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Ideas & Tips : Having A Fresh and Cozy Bedroom – As a private room and the main place to rest, certainly the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. Presenting fresh nuances is indeed an interesting idea to make the bedroom feel cozy and relax. It is very nice to be able to rest in a room that relaxes you after a hard day’s activities.

In making the bedroom become cozy and fresh is not easy. You must have the references and know first the tips. And here, we have provided great ideas and tips for those of you who want to have a fresh and cozy bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

A Bright Bedroom by Selecting The Bright Colors

The main thing that affects the look and atmosphere of the bedroom is the colors used in this room. Color selection is indeed an alternative way of creating the look and atmosphere you want. As in creating a fresh bedroom, the colors that must be used are bright colors.

Why the bright colors that must be used?

This is because in creating a fresh atmosphere, the appearance of the room must be made as bright as possible. In addition, by using bright colors, the bedroom will feel more alive and cozier.

fresh bedroom ideas
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There are many bright colors that can be used to make your bedroom look fresh and cozy:

  • White

fresh white bedroom
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In creating a bright room, white has become an alternative color that is often used. White is usually used as the basic color of the bedroom.

Indeed, there are many benefits that we will get by making white the basic color of the bedroom, such as:

  1. A small room will look more spacious.
  2. The airy impression makes the bedroom comfortable.
  3. Bright display that can bring a fresh look.
  4. Easy to combine with other colors.
  5. A simple bedroom will look sweeter.
  • Green

fresh green bedroom
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In creating a fresh appearance, green is the color that is most appropriate to use. This color is perfect for those of you who are bored with white. There are many shades of green that can be applied to create a fresh and cozy bedroom:

1. Mint

mint color mint color bedroom

2. Asparagus

asparagus green color asparagus green bedroom

3. Viridian

4. British Green

  • Blue

blue bedroom
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The next color that can be used to create a fresh and cozy bedroom is blue. By applying blue, a fresh and calm beach atmosphere will appear in the bedroom and make the bedroom feel very comfortable.

There are several shades of blue that can be used such as:

1. Turquoise

turqouise color

2. Sky Blue

4. Aqua Blue

Natural Lighting Makes Bedrooms Look Fresh Natural

Bringing natural nuances into the room is indeed a common way of creating a fresh room, as is the bedroom. The easiest thing to bring natural nuances into the bedroom is by presenting the natural lighting to the bedroom.

fresh and cozy
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There are many benefits that you will get from using natural lighting for the bedroom, such as:

  1. The bedroom avoids the cramped and stuffy.
  2. A small bedroom will feel more spacious and cozy.
  3. The appearance of the bedroom will look bright.
  4. The bedroom will look more alive.
  5. Can save monthly expenses for electricity.

To bring natural lighting into the bedroom, a window is one that can be used. The bigger the window is used, the more sunlight will enter the bedroom. And in order to make sunlight can enter the bedroom freely, make sure there are no decorations on the window.

And to maintain your privacy at night, you can use curtains to close your windows. However, open the curtains in the morning so that sunlight can illuminate your bedroom.

Green Plants Make The Bedroom Look Perfectly

Bringing plants into the bedroom is the most interesting idea. By presenting fresh green plants, the bedroom will feel more alive. The natural nuances will be felt clearly when you are in your bedroom.

The green color in plants is believed to be able to make us more relaxed. So by placing some green plants into the bedroom, the bedroom will be the right room for us to relax when we feel tired due to busy activities.

green plants for fresh bedroom
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There are several types of plants that can be used for a fresh and cozy bedroom:

  • Big-Size Plant

Have an empty corner of the room? Big-size plant is the most appropriate item to be used to fill this empty corner of the room. By placing a big-size plant in the corner of the room, the bedroom will look more attractive. Selection of a good pot also adds to the beauty of your bedroom.

  • Medium-size Plant

Apart from big-size plant, there is also medium-size plant. And of course the size is smaller. For medium-size plant, you can put this beside your wardrobe, table, and beside your bed.

  • Small-size Plant

The small-size plant is the right additional item to make a bedroom look fresh and look sweeter. Small-size plants are also much more practical because they are easy to move around. The right spots to put small-size plants are floating wall shelves, tables, and so on.

  • Hanging Plant

Want to bring a fresh green look to the bedroom, but don’t have empty space in the bedroom? Hanging plants are the most appropriate item to use. You only need to hang the hanging plant on the ceiling in the bedroom.

Warm and Fresh Bedroom with Wood Elements

In creating a fresh look into a room, presenting natural elements is a common alternative that people often apply to their bedrooms. Wood is an element that is often used. Besides being easy to find, there are lots of stores that sell furniture from various kinds of wood.

rattan furniture for fresh bedroom
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And to make the bedroom look bright, rattan is one type of wood that is right for use. In addition, there are many benefits of using rattan for the bedroom.

By adding a few items made of rattan, such as headboards and lamps, a warm natural feel will be clearly felt and this is what gives a cozy atmosphere into the bedroom. The fresh look also comes from the rattan color which looks bright and can blend and look harmonious with the bright colors used in the bedroom.

Decorate The Bedroom Sufficiently

Decoration is indeed very important to make a bedroom look attractive and beautiful. Decoration is also very necessary so that the bedroom does not look stiff and this way the bedroom will feel comfortable. However, the wrong decoration can also be fatal because the bedroom will look strange and unsightly. Even the bedroom will be an uncomfortable room and far from fresh.

simple fresh and cozy bedroom
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Too many bedroom items or decorations will create a stuffy, cramped bedroom. Therefore, try to decorate the bedroom sufficiently (not too much).

There are several kinds of decorations that can be used to make a bedroom look attractive and fresh and cozy, such as:

  • Plant

Plants are a must-have bedroom decoration to make a bedroom feel fresh. The green color of the plants can make the bedroom feel cozy.

  • Picture

Having a memento photo with family or friends is unfortunate if it is only stored on a cellphone or memory card. Printing several photos and given frames can be an attractive bedroom decoration.

  • Painting

Giving an artsy look to the bedroom is also an interesting idea. Some paintings with attractive colors can provide a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

  • Mirror

Mirrors are indeed an item that must be in the bedroom. Apart from being a tool for make-up, mirrors also have other functions for interior design. The use of mirrors can make the bedroom look brighter and feel more spacious.



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