior decoration. By using this item, the interior will look different and more attractive.

clipboard wall decor ideas
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Photos and paintings are the items most often used to decorate room walls. And usually, a photo frame is used to hang the photos and paintings.

However, in this idea, the photo frame is no longer a tool to hang photos and paintings on the walls of the room. Clipboard becomes an item to replace the function of the photo frame.

clipboard wall decor
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You can paste photos or paintings on clipboards and then hang the clipboards neatly on the wall of the room. In this way, you will have an art gallery in your house. Isn’t that interesting?

2. Unique Rattan Plates Bring Cultural Elements in The Room

Rattan is a natural element that is often used to make objects. Its flexible and malleable nature makes rattan material for making some items such as chairs, tables, carpets, and even unique plates.

For those of you who want to bring the cultural elements into the room, unique rattan plates can be used as decorations to make the walls of the room look attractive.

rattan plates
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You can choose one side of the wall in the room to be used as a place to display the unique plates. Some of the unique plates on the wall can give a room a beautiful look.

Usually, unique plates are used as decorations for the dining room and kitchen.

3. Minimalist Shadow Greek Girls

For a more artsy appearance, you can choose a greek art wall as room decoration in your home.

Greek art wall may be a little unfamiliar. This is because at this time greek is considered too old-fashioned and not contemporary. In fact, with a little touch of the modern greek art wall, it can be an attractive decoration for rooms at home.

Minimalist Shadow Greek Girls
Cc: Pinterest

Currently, the minimalist concept is in trend. If the greek art wall looks too old-fashioned, what if the greek art wall is made with a minimalist concept? Like this one wall art idea. Minimalist shadow greek girls look so attractive and up to date. It is very suitable to be displayed in a room with a minimalist or Scandinavian concept.

This one idea defies the opinion about the greek art wall which is only for rooms with classic designs or rooms with an old colonial look.

4. Geometric Abstrac Scandinavian

Who does not know Scandinavian Design? This design is very popular and is widely applied to current dwellings.

Scandinavian Design creates a room with a bright, minimalist, and calming appearance.

The items used in Scandinavian room design are usually minimalist furniture. The room is made to look simple by reducing the use of motifs that are too busy. This is not only for room furniture but also for room decoration.

Geometric Abstrac Scandinavian
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If the Scandinavian room design is only filled with minimalist furniture, it does not feel right and less perfect. The decorations used in this room must also be Scandinavian style. One example is Scandinavian Geometric Abstrac.

The Scandinavian room does look so simple. And the colors used are also more earth tone. So, if not given the right decoration, the room will look a little stiff and unattractive.

Beautiful Geometric Abstrac Scandinavian
Cc: Pinterest

With Scandinavian Geometric Abstrac, it will cover the rigid impression of Scandinavian Design. So, it can be said that Scandinavian Geometric Abstrac is a complement to this one design.

Scandinavian geometric abstracts are very suitable to be applied to all rooms in the house: bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, even bathroom.

5. Abstract Poster City Prints

Wall art does not only have to be paintings and photographs. Currently, there is a room decoration that is no less interesting, that is poster prints.

Compared to paintings and aesthetic photos, poster prints are much cheaper. So, the price of poster prints is more affordable. However, some of the poster prints are given nice frames so the price is also affected.

Abstract Poster City Prints
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For rooms with a contemporary minimalist concept, poster print can be used as a room decoration. Because the price is quite affordable, try to use 1-3 poster prints.

Like this one idea, black and white Abstract Poster City Prints with three canvas really make a minimalist concept room look so attractive.

Black and white Abstract Poster City Prints are also suitable as a monochrome room decoration.

6. Pink Green Flower Leaf Nordic Posters

For those of you who want to have a room with a slightly sweeter and feminine look, wall decorations with a combination of pink and green are the right idea. Such as Pink Green Flower Leaf Nordic Posters that hang on the walls of the living room.

Pink Green Flower Leaf Nordic Posters is perfect for a room with a simple and feminine concept. However, this art wall idea also does not make the room look girly.

Pink Green Flower Leaf Nordic Posters
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As seen in the picture above, Pink Green Flower Leaf Nordic Posters are able to make a room look cute, feminine, and also mature. A little elegant and classy appearance is also present from the use of a gold frame.

7. Flower Lady Posters

Want to make the room look elegant but with a simple concept? Flower Lady Posters can be used as decorations to decorate the room.

This art wall idea is perfect for a room with a minimalist modern concept. A wooden wall in a darker color is the perfect spot to give Flower Lady Posters.

Flower Lady Posters
Cc: Pinterest
Pretty Flower Lady Posters
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So that the minimalist concept in the room is maintained, try to choose a black or gray frame. This color will blend better with a dark wooden wall.

Flower Lady Posters not only gives a luxurious and elegant impression to the room but also gives a classy feminine impression. Very fit for adult women.

Flower Lady Posters is very suitable to be used as decoration for living rooms and bedrooms.

8. One Line Art Drawing

If you follow the trend, maybe you are already familiar with One Line Art Drawing. It might look easy because you only need to make a drawing with one line. However, in fact, One Line Art Drawing is very difficult. Behind all of that, One Line Art Drawing has such strong artistic value. It is very suitable to be used as a room decoration.

One Line Art Drawing
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One Line Art Drawing with different sizes will look very attractive when hung on one side of the same wall. Not only that, but the use of frames with different colors also adds to the beauty value of the room itself. However, in choosing a frame, try to choose the colors used in One Line Art Drawing.

One Line Art Drawing Boho-Style
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who like Boho style, One Line Art Drawing can be used as an option. As seen in the picture above, a set of One Line Art Drawing looks very attractive when hung on one side of the same wall. The colors used on this art wall are a brown scheme. So that the appearance of the walls will look attractive but also not too quirky.

9. 5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed

Currently, 5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed is very popular. There are many images used for the 5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed, such as animals, sea views, cities, and so on.

5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed
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Because there are so many 5 Panels of Canvas Art HD Printed, you will definitely be confused about which one is right for your home interior decoration.

  1. Determining 5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed that is right for your room is quite simple:
    You must know in advance what design the room in your house is.
  2. 5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed must fit and fit the colors in the room, especially on the walls.
  3. If there are so many decorations in the room, try to choose 5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed with a simpler image.
  4. If your room looks quite simple and tends to be stiff, then choose 5 Panel Canvas Art HD Printed with colorful images.


Many people think that room decoration is not very important. But in fact, room decoration, especially wall art, will determine the appearance and comfort of the rooms in your home. Therefore, try to choose the right wall art for the interior of the room. However, it turns out that many people still have difficulty choosing the right art wall for their room. If this is the case, you need to get references first. And this is the reason why in this article we provide 9 Art Wall Ideas To Beautify The Rooms in Your House that can be your references. So, have you decided on the art wall that will make your rooms look attractive? Hope this article helps you. Thank you!


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