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Easy Tips You Can Follow in Organizing A Small House to Always Be Neat – Currently, a small house is one of the trending residences. Many people prefer to live in minimalist houses for certain reasons. If you look around, the small house does have several advantages, such as it is easier to feel comfortable, no need to use large and large quantities of furniture/items, makes it easier for you to clean the house, and also the price is more affordable.

The small house can be made as comfortable as possible. But, it will happen if you decorate the small house as well as possible. One of the important things to make the small house feel comfortable and look beautiful is if the small house neat.

And in this article, we have provided Easy Tips You Can Follow in Organizing A Small House to Always Be Neat. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choose The Furniture You Only Needed

As previously explained, too many items/furniture used in a small house is tantamount to making the house feel cramped. Besides that, the house will also seem messy and unattractive. Therefore, choosing the furniture you only needed is the first tips you can follow in organizing a small house to always be neat.

small room decor
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Here is the furniture that you can use in small house rooms:

Living Room

  • Sofa

small living room
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In the living room, the sofa is the main item so that the use of this item is a must. Because the room is small, you are not able to use the large sofa. Try to choose the small sofa and place it at the edge of the room. In this way, there will be more free space so that the living room will look not look messy.

  • Coffee Table

small living room decor
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Sofa and table have become the complete package. So, the table is also an item that must be used in the living room. So for the small room, try to choose the coffee table. The use of the coffee table will be more practical. To make the living room look neat, you could move the coffee table to the corner of the room and put it back when there are guests.

Dining Room

  • Dining Table

small dining room decor
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The dining table is the main item on the wall of the room. You can choose a small dining table. Try to choose a dining table according to the shape of the room so that the room looks more neat and organized.

  • Chairs

neat small dining room

To use the bench, adjust it to the size of the dining table. This aims to make the dining room look attractive and orderly.


  • Kitchen Cabinet

small kitchen cabinet
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In the kitchen, of course, there are many things that if left alone will make the kitchen look messy. Therefore, you need storage to store these items. Kitchen cabinets are the most appropriate items to use. Putting items in the kitchen cabinet is tantamount to your stuff being crammed behind this item. That way, the kitchen will look neat and also clean.

  • Floating Wall Shelf

small kitchen decor
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There will be some jars in the kitchen. So, to make the kitchen look neat, you could hang the floating wall shelf on the kitchen wall and then place the jars on it neatly.


  • Bed

small bedroom ideas
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avoid using bed frames. You apply mattress on the floor style. Apply the layered bedding. Layered bedding that looks messy will still look aesthetic. This certainly helps you to create a bed that is neat and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Wardrobe

neat small bedroom
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You can use the wardrobe for you to put things like clothes, pants, bags, and shoe boxes. Keep these items neatly in the wardrobe.

  • Desk

small bedroom
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If there is still free space in the bedroom, you can use the desk and put it in the corner of the room. By placing the desk in the corner of the room, the bedroom will look neat.

2. Put Items Back in Their Place After Use

The second easy tip you can follow in organizing the small house to always be neat is to put the items back in their place after use. It is important because it is useless if you use the furniture that is only needed and arrange it as neatly as possible, but in your room, there are items scattered about.

neat room decor
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Not only that but also putting the items back in their place after use also will make you easy when you want to use these items again when you needed. So, try to prepare a permanent storage area so you don’t need to be confused about where to put these items.

For the living room, you could use the coffee table with storage. Besides helping you store the items, this also saves more space in the small room. In this way, the living room not only looks neat but also feels more spacious.

3. Reduce The Use of Wall Displays

Wall displays are indeed very important to make a room look attractive. However, using too many wall displays can make a small room look cluttered and stuffy. So, to make a small room look neat, try to minimize the use of wall displays.

Even if you minimize the use of wall displays, you can still make the walls of the room look attractive with:

  • Wallpaper

wallpaper for small room
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Applying wallpaper to the walls of the room is an alternative way to make the room look more attractive. Try to choose neutral colors like white, beige, yellow, and blue. These two colors will make a small room appear airy and clean.

  • Wall Mural

wall mural for small room
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To give a room an attractive appearance, wallpaper is not the only way you can use it. You can also choose a wall mural to be applied to a small room wall. Choose a wall mural with a motif or image that is not too crowded.

4. Maintain Air Circulation to Keep It Running Well

The air in the house is something that needs attention. Because, even though your house is neat and clean, if the air circulation is not running properly, the house will be uncomfortable. In fact, arranging the house to be neat, the goal is to make a small house to be a comfortable place to live.

neat house
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To maintain the air circulation to keep it running, you can use windows or ventilation. Try to use large windows so that the morning air can enter the house to the maximum. Besides that, the use of large windows can also make natural lighting into the house perfectly.

The natural lighting is great for the small house. By using the natural lighting, the small house will feel more spacious and also will far from cramped and stuffy. In addition, natural lighting also will make the room feel alive. So that your small house will be a comfortable dwelling to live in.

5. Clean The House Regularly

Last but not least, clean the house regularly is one of the tips in organizing the small house to always be neat. If you have applied the point above, cleaning the house will be easier.

house cleaning
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By using the furniture you only needed, you do not need more time to clean it. You can wipe the furniture with wet cloth. Avoid using a duster because it will only make dust on the furniture fly in the air in the house and make the air unhealthy.

And, do not forget to mop and sweep the floor regularly to make the house look clean. The neat and clean house will make the house feel so comfortable and look beautiful.


The main aspect of making a small house look beautiful and feel comfortable is the cleanliness and tidiness of the house itself. It’s useless choosing expensive furniture with good designs, or interior designs that can make your house look beautiful but your house is dirty and messy.

Some people might confused about how to make their small house look tidy. And this article we made to help you who are in this problem. We have provided the Easy Tips You Can Follow in Organizing A Small House to Always Be Neat. So, happy trying!



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