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Home Water Filtration System and Also The Benefits You Will Get – Did you know that 70% of the human body is made up of water? This proves that water is very important for our life. You could say water is as important as oxygen. Lack of water can make our bodies weak, difficult to concentrate, and so on.

To keep the body healthy, of course, the water you drink is not water carelessly. You have to make sure that the water you drink is clean water and free from bacteria.

Installing a home water filtration system is the right idea so that the water in our homes is always clean. Besides that, there are many benefits that you will get from installing home water filtration.

However, before that, do you know what home water filtration is, how it works, and also does it functions?

In this article, we will give you an explanation about Home Water Filtration System and Also The Benefits You Will Get. So, let’s check it out!

What is Home Water Filtration System

Not all houses have clean water. Sometimes some houses have problems with water, such as dirty watercolor and also smell bad. This type of water is definitely not good for use, even for bathing. So, installing water filtration is one solution.

Water filtration is a tool used to filter water at home so that the water becomes clean. To install a home water filtration system does require a lot of money. However, this is all worth what you will get. Because health is expensive.

How Does it Work?

Water filtration is equipped with excellent filter features. This filter can filter out bacteria in the water. This is one of the reasons why water filtration is quite expensive.

So, when you turn on the tap, groundwater will go up and go through the water filtration first. After that, the water will come out of the tap.

The Benefits of Home Water Filtration System

1. Can Drink Safely and Comfortably

The government has indeed done a good job of making water filters for its citizens. However, this does not guarantee that the water is 100% clean and safe to drink.

Water is very easily contaminated with pollutants, such as heavy metals, which can disturb the human health system. Besides, when water is poured into the houses, we don’t know what bacteria get into the water.

So, by installing a home water filtration system, your home water will be guaranteed clean and healthy. And most importantly you and your family can drink safely and comfortably.

2. Saving Your Money A Lot

To ensure that you and your family drink clean and healthy water, you will of course buy bottled water. Yes, bottled water is guaranteed to be clean and healthy. However, this will certainly make your expenses ridiculous. The more family members you have, the more bottled water you will buy.

And by installing the home water filtration system, no matter how many members of your family, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money just to buy bottled drinks. With the home water filtration system, you can drink water directly from the tap.

Besides saving your money a lot, this will also be much more practical.

3. Protecting The Environment from Plastic Waste

Buying 1 bottled water means you have polluted the environment with 1 plastic bottle. Now, try to imagine how many family members are in your house and how much they drink bottled water. Over time, this will make the environment worse.

One way to preserve the environment is to reduce plastic waste. So, by installing the home water filtration system, you no longer need to buy bottled water. This will not only save your money a lot, but you have also contributed to preserving the environment from plastic waste.

4. Making Long-lived Home Pipes

In water, there will usually be hazardous substances such as metals, heavy metals, and chemicals in the water. This is not only dangerous for the health of the body, but also for existing canals at home, one of which is a pipe.

If we see, in every city there must be a plumbing service to repair damaged pipes. This indicates that the house water is not always clean.

So, with the home water filtration system, harmful substances in water can be absorbed and the life of the pipes in your house will last longer.

5. Will Not Create Allergies to The Skin

Redness of body skin and face after bathing or washing your face? The problem may not lie in the skincare you use, but in the water you use for bathing and washing your face.

For those of you who have sensitive skin, you are very prone to redness when exposed to chemicals in water, such as chlorine.

To overcome this problem, it would be nice to install a home water filtration system, a device that can absorb chemicals and other hazardous substances in the water that can damage your skin.

And for those of you who have normal skin (not prone to allergies), it is also not a problem to install a home water filtration system. The most pleasant feeling is feeling safe. You can feel comfortable when showering or soaking in the bathtub.

6. Save More on The Use of Soap

Iar has a normal pH. However, this does not mean that groundwater also has normal concentrations. Sometimes, the presence of substances that enter the water makes the water concentration high. The high concentration of minerals is not very good for skin, clothing, and other metal finishes.

The high concentration of minerals will damage the fabric. Therefore, so that clothes are not damaged and remain soft, you need more fabric softener.

However, with water filtration, the water mineral concentration will be normal. You can save on laundry soap, hand washing, or washing dishes.

7. Reducing Scale on Kitchen Utensils

If you are still boiling water using the kettle to get hot water, you can see at the bottom of the kettle there are white chalk deposits. It is the crust that comes from the buildup of lime and other substances that are in your water. This of course makes kitchen utensils look unattractive. And if allowed to pile up, it can damage kitchen utensils.

So, by installing good quality water filtration in your house, you will get water that is clean and free from all kinds of substances. This is very helpful for caring for kitchen utensils, especially those made of metal.


The home water filtration system is a tool that can help you alleviate water-related problems. Water is a very important element in our life. So, from now, let’s invest in health by installing a home water filtration system. Improve your taste and make life safe, comfortable, and healthy.



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