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10 Best Inspirations for Creating a Cozy Family Room in A Small House – Since the presence of a house with a minimalist design, many important rooms have been eliminated, such as the laundry room, mudroom, and family room. Maybe, people today know that a family room is a living room. In fact, the functions of these two rooms are very different.

The living room functions as a room to welcome guests. And the family room is a room for gathering with family. Presenting these two rooms is very important in a family home. With a family room, your family can still get together and spend time there even though guests stop by your house.

The small house is indeed one of the obstacles to creating a family room. However, in making a family room, you don’t have to provide a large room. Make sure the area of the room is just right for your family to gather.

And in this article, we have provided 10 Best Inspirations for Creating a Cozy Family Room in A Small House. So, let’s check it out!

Rustic Small Family Room

The rural atmosphere will indeed feel calmer. Some natural elements that are presented in the room can make the room look more alive. This is what makes rustic design a design that looks calm and comfortable.

This will be an interesting idea in applying the rustic design to the family room. As we know, the family room is used as a room to gather and enjoy time with family. Therefore, building a comfortable and calm atmosphere is very important.

rustic family room
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If we look at the picture above, the family room looks so spacious. It is because the homeowner only plays on the roof. The roof of the house is made high so that the walls of the house are also high. The high walls give the illusion of space to the room. This is one way to make a small room feel not cramped and stuffy.

In presenting a calm atmosphere, natural stone and wood play an important role. Natural elements are indeed one of the characteristics of rustic design.

rustic small family room
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On the walls where the fireplace is given the natural stone to give texture to the room so that the room looks attractive. Wood elements are also used for ceilings, beams, and floors.

Besides that, the natural tones make the room feel soothing. The white color makes the room naturally bright. Plus the brown color to sweeten the room. The perfect combination.

Small Family Room with Bohemian Decor

Bohemian style is a style related to nature. You must have asked the question in your mind about the difference between bohemian and rustic design, right? The bohemian style is made more unique and busier. The use of color in the bohemian style is also much more extensive.

bohemian family room decor
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So, for those of you who want a cheerful atmosphere and are still related to nature, the Bohemian style is perfect for applying to a family room.

  • Marble Fireplace

bohemian small living room
Cc: Pinterest

Presenting a fireplace in the family room is very important for those of you who live in areas with four seasons or areas with low temperatures. Sometimes, time to gather with family is hampered due to the cold air. However, with a fireplace, families can still gather comfortably.

Making the small family room look a little more classy is an interesting idea. You can choose a marble fireplace for the family room. Take advantage of the space above the fireplace as a place to hang the LED TV.

  • Plant As A Room Decoration

bohemian room
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Being a style related to nature so that the decorations used to decorate the Bohemian room are living plants. Several plants laid separately to provide an overall natural green color. Greenery the room is indeed one of the right ways to provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Indian Rug

bohemian style
Cc: Pinterest

Besides relating to nature, the bohemian style also contains elements of Indian culture. So, it is no wonder that Indian patterns or decorations are used in the bohemian room style.

As in the picture above, the Indian rug is used to cover and decorate the bohemian family room. Besides making this room look more attractive, using the rug is the right way to make a small room look more spacious.

Scandinavian Small Family Room

Currently, Scandinavian design is indeed one of the popular designs. A minimalist and also bright appearance makes a room with a Scandinavian design feel comfortable, clean, and also calming.

Compared to the designs above, Scandinavian designs look much more modern and contemporary.

scandinavian family room
Cc: Pinterest

With the use of neutral colors such as white, black, brown, and gray, the Scandinavian family room will be a comfortable room.

White is perfect for making a small room look bright so it will far from being cramped and stuffy. The gray color is perfect for giving a cold and mature look. To refine the appearance of the room, brown is the right combination. And plus some black decorations as a confirmation and sedative to the room.

scandinavian family room
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Low-profile furniture is also a mainstay for Scandinavian design. Low-profile furniture will give the room a modern and minimalist look.

Besides that, Scandinavian also prefers fabric furniture, such as fabric sofas, rugs, and so on. The fabric elements will add a warm atmosphere to the room so that the family room will feel comfortable.

Coastal Family Room

And the last inspiration for creating a cozy family room in a small house is the Coastal Family Room.

Coastal design is better known as coastal design. Usually, this design is made to bring a warm and comfortable beach atmosphere to the house. Coastal design is very suitable to be applied as an interior design for summer.

coastal family room
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The colors used tend to be bright colors like white and blue, so it is very suitable to be applied to small family rooms. Expecting bright colors, the small room will not feel cramped and stuffy. In this way, you will feel comfortable hanging out with your family in this room.

The dominant white color can make a small family room look naturally bright. Assisted by natural lighting that makes the room feel more alive. Besides that, the blue color which is a characteristic of the coastal design is the right color to provide a fresh, calm, and warm atmosphere like being on the beach.

coastal decor
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For decoration, also add some green plants as a freshener. Green is the right color to be combined with white and blue.

Besides that, furniture made of rattan or wood greatly affects the atmosphere and appearance of this room. The wooden elements make the family room feel warm and calm.


Some people think that the living room and family room are the same room. Yes, that’s right, since the minimalist house has existed, many rooms have had the same function. At the minimalist house, the living room is also used as a family room. Even though these two rooms have different functions. And to create a family room, you don’t need a large room. A family room in a small house can also be made comfortable. So that this is why in this article we provide 10 Best Inspirations for Creating a Cozy Family Room in A Small House.



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