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Have A Different Bedroom Appearance, Here Are 15 Italian Bedroom Decor Ideas You Can Follow – A room that looks ordinary is even more boring. Therefore, a room makeover is needed so that the room can feel comfortable and more attractive.

As a private place to unwind, the bedroom is the main room where comfort and beauty must be considered. Creating a different look than usual can be a way to make a bedroom feel so attractive and also fun.

So, for those of you who want to Have A Different Bedroom Appearance, Here Are 15 Italian Bedroom Decor Ideas You Can Follow. Let’s check it out!

Natural Stones Wall Brings The Soothing Appearance to The Bedroom

When entering a room, the wall will be the main focal point. Therefore, the appearance of the room is greatly influenced by the walls. It can also be said that the wall is the main key to the appearance and comfort of the room. Therefore, in making the bedroom look different and look more attractive, you can take advantage of the walls. Try to provide interesting touches.

natural stones wall italian bedroom
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To create a bedroom that wins, maybe we can take a peek from the Italian-style bedroom.

For the wall side, the Italian bedroom uses natural elements such as natural stones. As we know, natural elements are great for making the atmosphere of the room appear more alive. Besides that, the appearance of the bedroom will also look more calming.

soothing italian-style bedroom
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Natural stones are also very good as wall material because this natural element is so strong that the walls will be solid.

Unlike wood, natural stones will not make a bedroom warm. The bedroom with natural stones will make the air in the bedroom cool. In this way, the bedroom will feel more comfortable, especially in summer.

Glass Door for Maximum Natural Lighting

Utilizing natural elements is indeed the best way to provide a calmer and new ambiance in the bedroom. In the Italian-style bedroom, not only natural materials are used but also lighting.

Utilizing natural lighting as the main bedroom lighting is one of the factors that affect the appearance of the bedroom.

bright italian bedroom
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Instead of using wooden doors, Italian-style bedrooms prefer to use glass doors. The use of glass doors is great for maximizing natural lighting for the bedroom.

A naturally sunny bedroom is great for boosting your mood. Especially in the morning. The sunshine in the morning is great for building the atmosphere.

bright italian bedroom
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Two-door glass doors are a mainstay for Italian-style bedrooms. In the morning to evening, the door can be opened so that the air circulation in the bedroom goes well.

Natural lighting coupled with fresh air in the morning is perfect for making the bedroom feel pleasant and comfortable.

maximum natural lighting
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Natural lighting hitting the surface of the natural stone wall can bring a livelier and more calming atmosphere. So, are you still hesitant to take advantage of natural elements for your bedroom?

Exposed Wood Beam Ceiling Makes It Look Natural

The atmosphere of the Italian bedroom looks so natural. And this is the factor why the Italian-style bedroom feels so comfortable and calm. Some people really like this kind of atmosphere, the soothing atmosphere of nature.

Besides the use of natural materials for the walls and natural lighting, the ceiling is also made to look natural with an exposed wood beam ceiling.

wood beam ceiling
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It might look like a farmhouse bedroom design. However, the wood beam ceiling is also the hallmark of an Italian-style bedroom.

Natural lighting, natural stones wall, and wood beam ceiling look so integrated and work together in making the bedroom the most comfortable room at home. You can feel the calming natural atmosphere clearly.

Blue Italian-Style Bedroom with Vintage Bed Frame

Want to feel in the era of colonial times? Where do people still wear European royal dresses?

Maybe it will feel different and interesting to bring an atmosphere in the colonial era in the bedroom. Maybe the bedroom will look old-fashioned and not contemporary, but guaranteed that the bedroom will look different and not boring.

blue italian-bedroom
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In colonial times, the colors used were more natural colors, such as brown, beige, white, green, and blue. And for the bedroom, blue is the right color to present a calm and fresh atmosphere.

The vintage bed frame as furniture to fill the bedroom looks so beautiful. Coupled with other vintage-style wooden furniture, such as wardrobes and so on that bring a colonial atmosphere into the bedroom.

beautiful italian-style bedroom
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And for lighting, natural lighting remains the main bedroom lighting. Assisted by table lamps with warm lighting that help bring a calm atmosphere to this room.

You can also feel a warm atmosphere from the exposed wood beam ceiling in the bedroom. The regeneration of natural colors really helps to give a bedroom a more attractive and different atmosphere.

Wall Mural For Beautifying Simple Italian-Style Bedroom

A bedroom with a simple concept is currently being liked by many people. This minimalist concept is indeed very good applied to small bedrooms. In this concept, the small bedroom will not feel cramped and stuffy.

It is okay to make the Italian-style bedroom look simple or minimalist. It is just that it takes a few touches on the walls to make a simple Italian-style bedroom look less stiff. In this way, the bedroom will look attractive too.

italian-style bedroom wall mural
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Decorating a simple Italian-style bedroom is the right idea. There are several wall murals that can be applied to an Italian-style bedroom wall:

  • Old-looked wall tree mural

old-looked wall tree mural
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Bringing natural landscapes into the bedroom is not an impossible thing. With an old-looking wall tree mural, it is perfect for beautifying a simple Italian-style bedroom.

A wall tree mural that is made up to the ceiling can create the illusion of a tall wall in a small bedroom. So that the bedroom small bedroom will look more spacious and feel comfortable.

  • Greek mythology wall mural

greek mythology wall mural
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For those who prefer the atmosphere of a colonial-style bedroom, the greek mythology wall mural is the perfect decoration to beautify the simple Italian-style bedroom.

Greek mythology wall mural will also give artistic value to the bedroom. In addition, the greek mythology wall mural applied to one side of the bedroom wall will give the illusion of width to the wall. So perfect to be applied to the small bedroom.

Classic Italian Bedroom Look Old but Beautiful

If you are the type who likes classy things and looks expensive, Classic Design can be an option to make Italian-style bedrooms look different and more attractive.

There are several Classic-style decorations that are perfect for beautifying an Italian-style bedroom:

  • Imperealism painting

As the main focal point in the room, the walls must be used as much as possible. Decorating the bedroom walls with imperialism can give a classic touch in colonial times. Gold painting frames are able to bring a luxurious and expensive look to the bedroom.

classic italian-style bedroom
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  • Classic mirror frame

The mirror is always an item in the bedroom. To create a Classic Italian bedrooom, try to choose a mirror with a classic style frame. Intricate carvings will add an expensive and classy impression to the bedroom.

  • Vintage chandelier

Because there are many types of lamps that you can find, choose a vintage chandelier to decorate the Classic Italian bedroom. Vintage chandeliers hanging in the middle of the room will add a luxurious impression to the bedroom.

  • Vintage bed frame and side table with intricate carvings

The Classic Design can not be separated from its character, that is the intricate carvings. To fill and decorate an Italian-style bedroom, choose a bed frame and side table with intricate carvings.

  • Gorgeous classic canopy bed

Creating a bedroom in the style of a royal bedroom in colonial times can give a different look. In this way, you no longer feel bored in your bedroom.

A gorgeous classic canopy bed can be used to make the bed and bedroom look luxurious. Besides that, canopy beds are also items that can make your sleep feel better.

Gorgeous Classic Canopy Bed
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  • Greek carving fireplace

Winter is the season of joy. However, it can also be the most troublesome season. During this season, the air inside the house will also feel cold. A bedroom that feels cold can certainly make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important to present a fireplace in the bedroom.

In applying Classic Design to an Italian-style bedroom, try to take advantage of the fireplace in this room. Choose a greek carving fireplace to give your bedroom a classic look.

greek carving fireplace
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A bedroom that has never been redecorated/makeover will certainly feel so boring. A boring bedroom will have an impact on your comfort in this room. So, if you want to Have A Different Bedroom Appearance, those Are 15 Italian Bedroom Decor Ideas You Can Follow.



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