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Classy and Minimalist Kitchen Ideas with Neutral Colors – Some houses have a kitchen which is located at the back of the house. Thus, the appearance and comfort of the kitchen are often underestimated. Even though the kitchen is one of the most used rooms, especially for those of you who like to cook.

Making the kitchen always look clean and tidy is a must. However, that was not all. The atmosphere and appearance of the kitchen are also important factors that must be considered.

Classy and minimalist design is an interesting idea to make the kitchen look a little different. And here, we have provided Classy and Minimalist Kitchen Ideas with Neutral Colors. So, let’s check it out!

Monochrome Kitchen Ideas

In making the interior look attractive, people will tend to reduce the use of color in the room. The use of two colors is enough to beautify a room. The use of these two colors is commonly called a monochrome design.

For a monochrome design, the colors used are actually free as long as two colors are used. However, people are more likely to use black and white. This is why monochrome design is known as the concept of black and white.

classy monochrome kitchen
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Besides looking minimalist, the kitchen monochrome design also looks more modern and contemporary. The classy impression comes from the combination of white and black which makes the room look bold.

A little touch of marble on the kitchen walls is also an interesting idea to give a classy and luxurious look to a monochrome kitchen design.

monochrome kitchen
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In lighting, a monochrome kitchen design maximizes natural lighting. This is because white when given excessive natural light can make the room feel wider. In this way, the room will feel soothing, bright, and also look more classy.

For a bright appearance, white can be used as the basic color of the kitchen. And for some furniture, use black furniture.

Marble and Wood Element for Calm and Classy Appearance

Want to have a kitchen that looks classy and soft? This one idea can be an interesting idea. If usually a room with a classy look will look firmer, this one can make the room feel calm.

Kitchen decoration in this one idea is also quite simple. It can be seen from the picture below how the kitchen looks so minimalist.

elegant and soft kitchen look
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White is set as the base color of the kitchen to make the kitchen look natural bright. Coupled with the help of natural light that enters through the glass facade, the white nuanced kitchen looks wider.

Pendant lamps hanging in the middle of the kitchen really help to make the kitchen look more attractive. In this way, even though the kitchen is made simple, it will not look stiff.

elegant kitchen
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The use of wood is the main key that gives the kitchen a soft and calm appearance. The wood used is also light wood so that the appearance of the kitchen does not look firm and dark. The combination of white and wood colors brings a soothing and warm atmosphere to the kitchen. That way, the kitchen becomes a comfortable room at home.

And for a classy look, the marble element is the key. The application of marble elements to the kitchen island table and kitchen floor makes the kitchen look elegant and luxurious. Coupled with recessed lighting fixtures that make the marble look sparkling so that the kitchen looks really pretty at night.

Gray Shades Classy Minimalist Kitchen

For those of you who like to cook, the kitchen can be the room that is used the longest. As we know, cooking food takes a long time. So, if the kitchen is unattractive and boring, this will have an impact on your mood when cooking.

Some people will be comfortable in a place that is neither too bright nor too dark. If you are one of them, you can make the kitchen in your house shades of gray.

Cc: Pinterest

Gray is a very safe color to apply to the room. With a gray color, the room will look a little dimmer. However, this is what makes the room comfortable.

Applying a minimalist concept to a kitchen with gray nuances is indeed quite bold. Due to the wrong decoration in this room, it allows the kitchen to look stiff and cold.

Cc: Pinterest

The application of marble with a simple pattern can be a way to make minimalist kitchen gray shades avoid a stiff impression. In addition, the marble also serves to make this room look classy.

Because the appearance is minimalist and seems stiff, try to present some slightly quirky colors such as red and gold.

Gold sinks can be used as decorations to make this room far from being stiff. And small decorations like red plants in the kitchen are also very helpful to make the gray shades of the kitchen look attractive.

Beautiful and Fresh Small Kitchen with Olive Colors

Decorating a small room is more difficult than decorating a large room. In a small room, we have to decorate the room appropriately so that the room doesn’t feel cramped. Besides that, the use of furniture in a small room must also be considered.

And for the small kitchen, in order to make this small kitchen feel comfortable, you have to make this room look fresh and beautiful.

beautiful olive kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The olive color is a neutral color that can be used to decorate a small kitchen. The olive color is different from the green color that we often encounter. This color can make a room look fresh, soft, and calm. It is very suitable to be applied to the minimalist kitchen.

The main focus in the kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. So, to make the small kitchen look fresh and beautiful, try to take advantage of the kitchen cabinet. Olive colored kitchen cabinets can make a small kitchen look attractive.

If we look at the picture above, the sliding cabinet door is made of wood and not polished with any paint. The wood is left to reveal its original appearance. It makes for the perfect decoration. The olive colors and real wood look give the kitchen a natural feel so that the kitchen feels so calm and warm.

olive kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

If you prefer a room that looks a little firmer, you can add black to the small kitchen. However, it is worth noting and remembering not to apply a lot of blacks. Probably, you can make it look softer by choosing dark wood. It is also the right decoration in making the kitchen look classy.

And to give the fresh look to the kitchen, you can utilize the curtain that used to decorate the kitchen window. In addition, try to hang the curtain near the ceiling. It is so great to make the small kitchen wall look higher.

Classy and Minimalist Kitchen with Red Touches

In a luxurious residence, there will usually be two types of kitchens, namely:

  1. Dirty Kitchen. This kitchen is used for cooking, washing dishes, and other activities that can make the kitchen look messy and dirty. You can also call it the hot kitchen.
  2. The Main Kitchen. This type of kitchen is different from a hot kitchen. This kitchen is usually known for the neat and cool area. Used as a room to put ready-made food, warm food, and other activities that are not too heavy.

And for the image below is an example from The Main Kitchen.

red kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The island table which is usually used to put foods can be converted into a dining table. Multi-function furniture is great for saving space in the room, especially the small room.

In the picture above, the Island table is made of marble material which greatly affects the appearance of the kitchen. The kitchen looks to be more classy and elegant.

The touch of red as a decoration for the main kitchen makes it look so attractive. The red printed canva that hangs on the wall looks iconic in this room. The red printed canvas is the great art wall for a classy and minimalist kitchen with red touches.


For those of you who like to cook, the kitchen is a very important room. The beauty and comfort of the kitchen are things that must be considered. In order for the kitchen to be the room you want, Classy and Minimalist Kitchen Ideas with Neutral Colors are interesting ideas to apply to the kitchen in your home. And the points above are the best ideas that we provide which can be used as references.



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